75 photos of ideas of suites design by own hands


In recent years, the circle of needlewomen has been increasingly referred to as the "suite design". What is behind this mysterious term? Anyone with a baggage of English school knowledge will remember that "sweet" is translated as "sweet." Even in foreign films, "sweet honey" is often found - a caressing word for loved ones and, in a good sense, slightly "cloying". Sweet floristry is one of the varieties of needlework. Craftsmen handmade hand-made bouquets and luxurious compositions from ordinary sweets. Sweets made of chocolate and caramel, wrapped in rustling individual packages or made independently, can turn into roses, sunflowers, tulips, chamomiles, leaves and berries. Work on the transformation of ordinary goodies is mastered even by a beginner decorator. Candy bouquets serve as an original decoration of the interior of the house and an interesting, and most importantly delicious and sweet gift for the holiday. The design of "confectionery" presents is developed individually: you need only imagination and skill that will help to translate the idea into reality. The product can be designed for women and men. These gifts are topical for New Year's holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. We will become acquainted with the step-by-step master class and learn how to create a bouquet in the technology of swedesign.

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Bouquets in suits in suite design Noises  Books with flowers  Doll  Mirror in colors  Slice of sweet cake


For work, only available materials are needed. Any of them can be purchased at the nearest needlework store. So, the minimum set includes:

  • Corrugated paper. It is the basis of any composition, so for the image of different elements of the plant you need a material of several colors.

Corrugated paper

  • Hard wire, toothpicks, Chinese sticks. These objects will imitate twigs and stems of plants.

Rigid wire

  • Packing tape. From it, the individual decorative elements of the bouquet are made. Different types of coating (gloss, matte), colors and patterns are used. Everything depends solely on the nature of the future composition. Transparent film is used for its intended purpose: to pack a ready gift and to give it a "commodity" type.

Packing tape

  • Grid. It wraps real bouquets. The mesh has increased rigidity, which makes it possible to give the composition volume.


  • Organza. Thin, airy fabric, from which create individual elements or packaging.


  • Other types of fabrics. In their choice of restrictions there, everything will depend on the taste of the master and personal convenience of working with a certain material.


  • Styrofoam. It serves as the main one, which will keep the entire composition in the truest sense of the word.


  • Sisal fiber. Natural material, which is made from leaves of agave. From it you get the original decor.

Sisal fiber

The list is not definitive and can be supplemented with absolutely any materials for needlework, as there are no clear limitations in the design of the suite. Sometimes wicker baskets, boxes, vases and bottles are used as containers, in which a sweet bouquet is placed.

Blue bouquet  Cake with flowers  A Bitch's Bird  A crayon on a cake from flowers  Bows on the cake

As tools for work use scissors, nippers, a stationery knife (for foam) and glue.

Candy in a bouquet  Heart of roses and chocolates  Multilevel torus with flowers  Basket with roses  Bouquet with berries

Ideas and forms of gifts

There are four types of suite products:

  • Cakes from sweets;
  • Bulk fruits or still lifes from "sugar" pineapples, apples and oranges;
  • Flower bouquets;
  • Compositions in baskets.
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Poppies on the box  Do not forget in the basket  Butterflies on flowers  Apple from sweets  Beads with flowers

For each type of gift suites, there are different techniques of execution. A single element for all these products is the use of sweets. And they can be reliably hidden behind layers of corrugated paper or vice versa, exposed in their usual wrappers.

Bouquet in suite design Roses in the basket  Puppies  Autumn Bouquet  Black and red roses in a vase  Sweet bouquet

Step-by-step master class

Let's start with the instructions for making a cake. The first stage of the work is the production of a "bar" of foam under the characteristic form for this confectionery product. Then it is wrapped in corrugated paper of the right color. Its tips, which will look at the sides, must pass through a special machine to get the desired relief. Then the paper is fixed. On the side of the cake overlaid with bars (it is better to use a kinder or kit-kat) and fix them with two parallel ribbons. The top of the gift is either covered with small dragées (eggs, emblem), or decorated with flowers from corrugated paper and organza, ribbons, bows, dolls or typewriters (if present for the child). The process of wrapping the cake in a transparent film and tying a flirty bow in the place of its assembly completes the process. Now try to create a bouquet in the basket:

  • In the packaging put a piece of foam base, which should only be a bit inferior to it in size.
  • We make floral stems from wire.
  • Take the candy and wrap it with several layers of corrugated paper.
  • In the formed "cylinder" with a sweet filling, insert a wire frame. On the same side, he is wrapped in paper. When it is crushed, the material has properties to retain its shape and is perfectly fixed. It is better to twist a piece of paper around the stem, as if it pulls into the funnel.
  • The flower head is tied with a ribbon for more reliable fastening.
  • Then the petals of the flower are "blossomed", that is, they are spread out with the fingers to make a voluminous bud.
  • Perform a variety of colors on a similar technique on stems of different lengths. Then they are fixed in a foam base.
  • The composition is additionally decorated with organza, mesh, shiny wrapping paper and satin ribbons, bows.
  • The process of wrapping a basket in a transparent film completes the process, so that the gift has a presentable appearance.
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Cake in suite design  Champagne and cake  Flowers on a cake of sweets  A piece of cake with a flower  Angel on the cake

If you want to create a bouquet of chocolates that you do not need to hide wrappers (Raphaelks), they simply "string" on the stems, and to keep the composition, the flowers are tightly packed together and securely wrapped in a wrapper. For the manufacture of "helicopters" and "tanks" for men, special attention is paid to the foam plastic base, the resemblance to the original depends solely on its shape.

Making cakes with flowers Bird in coloring  Beads on the cake  A piece of cake with ribbon  Stylish cake  Composition of roses and sweets

Ideas for the holidays

On the birthday of the child, you can build a candy cake from kinder or other bars. For the wedding and the anniversary, volumetric hearts are made, decorated with roses from corrugated paper. From candy and auxiliary materials, you can create a spring, fresh bouquet on the mother's day or a feast of all women - March 8. The basket with "krashenkami" on Easter will be decorated with a thematic composition, and the child will bring on September, 1st the most delicious flowers in the whole school.

Shaped-design на 8 марта  Heart in the suite design for the wedding  Pigeons on flowers  Shaped-design на пасху  Bouquet in suite design на 1 сентября

By the new year they build small watches, decorative houses-huts, fir-trees. For the men's holiday in February, confectionery tanks, helicopters and chessboards are made, where sweets act as figures. During the game, the opponent's rook can simply be eaten, instead of being thrown off the battlefield. These gifts are also topical on the name day. For example, for Tatiana's day, you can build a cake or a delicate spring bouquet of wildflowers and greens. He will be a "greeting" from the summer, to which there remain a few months. Valentine's day will be delighted with a bunch of Raffaello, which is associated with a touching gift that has a tender taste.

Shaped-design к Новому году Herringbone  Clock  Shaped-design к 23 февраля  A car  Ship


Svit design is a simple technique that even a child will master. By the way, this lesson is not only fascinating, but also useful, as it develops small motor skills of hands. Gifts made in this technique, will long please the eye, contrary to the inner desires "quickly eat." Svit design is easy to perform, which will lead to luxurious results.

Ladybug in suite design  Tea in colors  Cake with bows  Violin  Cornucopia Casket  Piano  Guitar  Money cake  Bright bouquets New Year's basket  Bouquets of chupa-chups  Sunflower  Sledge  Dollars Fish  Rosettes in the basket  Bouquet of sunflowers  Motorcycle  Heart with roses and sweets