Mirrors in the interior - decorate and expand the space

Mirror Wall

Increase the quality of the interior easily with decorative elements. Such find is not difficult - mirrors in the interior of any room perfectly solve this problem. In addition to the function of the accessory, they perfectly cope with the practical part of the design, transforming the room for the better. But in order for decoration to claim the style and relevance, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the design innovations and the latest trends.

  • improve the visual perception of space;
  • increase the level of illumination;
  • will change the proportions of the room;
  • disguises the protruding construct;
  • will express the stylistic concept.

The frame becomes the main detail that comes to the fore: the modern or antique look of the mirror depends on it. Her material can be different - modern plastic is able to surprise.

Large mirror on the wall Round mirrors of different shapes on the wall  Interesting chandelier above the table  Dandelion from the mirrors on the wall  Wall of mirrors of different shapes  Mirror in the white interior

Rules of accommodation

For all mirrors in the interior, and not just the living room, there are certain principles of placement, depending on the required result:

  • Increase the space - opposite the window.
  • Transformation of a rectangular room into a more square one - along long walls.
  • Additional lightness, lightness - a reflection of light finish.

Reasonable precautions:

  • Do not place too large objects like a sofa near the mirror surface;
  • in extreme cases, they should be light in color;
  • many small items will create a sense of chaos.

Feng Shui presents its own, sometimes overstated, demands on the environment. They are far from interior aesthetics, and contain solid "impossible": opposite the bed, the front door, opposite each other. But there is a certain logic in this. Moderation, adjusted proportions of mirrors, height placement - will bring comfort, which is fundamental for proper design.

Mirrors on the stairs

Arrangement of mirrors on the wall  Torso in the windows  The table on the couch  Mirrors on the floor  Mirror in the violet frame

Stylish framing

The frame of the mirror is chosen in unity with the style of the room, it must necessarily rhyme with the surrounding situation. If the frames are wooden - the grade and shade is carefully chosen. Some representatives completely replace art objects. This is achieved through a non-standard form, an unusual frame. The latter are complex, sculptural works.

Often the mirrors in the living room have a spectacular baguette, emphasizing luxury and elegance, if it's a classic or historical style. A small guide table will orient with the ratio of the distinctive details and the preferred style.

Style                                        Most popular framing
Sun raysWhite woodGilded, silvered framesCarved wooden baguettes
Historical (Victorian, Baroque)++
Art Deco++
Винтаж, ретро+++
Rural styles (country)+

A mirror and a torch in a divan

Recently, designers are striving not only for expressiveness in their works, but also for individuality, and therefore boldly mix elements of different styles. Option: a mirror in an aged frame against a brick wall of a typical loft. But only moderation separates the fusion style from bad taste. If there is any doubt, it is better to dwell on a more relaxed version.

As for modern styles, then the main place belongs to color. More often white or similar light, neutral background - an excellent pretext to add brightness due to the frame. Cheerful colors will inspire, and the variety of choice will not make the acquisition of bright, juicy accessories overhead.

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Manufacturers continue to surprise, inventing frames that look out of the box and are perfect for a living room decorated in bold, youth style: in the form of lips, tennis rackets and other original ideas.

Chic interior with mirrors Mirror on the floor by the window  Mirror frame from old boards  Mirror on the wall by the table  Mirrors in dark and light frames  A table and a mirror in the hallway

Originality in simplicity: without frame

Those who are fond of minimalism, the lack of pretentiousness in decorative details, it is worth choosing models without framing. But this does not mean that absolutely all such solutions look like boring geometric figures from a mirror canvas. So, models with a wavy edge are offered.

Mirror in the white interior

Make the interior more comfortable with the help of a mirror made in the technique of artificial aging. Some manufacturers use for this purpose more budgetary materials (alloys of metals: copper, zinc, aluminum). The price of the product will not be much different from the standard, while having a deep flickering texture, without a frame that draws attention to itself.

Another interesting way (and budget) is to revitalize your interior - painting. Then the simplest form and the absence of framing are the criteria suitable for this. This method will emphasize the ease of the interior. Choose the right ornament and color is quite easy - they are guided by the involved colors. Thermoplastic allows you to create three-dimensional drawings. In general, any mirror without a frame of an understandable shape (oval, rectangular) is a great way to show your creative impulses. It is interesting to look at the decor in the form of artificial flowers from improvised materials.

Mirror above the bench Unusual chair next to the mirror  Round mirrors above the table  Mirror with patterns  Vase and mirror on the floor  Mirror against the wall


The location on the wall at the same time several mirrors - a guarantee that even a closed room, like a corridor, will be transformed. This non-standard way is suitable for the main room in the house, because it is also a fashionable method of decorating an empty wall. The latest collections from manufacturers offer ready-made variations, suitable for self-assembly. What ideas and principles are offered by designers:

  • approximately the same size, simple shape;
  • identical frames for a neat appearance;
  • complex form - leave without framing;
  • strict symmetry or free negligence is a matter of taste;
  • several round mirrors - associations with solar bunnies;
  • one large and several small, asymmetrically arranged around.

Mirrors of different shapes above the sofa Mirrors over the sofa  Mirrors in different frames  The wall in the mirrors in the corridor  Interior with mirrors of different shapes  Paintings and mirrors on the wall

Mirror compositions - different emotions

It is rather difficult to compose an expressive composition from a "magic" surface of different sizes and shapes. The main problem is the undesirable effect of accidental congestion, especially if the composition is located locally, rather than stretched over the wall.

Several "dilute" the effect of the crowded mirrors can other decorative elements, located next to the wall or standing on a fixed console or table:

  • candlesticks, lamps;
  • caskets, vases;
  • paintings, posters;
  • clock.

Light sofas in the interior

This approach to design is appropriate for the living room and for a more intimate space (bedroom, bathroom). Particularly impressive is such a work in the adapted antique style. For the modern look, a lot of round small mirrors of different diameters, hung up to the ceiling, are more suitable.

Important. Be sure to leave space between the elements, and the background is better to choose a one-color one.

Mirrors on the violet wall Flower of mirrors above the bed  Pattern of mirrors above the bed  Mirrors on a blue wall  A strip of mirrors on the wall  Fans of mirrors on the wall

Fireplace area

Not only real, but also stylized chimney portals, deserve to become the central part of the room. Their design can not do without mirrors:

  • Put a small mirror among other expressive, elegant accessories on the mantelpiece.
  • Completely finish the portal with mirrored panels is a more daring option, suitable not only for the modern style, but also for the adapted classical one.
  • The inner surface of the falsh-fireplace is laid out with a mirror - romance and comfort are guaranteed.

Luxurious interior with a fireplace

In addition to the fireplace, the room can have other interesting details, for example, false windows with layout:

  • Black framing and trims emphasize the graphics of the interior.
  • A large arched "window" with a layout of darkened, aged metal - a catchy accent.
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Interesting decoration of the mirror over the fireplace Fireplace with patterns  Skin on the floor by the fireplace  Armchairs and table near the fireplace  Pictures on the wall by the fireplace  Interior with luxurious furniture

Floor Models

To sacrifice space for the sake of the entourage - this really deserve floor models. Interiors that claim to be historical expressiveness, simply have to acquire such. This is a fairly fashionable attribute and it can often be seen on the photo of design projects, not only bedrooms, but also other rooms.

  • Pristavnoe. A heavy frame makes it a central figure.
  • Psyche. Fixed on a special axis mirror can change the angle and is often two-sided.
  • On the stand. It can be mobile, for example, on wheels.

Mirror at the window

Moments to pay attention to:

  • height of at least 170 cm;
  • the compatibility of the color of the frame with the floor covering;
  • safety of the structure, especially attached;
  • free space in front of the mirror - 1,5-2 m.

Actual. A turning mirror with concealed shelves on the back surface is a solution for small spaces, for example a hallway or studio apartment, where you need to hide the excess without losing it in the square.

Garland on the Mirror Table opposite the mirror  Brown mirror in white interior  Loft style interior  Mirror in the roof  Mirror on the floor behind the couch

Mirror furniture

Such furniture is considered fashionable, suitable not only for modern style. Even simple facades without ornaments make it spectacular. One expressive subject will be enough to state that your house meets the latest trends. Kitchen fronts are an excellent solution for open planning.

Other attractive samples:

  • large front table;
  • coffee table;
  • chest or console;
  • available.

Important. It is worthwhile to provide on the facades inconspicuous handles - doors that open by pressing, "will not bear" fingerprints.

White chest of drawers

What technique is the most popular:

  • standard, glossy - for industrial chic;
  • aged - for vintage;
  • matte - a discreet glamorous effect.

Not only furnishings, but also decor, can offer a couple of creative ideas:

  • Large outdoor vases, trimmed with reflective slats, will form an interesting harmonious duet with similar furniture.
  • Frames for posters, photographs, botanical illustrations with a mirror edge - expressive wall compositions.

Connect and architectural elements, whose decoration contributes to the acquisition of lightness and transparency:

  • door trim and portals;
  • Stairs sections;
  • window slopes;
  • plinth.

Original furniture in the interior Photo on the chests  Table in the middle of the room  Picture over comodom  A chest of drawers in the windows  Lamp and photo on the table

Size matters: the whole wall

Usually, more global mirror planes are performed in such variants:

  • seamless panels;
  • tiles of various shapes and sizes;
  • panel.

In the latter case, the mirror canvas is combined with other materials, turning the area into an artistic composition. Most often these are wooden panels or slats, parquet laying. Wall-honeycomb - another method, typical for different types of premises. The central role belongs to the frame: it can be classic moldings or a more modern version with plastic beads. It is possible to fix small square or rectangular reflecting surfaces at different angles - this kind of not exactly boring.

Large mirror in the bedroom

A single mirror canvas with visual integrity is an excellent solution for modern styles with their minimalism and industrial finishing materials. A large role is played by the size of the surface. If for a small bathroom this method is more than justified, then in residential areas it may look aggressive enough, and even resemble in part the gym. Do not lose the comfort will help:

  • Decoration of a solid canvas with figured elements.
  • Facetted Edge - beveled faces on rhombuses or rectangles create a play of light and shadow and additional volume.
  • Subtle underlining of joints. Framing can be different, creating many geometric shapes.
  • Sandblasting engraving.

Mirror in the hallway

Actual. The mirror wall will hide the integrated interior door.

An excellent alternative to a mirrored wall may be a similar screen. Its technical and decorative advantages:

  • certain mobility;
  • necessary zoning;
  • style expressiveness.

Frames of tarnished, aged metal will give a touch of vintage. Such a screen, as if from an antique store, will become a valuable art object, decoration of the room.

Paintings on the wall in the living room Lamps on tables near the bed  Luxurious chandelier over the table  Garland on the wall  Paintings in the interior  Chic interior of the living room

Mosaic: one thousand reflections

Mosaic, along with large-format mirrors and whole mirror canvases, is another tool for changing the space for the better. Fine mirror mosaic gives an amazing effect - each color spot will change in size, creating an amusing pixel picture.

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What are the advantages of such a non-standard material:

  • Relative ease of mounting.
  • Use for complex surfaces (semicircular, curved).
  • Good technical characteristics - moisture resistance, wear resistance.
  • Excellent compatibility with trendy finishing materials - glass, plastic, ceramics, enamel, metal.
  • Suitable for gentle and brutal interiors, depending on the environment.

Unusual interior

This choice of using mirrors is suitable for any premises, the design of which implies a spectacular impression. For example:

  • a glamorous apron in the kitchen;
  • bathroom;
  • section of the accent wall;
  • part ceiling.

Pattern on the wall Mirror Wall  Wall of square mirrors  Wall with a pattern  Suspended lamps  Crane and mirror wall

Mirror ceiling

Mirror walls, with their sufficient popularity, still do not suit every owner. Constantly watching the reflections and flickering - this causes fatigue. Another controversial example of finishing - a mirror ceiling. Of the advantages it is necessary to note the increase in the height of the room, but here it is completely to finish the surface above the head - somewhat vulgar, banal.

But the moderate use of mirror surfaces on the ceiling is a good way to diversify the design without turning it into kitsch. For the living room, the main dining area where it is important to create the best view possible, the more refined options are perfect:

  • Along the edges of the ceiling, creating a cant. A beautiful ceiling skirting of white color is an excellent companion.
  • In the center of the ceiling. It can be an octagonal tile, artistically laid out. Such a composition is perfectly combined with a parade chandelier, increasing the flow of light.
  • The coffered ceiling with mirror inserts is a rethought traditional solution.

Painting over the sofa TV in front of the bed  Red armchairs in the interior  Chic interior of the living room  Black and white walls in the living room  Kitchen with chic interior

Colored mirrors and other novelties

One of the interior innovations are colored mirrors, the palette of which is quite diverse:

  • bronze;
  • Gray;
  • gold;
  • blue.

They can act as separate elements or can be used together with a simple mirror cloth, for example in the form of narrow bands.

Mirrors in the form of windows on the wall

One can not ignore another interior novelty - vinyl mirror stickers. Thin (about 1 mm) and easily glued, rather budgetary, they are able to expressively emphasize the main idea:

  • flower-plant motifs;
  • butterflies, birds;
  • romantic subjects;
  • abstraction.

All sorts of broken, curved mirrors can be an effective finishing touch in the design:

  • Convex mirror rounded modification - non-standard.
  • Абстрактные композиции, объединенные в единое целое – своеобразное panel.
  • Round mirror framed by volumetric rays from broken geometric figures.
  • Mirrored letters are a bold, life-affirming inscription from them on the wall for an outrageous interior.

Flowers on the wall Shelf with books on the wall  Mirror stars and fairy  Fish on the wall  Patterns on the wall above the sofa  Unusual clock in the bedroom

Light sources and mirrors

A duet of lamps and mirrors is able to give pleasant sensations from the space that has been changed with their help. Not only the room, but also your own reflection, can be transformed into a better one. To do this, it is enough to illuminate the mirror on the sides or the entire perimeter.

The latest requirements for modern lamps are a minimalist form and a sufficient amount of light. The concept will embody wall sconces, lamps located symmetrically on each side of the mirror. Modern spots, installed not only on the walls, the ceiling, but even on the floor, will allow to direct the lighting in the necessary way in each specific case.

Mirrors with illumination Lamps above mirrors  Lamps on the mirror  Mirror and fixtures in the hallway  Lamps above the mirror  Mirror and chic furniture

You can place a small beautiful lamp in front of the mirror, if the style does not involve LED lighting. A good solution for a small room is a combination of options. Universal: the mirror with built-in lighting, located on the wall in the recreation area in the evening, will serve as a source of light, and in the daytime - the original decor.

Among all the examples that successfully combine practical and decorative functions, it is easy to choose the one suitable for each particular design. A beautiful mirror is a worthy element of the interior, and the opportunity to admire your reflection in any part of the house is a pleasant bonus.