60 ideas for the birthday of the child

Children's birthday

If you decide to celebrate the holiday at home, the decor for the birthday will play an important role. After all, guests, hardly going into the house, will plunge into the magical atmosphere, which you quite can create with your own hands. Guests and birthday boy will immediately understand that today's birthday is a wonderful, cheerful holiday, where everyone is waiting for a lot of interesting things. It will be quite easy for you to make a room for a holiday unusual with the help of a special decor. At your service are all kinds of jewelry, with which you can transform the room and create a festive decoration in any style. Feel free to attract your child to the decoration of your child's holiday - children will be happy to help you choose the details for decorating the room, the table, create decor for the holiday with your own hands, buy cake, balls, garlands.


Birthday of the child is an occasion to decorate the room with their whole garlands. You can decorate a child's birthday in the style of your favorite fairy tale or a child's cartoon by choosing the right colors with pictures on the balls.

Balloons with photos

For example, the decor ideas for the first birthday of the girl will include decoration with balls in the most delicate shades, the birthday of the boy in pirate style will complement the decor of the blue and black balls, and at the party with Fixici it will be enough to stock up with items with portraits of the main characters.

Figures from balloons

You can decorate the room by attaching balls to the wall with a ceiling, arrange a flower bed or a cloudy sky, they are perfect for decorating a children's table, and in addition to decor elements, they can be used as accessories for contests and comic assignments. Decorating the child's birthday with balls will be quite simple, because the choice is huge, you just have to decide on the colors, sizes and texture.

Bouquet of lilies  Figures from balls  Mickey Mouse from balloons  Balloons

Surprise ball

The design of the children's birthday can be supplemented with an original design, called "ball-surprise".

Surprise ball

This is a large ball up to a meter and a half, suspended from the ceiling, in which are:

  • candies;
  • confetti;
  • serpentine;
  • rose petals;
  • small balls;
  • small toys;
  • magic predictions;
  • lottery tickets;
  • and everything that your fantasy tells you.

Ball surprise for the birthday of the child

You can make a ball yourself or buy from specialists in decorating a children's holiday. This design bursts at the end of the party and shower guests with prepared surprises. You can use the sharp stick to install the balloon yourself or install a fuse with batteries in it. Despite the seeming complexity, it is possible to do such a miracle with your own hands, after studying a video master class.

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If there are very young children on the holiday, remember that they should not be afraid of loud cotton when the surprise balloon bursts. Perhaps they should be taken out of the room for a time, where everything will happen.

Decor of flowers and balls

Figures from the balls

An interesting decor is obtained if you decorate the room with figures from balls. You can buy ready-made masterpieces or, calling creative savvy, make the decoration out of the balls.

Fairy-tale characters from balls

Here you can use such three-dimensional products for registration of a holiday:

  • dolls;
  • animals;
  • figures;
  • letters;
  • trees;
  • flowers and whole bouquets;
  • Wall and ceiling compositions of balls;
  • arches;
  • fountains;
  • Garlands.

Arch from balloons for birthday

Given the fashion trends in the decor of the children's birthday, you can decorate the wall with a flower clearing of flowers, replace the ceiling with clouds, arrange the cartoon characters you like and the children.

The Tale of the Balloons

Compositions for the ceiling, large bouquets for festive decoration will require filling the balls with helium so that the decor was at its height in the literal sense. You can decorate a room with usual balls with the help of an adhesive tape, fixing them in the form you need.

Heroes of fairy tales  bee  Horses  Bees on a flower  Happy Birthday Mouse  Luntik  Bee  Cheburashka  Hedgehog Mignon  1 year  Decoration of the room for the birthday

Walking figures

Festive decor for the birthday can be decorated with walking figures of foil balls. With the help of this invention, almost real fairy-tale characters will appear on your holiday. The figures are filled with helium and fixed with a small load.

Inflatable figures

With the help of such balls you can make a photo with Mickey Mouse, Little Mermaid, Batman, Cinderella and with any other character from your child's childhood dream.

Krolik and Winnie the Pooh

Paper decorations

From the paper decor of the birthday fashion trends dictated the use of such ornaments as:

  • balloons-accordions;
  • balloons-honeycomb;
  • paper pom-poms;
  • pompons-brushes;
  • three-dimensional stars.

Toys made of paper

Balls-accordions are large items made from ribbed paper that can be easily folded and transformed into a ball with folds on the surface. Several balls can fulfill the role of the main decor of the birthday.

Paper garlands

In such balls, sometimes put the LED, which gently illuminates them from the inside. Balls-honeycombs look like accordions, but their surface consists of many honeycombs resembling bees.

Glowing balls of paper

Of the finest paper, pompons are made, resembling huge pion flowers in shape - with the same fuzzy-torn petals.

Garlands, колпаки и стаканчики с рисунками

Paper tassels can decorate the edge of the festive table, chairs, edge curtains or create the whole composition, decorating the branches of the tree with brushes.

Composition on the festive table on the birthday

Paper decorations отлично поддержат стилистику, а также цветовую гамму детского праздника.


Garlands – это отличный способ создать декор для детского дня рождения своими руками. Эти изделия можно сделать из чего угодно: из пряжи и ниток, из ткани, из цветной бумаги и картона, их маленьких игрушек, из цветов, да просто из всего, что подскажет ваша фантазия.

Garlands с персонажами из мультиков

Paper garlands are cut out in the form of flags, hearts, stars, flowers, silhouettes of animals. Interesting design is obtained from corrugated paper: it cuts out details in the form of fans, bows, flowers. For textile garlands, unnecessary trimming of the fabric is quite suitable: from them you will get brushes, ribbons, bows, and from stuffed together with rounded flaps sewed together, rag-tag snowballs will turn out.

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Garland with a birthday

The yarn is great for creating fluffy multicolored pompoms. Look great garlands in the form of paper and fabric ribbons, decorating the ceiling or walls. They are able to completely transform the room, and change its color scheme.

Garland for ceiling

Wonderful fit in festive decor garlands of origami. As a suspension, the most common hanger, to which you will tie ropes with birds or flowers, will perfectly suit.

Curtain made of paper rings

In addition to homemade products, you can decorate the room with garlands with greeting slogans. Decor for a birthday can quite combine decorations of hand-made and shop decorations.

Paper decoration

A few more decor ideas

An excellent idea is to decorate the wall with a so-called "wall newspaper" - a paper on which guests can write and draw their birthday wishes and congratulations. You can apply for this large piece of wallpaper.

Photo of the child with his parents The wall can be decorated with a photo collage of the most interesting moments of your baby's life. Pay attention to the design of chairs and table. Chairs can be dressed in skirts of cloth, decorated with ribbons tied in a ribbon, and to sew a tablecloth with magnificent frills.

Children's Corner with Mickey Mouse Use the number in the decoration of the room - the number of years of the originator of the celebration. It can be glued to the stand, and the figure itself can be made from:

  • paper in the form of an application;
  • balloons;
  • colors;
  • New Year's tinsel;
  • ribbons;
  • Pomponov.

It turns out the original picture, or a big postcard.

Festive table for the birthday A non-standard garland will come from sweets, from stringed marshmallows or marshmallow. Perfectly fit in the decor of the child's birthday paper turntables, placed, for example, on the festive table. On the perimeter of the room you can arrange ordinary balloons, packed in transparent paper or veil and bandaged on both sides with ribbons - you will get bright sham caramels.

Treats for children's birthday

Guest accessories

Make your party brighter and more fun, providing guests with popular holiday attributes. Has your princess turned a year old?

Holiday caps

Give out decorations to guests in the form of small crowns, which are attached to the head with hairpins.

Ears, smiles will make photos vivid and memorable

Make a holiday for your son in the style of gangsters? At your service are a fake mustache on a stick, black mini-hats, chin-mounted on an elastic band and paper bow ties. And maybe on the birthday of the child came mice, rabbits and kittens? Do not forget to decorate guests with ears in the form of rims.

Birthday accessoriesTo create the mood of a carnival, for a holiday in this style it is enough to give out all the various masks. The photos from this children's birthday will be the most original and amusing.


On the birthday of the child, such holiday attributes will be very appropriate:

  • колпаки;
  • mountain;
  • whistles;
  • tongues-hooters;
  • confetti;
  • serpentine;
  • хлопушки.

Thematic sets

When there is no time to prepare the holiday and the birthday decor is no longer possible, ready-made thematic kits will come to the rescue.

Sets with fairy-tale characters

The main advantage of this product is that you are buying a ready-made solution for a holiday, but you only need to provide refreshments and a good mood. The sets are arranged according to the color scheme and adhere to a certain scenario of the holiday.

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Invitation Kit

The price range is quite large and depends on the amount of content. Most often the standard set includes:

  • caps, crowns, hats;
  • stretch marks on the wall with a congratulatory inscription;
  • Garlands;
  • Balloons;
  • games;
  • decorations for food (flags for canapés, skirts for cupcakes, stylish tubes for drinks);
  • labels for drinks.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Table decoration

Table decoration

What a birthday a child can do without a festive treat! It's simpler, more convenient and safer to serve the table with paper and plastic utensils, because it will not break and will not hurt anybody if the children grow fat and arrange a small celebratory pogrom.

Children's table for birthday

At the same time unbreakable dishes are presented in stores in a huge assortment and you can buy plates and glasses in your favorite colors of the child and with the image of the most popular cartoon and movie heroes. Another plus: you do not have to deal with washing dishes, stock up only with a large garbage bag.

Ornaments of a children's table on a holiday

In the decor of the festive table include:

  • paper cups and plates;
  • forks, spoons, knives from plastic;
  • bright tablecloth;
  • napkins;
  • stands for pastries, canapes, sandwiches;
  • пластиковые вазы для colors;
  • cocktail tubes for drinks;
  • candles for cake.

Birthday in a festive home atmosphere

It makes sense to use a disposable tablecloth with a bright and colorful pattern for the table, because such a decor will hide the stains that appear from spilled drinks. Few children can be seated for food for a long time, therefore, for a festive meal, small portions of the dish are suitable, such as:

  • couch;
  • sandwiches;
  • tartlets;
  • cakes;
  • candies;
  • mini-pizza;
  • meat and fruit kebabs;
  • meat and vegetable slicing for salad bar;
  • fruit slicing;

If you still expect a sit-round at the table, it will be superfluous to arrange cards with the names of the guests opposite each place. You can knit cutlery with a ribbon, on which the name of the guest will be written.

Decor in the style of Kitty

Gifts for guests

Birthday will be even more interesting if the children-guests of the birthday party receive small gifts at the festival. You can put in a box for sweet surprises a few chocolates, miniature cakes or give each guest a small soft toy.

Gifts for guests

You can give girls beautiful hairpins, and boys - pocket flashlights. If your child already knows how to make crafts with his own hands, he can come up with and make souvenirs with your help or yourself. A good idea is to give guests the elements of decorating the room, for example, balloons. This can be done at the end of the holiday, at the farewell to the guests. A small souvenir will surely prolong the feeling of a holiday for all participants of the children's birthday. You can send photos from a children's holiday to everyone who was your guest, because it's easy to do, and the impressions of all will remain the best.

Present for guests Joint preparation and design of the holiday can become a good family tradition. Let all relatives participate, because joint work brings together. Include fantasy, take with yourself a good mood, involve the children themselves - the culprits of the celebration and you will all get it!