Kitchen utensils and dishes: we compare quality and style

The season of holidays is coming, so soon the hostesses will spend a lot of time for cooking experiments and preparing delicious dishes. Correctly selected kitchen utensils and utensils make it possible to receive much more pleasure from the process, and also it can become an excellent gift to mother, grandmother or girlfriend. Are you going to buy a set of dishes or accessories for the kitchen? Then see our review of popular materials and 25 photos of stylish utensils in the interior of the kitchen!

How to choose a kitchen set of dishes and utensils

A beautiful set of kitchen utensils can become a decoration of the countertop and an open shelf in the kitchen. However, much more important factor in the selection of kitchen utensils is the quality of the material, which directly affects the longevity of the dishes and the usefulness of the dishes cooked in it. It is impossible to say at once which material or brand is the best on the market. Each of us has our own preferences, needs and budget. Therefore, below we will consider and compare the 7 most popular materials from which kitchen utensils and dishes are made:

  1. Stainless steel;
  2. Ceramics;
  3. A rock;
  4. Tree;
  5. Aluminum;
  6. Cast iron;
  7. Copper.

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Kitchen utensils from stainless steel - the best quality / price

Why kitchen utensils from stainless steel is the main choice of housewives for 2016? There are several reasons for this at once.

First of all, this is an ideal price-quality ratio. It is cheaper only plastic and aluminum! And plastic is generally not recommended to combine with food, especially hot. Steel is wear-resistant, not damaged, even if you drop the dishes on the floor, and will withstand any temperature when cooking food (up to 450 degrees).

Kitchen utensils for a gift - photo in the interior

Another reason to buy items of kitchen utensils from stainless steel is the simplicity and safety in use. Stainless steel does not react to food and is easily cleaned. Burnt porridge? No problem: soak the saucepan for a couple of hours, then rub it with soda or a stiff brush. It can even be washed in a dishwasher, which is very convenient for busy housewives.

As a rule, kitchen utensils made of steel are supplemented with heat-resistant glass lids, as well as handles made of plastic or ceramics. We advise you to think twice before buying pots and pans with plastic handles - they can not be used in the oven, as the plastic will necessarily melt.

A set of kitchen utensils on the rails in the interior Kitchen utensils from stainless steel - a selection of photos in the interior

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Disadvantage of stainless steel cookware can be considered a relatively slow heat, which is why when cooking will use a little more energy. In addition, any metal utensils do not look very attractive as a gift. The following objects of kitchen utensils in our list are much more interesting in this respect, although more expensive.

Ceramic tableware and accessories for kitchen

Ceramic utensils for the kitchen are popular among people who care for their health, as one of the most environmentally friendly in the market. The usual set of kitchen utensils, pots and pans made of ceramic is an aluminum base with a ceramic hob. In this case, the most harmless is the dishes marked PTFE-, PFOA- and Cadmium-free, which confirms the absence in it of such toxic substances as cadmium, polytetrafluoroethylene and perfluorooctanoic acid.

It is worth noting that ceramic kitchenware has an attractive appearance and is especially suitable for those who love bright colors in the kitchen. Compared with conventional dishes and accessories, it is certainly more pleasing to the eye and spectacular as a gift. The only downside is the relatively low impact resistance. Although this will still have to try to deliberately break a ceramic frying pan!

Ceramic kitchen accessories and accessories Ceramic objects of kitchen utensils on the stoveKitchen utensils from ceramics in kitchen design

Kitchen utensils made of elite stone (granite, etc.)

In the post-Soviet space, few people use stone pots for cooking food. They are much more popular in Korean cuisine, for example, they cook baked rice or a national dish bibimbap (bibimbap), which is loved all over the world, even in our country.

Luxurious kitchen utensils for a gift

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Kitchenware made of stone has all the stunning properties of slow cooking, very well preserves the heat and dishes in it are especially fragrant. In addition, such utensils are easy to clean and not scratch at all. A wonderful gift that will remind you of those who have given you many years and can even be inherited. In particular, a very good present can be not only a pot, but a mortar with a pestle.

Stone mortar with pestle in kitchen designStylish kitchen utensils - photo in the interiorKitchen accessories for tables and countertopsStone casserole for slow cooking Kitchen utensils and dishes made of stone

Ecological kitchen utensils made of wood - trend 2016

In the modern design of the kitchen, which is often performed in a minimalist style, wooden kitchen utensils will add a warm and expressive element of coziness. What other utensils can be as organic, natural and suitable for cooking? From smooth cutting boards to bizarre bowls and spoons, kitchen utensils made of wood serve as a terrific, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic cooking utensils.

Eco-friendly kitchen utensils made of woodWooden cooking utensils in the interior - stand for accessories Objects of kitchen utensils made of beautiful wood Tableware utensils made of wood - photo in the interior Wooden tableware for kitchen

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Kitchenware and utensils from aluminum

If you are looking for an inexpensive set of kitchen utensils that is suitable for any form of cooking, then aluminum cookware is the best option for you. Unlike steel, anodized aluminum heats up rather quickly, but it is more prone to dents and distortions. However, with careful attitude such a kitchen set can serve you for many years.

Aluminum kitchen utensils - photo on the table Aluminum accessories for kitchen - rails and attachments

Cast-iron dishes for oven and oriental cuisine

Sturdy and heavy cast-iron ware is an inexpensive alternative to stone: it is also used for slow cooking and it can serve more than one generation of a family.

We all know delicious recipes of pilaf in a cast-iron pot, and we also know that the best pancakes and pancakes are obtained on a cast-iron frying pan. It is unlikely that these items of kitchen utensils made of cast iron can be donated for holidays, but it's definitely worth keeping in your house!

Cast-iron frying pan for pancakes and pies

Among the drawbacks of cast-iron dishes, we note the need to carefully wipe it dry after each cleaning to avoid corrosion. In addition, during cooking the bottom of such pots or pans should be well lubricated with oil from burning, which can damage the taste and useful properties of food.

Stunning set of cookware made of cast iron

Copper Kitchen Utensils

If the budget for the purchase of kitchen utensils is unlimited, then it is worth paying special attention to the dishes made of copper. Copperware looks very beautiful and shows not only the abundance, but also the good culinary skills of the hostess. The fact is that copper is heated very quickly and is very sensitive to temperature changes. Ideal for complex dishes!

Copper Kitchen Utensils в дизайне интерьера A set of kitchen utensils made of copper in a modern kitchen design A set of kitchen utensils made of copper in the interior

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When buying kitchen utensils made of copper, make sure that it has a layer of tin or stainless steel in it. They are used for the reason that copper itself reacts naturally to food acids. In general, modern copper utensils are durable and hardy.

Cookware with non-stick coating

Everyone loves dishes with non-stick coating, which was popularized by the Teflon brand. Even despite the lengthy debate about its safety. If you do not already know: Teflon contains PTFE and perfluorooctanoic acid, which we mentioned above. These are toxic and carcinogenic elements, which become especially dangerous when heated to a temperature above 200 degrees Celsius.

Cookware with non-stick coating позволяет избежать прилипания пищи ко дну и очень легко моется. Но все же по вышеуказанным причинам мы рекомендуем вам обойтись одной сковородой для жарки, но не покупать целый набор такой кухонной утвари.

Cookware with non-stick coating - все за и против