Lace in the interior +50 ideas of lace decor for home

Lace in the interior

Noble lace in the interior will make the design of any room elegant and luxurious. The present lace always had a high price, served as an attribute of prosperity and high social status. Belgian lace patterns are the very first examples of this remarkable art. Today, laces are used not only for decorating clothes, but also for decorating objects and accessories.

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High-tech, rustic style and minimalism can also be realized through lace details. But here lace is expressed in prints on walls and ceiling, and not in real products.

In the living room, this type of textile is used in the form of curtains, decorated pillows on the couch, blankets and panels. In the kitchen, the main accent of the design can be a lace tablecloth. In the bedroom patterns can be found on bedspreads and frames of paintings. And in the children's room lace can be a canopy or lampshade lampshade.

"Lace is a gentle material, not resistant to external influences. Therefore, it is necessary to handle it carefully and carefully. "

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Care of products from natural threads is done by soaking and hand washing. Textiles with synthetic threads can be washed in a typewriter at low temperatures.

It is better not to hang a colored product under direct sunlight, especially if it consists of natural materials. Synthetics and guipure fade very slowly, are not afraid of the sun, in service can be for years.

Decoration of furniture

Furniture in lace is so beautiful and gentle. Therefore, many choose this particular method of decoration. To implement such an interior solution, the method of sticking the finished lace is used. Usually, this refers to cabinet furniture. The algorithm for sticking lace on furniture is as follows:

  • The entire furniture is removed;
  • Lace material is cut in accordance with the required size;
  • The surface is coated with glue;
  • The lace is applied, ironed with a dry brush from the center to the edges without pressure;
  • Excess glue wipes with a dry rag.
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Home decor elements

To implement the idea will need to purchase the material itself, glue PVA, scissors and brushes. A day after the work is finished, the product is covered with acrylic lacquer. Then all hardware is returned to the place.

What furniture is decorated with lace? Sofas, bedside tables, cupboards, cabinets and tables are subject to this transformation most often.

Interior items

In lace design, any object can be considered as a potential basis for decorating patterns. For example, a simple glass bottle, as an element of decor with a lace, is chosen quite often.

Craftsmen and real masters decorate lace caskets, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, fabric warp from linen and even paintings.

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The latest interior trend is a lace-catcher bedroom dreams with feathers on the bottom edge. In addition, baskets, chair covers, lamp shades and candlesticks are made of lace.

A standard curtain or tulle is a vivid example of the widespread use of lacy patterns in practice. The curtain for the home catwalk can be made from this material on order or sewed by yourself.

Decorative panel

Panno is a fashionable decoration for walls in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. A panel of bright lace scraps look great in the children's room. And the black and white versions fit well into the wall gallery of the hallway.

Decorative panel

What is the lacework in the design of the room? Consider the most popular options:

The VologdaContinuous weaving stripe, sprockets, bends and rosettes on a dense canvas.
IrishCompletely handmade, floral and floral motifs, joining elements using a grid.
The VenetianWeaving with bobbins and needles, floral motifs, the basis on the netting.
BelgianAlternating small and large loops on a reticular basis, thin lines.

In addition to the above types of lacework, there are many other branches that also have their own characteristics.

Thanks to different types of lace panels with them have a unique and fascinating look. Lace panels in the interior can have a round or square shape. Sometimes on one basis of lace items are collected whole compositions.

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Place the panel in any room, except the bath. From moisture lace spoils. Color variations can also be arbitrary and depend on the overall design concept of the room.

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Tablecloths, napkins and cup holders

In many cultures, tablecloths, napkins and glass holders were made from lace threads. Here you could fully enjoy the skill of the hostess to decorate your house.

Decorating Curtains with Lace

For a long time lace small decorations were almost in every house. Without them, the interior was considered poor and unsightly.

Today, the tablecloth of lace does not have to be weaved by your own hands, you can buy it in a specialized store. There are also a variety of patterned napkins, capes, potholders and similar things in the assortment.

Retro style


Curtains из тонкого переплетения нитей – совершенно особенная интерьерная деталь. Чаще всего, их цветовая гамма ограничивается белым цветом, но встречаются и комбинированные варианты.

How does the lace curtain affect design? To begin with it is necessary to say about its practical use. Thin lace dispels light, thick threads protect from sunlight. From an aesthetic point of view, this variant of the decor is magnificent, out of fashion, combined with many fabrics and textures.

Pillows and bedspreads

The most traditional version of the application of lace - pillows and bedspreads. They seem to have been created in order to become the basis for delicate weaving and complex patterns.

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"In other areas, lace should be used moderately, but the pillows and bedspreads can be completely placed in lacy covers. There is no search or excess. " The pillow itself can be sewn from a simple sacking, but if you decorate it with lace and beads, you get a genuine interior zest.

Lace Shade

The decoration of the bed can also be distinguished with a patterned coverlet. It can be completely made of lace, then such a blanket plays the role of the upper cloak.

At the same time, an ordinary duvet cover, decorated with lace and beads, immediately turns into an elite bed linen, which is not a shame to show others.

Lace Curtains

Imitation of lace

Simulating something is an old technique in interior design. This fate and lacy production has not passed. Now the lace pattern is imitated on any decor items. It occurs on both wallpaper and suspended ceilings. In rare cases, imitation lace can be seen on the floor.

Linen style in design comes from France. It was there that they came up with lace from sets of underwear in the interior, fashion and decor.

White and black guipure give a room of languor, individuality and romance. This method of decor is used in the bedrooms and bathrooms on the tile. Even one small detail with imitation brings soft and gentle notes to the interior.

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Today imitation of lace patterns is decorated with walls, cabinet doors, mirror frames, animal figurines, vases, candlesticks, book stands and utensils.

Imitation is imprinted on stained glass, paintings, superimposed on decorative plaster. It occurs in the patterns of the floor carpet. The most expensive options for finishing are those materials where the printed lace looks bulky and convex. Sometimes patterns are imitated when carving wood, as well as in the process of creating stucco moldings on walls and ceilings.

Imitation aura

White, black and colored lace

White version of the lace decor is suitable for decorating the area in the style of Provence or vintage. Here are appropriate and black and white combination. Although the white version is a favorite of these directions.

Shebbie chic abounds with colored lace in the interior. It is permissible to use soft colors of this decor. More colorful elements are used with caution and in small quantities.

Black and white interior

Country style is the direction where lace has the most color. Bright red, heavenly blue and just green lace looks in this style most harmoniously.

Lacy wallpapers

Wallpapers with imitation lace look great in different styles. Palace classicism, baroque, art deco means the use of such wallpaper in the living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Similar decorations on the walls - a direct reference to the Victorian era. With intricate and massive curtains, these wallpaper will make the atmosphere solid and cozy. And with light curtains and furniture on high legs will add a space of playfulness and airiness.

The highest interior class in the application of lace wallpaper includes a silkscreen or velvet base. Such an unusual combination looks solemn, expensive and festive.

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Lace is a favorite way of decor for fashion designers. It creates a barely perceptible fleur of mystery, brings a touch of romance, makes the room warm and pleasant to the eyes.

This universal material can have thousands of variations. Therefore, the house or apartment, decorated with lace, have a unique and original appearance.

Lacy interior is considered a female prerogative. But modern interior trends bring small lace details even into bachelor apartments. The main thing is that this method of decor is very much like, and everything else is not as important as it might seem at first glance.