The design of black and white cuisine in the interior: a

Black and white kitchen

They say that there are no comrades to the taste and color, but looking at the assortment of furniture kitchens, such a statement raises doubts. On the Internet, there are such models of kitchen design that it is hard to imagine how someone can come to such a head? In fact, there is nothing special. Here, for example, the design of the kitchen in black and white, consists of two shades, and the layout variations exist well ten times more. Let's explore the market and start with the material of the kitchen set.

Classical cuisine

Country - brightly expresses the village nature. Losses on furniture and natural shades under the tree emphasize the decor.

Country Style

Modern - a new direction in the design of the kitchen set, in style there are no unnecessary details. The combination of bright colors and unpretentious accessories is a business card of Art Nouveau.

Modern kitchen

Hi tech - the decor of furniture is considered a continuation of modernity, only extravagant. Bold experiments with the placement of furniture, a combination of bright colors and a designer set.

Kitchen in high tech style

Loft - old and new in one place. The task of style is to withstand the contrast between classics and modern decor. For example, a black table is combined with a black and white kitchen set.

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Loft style kitchen

Characteristics of flowers

Colors are an important factor. From shades depends, as in the future you will feel indoors.

  • Red is a shade of cheerful people, but at the same time can be annoying. In combination with black it will look stylish. If the contrast color is white, then the kitchen set will have a note of tenderness.
  • Yellow - the color is warm, in combination with white will be gentle, black will give you a daring nature.
  • Blue - calms, blends well with all tones.
  • Black is the most stylish option - it's black and white.
  • White - will fit in any style and will suit any shade.
  • Orange - a bright color, can be invigorating or annoying, to combine colors should be neat.
  • Green - adjusts to the working mode. This shade is called - the color of self-development. If you choose a poisonous green, it is better in combination with white or black.

Headset options

It is better to choose a black kitchen in combination with a white tint. It is most neutral to all colors, but it looks bright, bright and stylish. What variants of black and white decor are. Drawings, material, apron all this will play into the hands of creating a design of black and white cuisine. In the photo, acrylic, nothing special is just a drawing, but a different kind.

Apron in the kitchen

Here we decided to add a zest by using an apron.

Kitchen apron

Not only a kitchen set in black and white, but the whole room. A lilac accessory on the table stands out on the photo, and this color adds pepper to the whole decor.

Purple kitchen

It looks interesting kitchen set in the interior, which added another bright color.

Beautiful kitchen

An example of a design of black and white cuisine, which simply fascinates.


Look at the photos. They have kitchen tables, they also have not unimportant importance in the design. What are the tables and how to choose them correctly?

Table for black and white kitchen

Let's start with the material. It can be of several types:

  1. Glass - for furniture in black and white tons will be an excellent option. Plus the material, in that it does not clutter the room, visually the glass table increases the space.
  2. The tree is the most reliable. Suitable for both the apartment and the villa.
  3. Rattan - wicker furniture looks original, on top of the table you can impose a glass for the effect. Let the material itself be easy, but it is not inferior to competitors by reliability.
  4. The table, trimmed with tiles - this design option is rare because of the volume and high cost. In its qualities superior to other products - it is easy to clean, durable and durable.
  5. Particleboard - one of the most inexpensive materials, but after a while on the table there will be signs of damage.
  6. MDF - stands next to the tree for strength and quality.
  7. Stone table - durable and resistant to moisture, perfectly combined with black and white flowers.
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Design of apron

Speaking of the apron design, we simply have to touch upon the material from which it is made.

Particleboard - looks cheap, quickly spoils. Moisture and fat will soon leave on the chipboard stains, which will not be possible to withdraw.

MDF - Average performance for all parameters (durability, price, strength) Glass - One of the most expensive jewelry. Install yourself will be quite difficult.

The apron of glass is sure to attract admiring gazes.

Mosaic is laborious work. If you are not a professional, spreading the mosaic will have a very long time, but it looks without a doubt beautiful.

Ceramic tiles - durable and in demand in the market. It's easy to spread it yourself, it's suitable for any design. Large selection of colors.

A photocell-repair and digital technology met and created a photocell. Any Your idea in the form of a picture, a photo will be printed on the tile.

If the design of the black and white kitchen became clear, the question of installing the kitchen set is still unanswered. Is it possible to install the kitchen set yourself?

Carpet in the kitchen

Installing the kitchen set

You brought furniture, and of course, it is in disassembled condition. You are standing, and you are tormented by the question: "do it yourself or let the masters do it"? If it's a pity to spend money on the assembly, then you can cope on your own, you'll have to sweat, of course, but you will save it. The second option to go and give a set of headsets to masters - this option is relevant if there is no desire to collect or not excess time. If you decide to assemble the kitchen yourself, here is a brief briefing on the assembly.

  1. Read the instructions, see if all the parts are in place. It is necessary to prepare in advance electrical appliances that will be needed.
  2. The assembly of cabinets and pedestals must begin from the bottom. First you need to collect the entire set and make marks on the walls for the curtain wall.
  3. First you need to install the hanging part of the headset, then the bottom one.
  4. When it comes to installing the sink, you first need to install a mixer. Attention, it is very important if when assembling furniture it seems that one of the details must be filed, then most likely you have a marriage or a mistake in the calculations.
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Modern kitchen

Which wallpaper to choose?

If the headset is in black with white tones, the wallpaper does not have to choose the same shades. You can experiment, because the color of the headset is universal. If you want to emphasize the selected set, you should choose white wallpaper with a black pattern.

Bright wallpaper will play a dual role. The first thing they do is concentrate your guest's attention in the kitchen. Next, attention will be shifted to wallpaper and other room accessories. Black - and - white set fits to the wallpaper of any tone, but here is the effect that will be produced in combination different. For example, red wallpaper will compete with furniture. Blue or blue will complement black and white. Yellow will add elegance, and green lightness to the interior. There are also unusual solutions for the floor covering.

Elegant cuisine


The design of the black and white kitchen will be finished with a floor covering. The most demanded material is ceramic floor tiles. Popular it is considered due to its practicality in use. Since it is inexpensive and your imagination does not exist in this matter of borders, that's why the variant is excellent for a designer headset.

Besides tiles, there are other materials.

LinoleumIt has long been out of fashion and has become very impractical. It is considered a cheap coating and inferior in quality to other products.
Cork coverEco-friendly, made from bark of cork oak. Has orthopedic properties for the legs (springs, soft and pleasant).
Wooden floorsThe most expensive cover, but if your style is classic without them you can not escape.
LaminateIt is considered a worthy alternative to the wooden floor. Durable, reliable. The composition of the coating allows you to make warm floors.
Porcelain tilesA coating that is stronger than tiles and can mimic different materials - granite, ceramics.

Attention, it is very important to remember - the color of the flooring can be in standard natural colors (beige, brown), and can be bright (red, white, black). The main thing is that the shades in the room are in contrast. Summarizing, it is worth saying, you can equip the kitchen not from the most expensive resources, in appearance and quality, it will not yield to rivals. The limitation is only imagination.