Crafts from wine corks own hands

Cork decor of wine

The history of the appearance of cork is closely related to grape alcohol. When people learned to make wine, they faced the problem of storing wine. The tanks in which the alcoholic beverage was bottled, it was necessary to clog up something. At first, the planed wood was used. Of course, they did not repeat the shape of the neck of the vessels to the accuracy of a millimeter, so the wine spoiled quickly. However, it was noted that with hermetically sealed cork, the drink not only retained its taste for longer, but also improved with time. From ordinary wood refused in favor of softer. It was easier to plan and adjust to the desired size. However, when wet due to a swollen "cover", the necks of jugs and bottles burst. The corks were sealed with resin.

  • Anchor bolt with a loop;
  • Metal ring;
  • Bung.

Keychains from plugs

In the middle of the latter, a bolt is screwed in methodically. Then loop through the ring. In fact, the key chain is already ready, but you can additionally attach an even smaller trinket on the chain, glue its surface with pieces of cloth, paint it. In more complex variants, metal plates, beads or buttons are threaded onto the anchor bolt before screwing.

Some wizards instead of a bolt use an English pin with a similar loop at the end. This is not recommended, as it will quickly fall off and may even hurt the owner of the keyring. The screwed bolt will sit tight in the plug.

Accessories with rhinestones  Rings with plugs  Breadcrumbs inscriptions  Currant  Keys on the hanger


From wine corks create so original frames that such a thing is not a shame to present even as a presentation for a special holiday. For work you will need:

  • Corks from champagne or wine;
  • Glue;
  • Wooden or plywood base.

Frame of wine stoppers

The basis can be cut yourself or buy a cheap, unsightly frame, which in the future will not be a pity to close the mirror magnificence. So, first you need to decide which side of the cork will "look" at the guests: the lateral cylindrical or the bottom round. The second option is used less often. To create an original frame design and decorate it with "almost honeycomb", the cork should be cut into 4-5 pieces of the same height. If it lies on the side, it's enough to just cut it. Then the base is smeared with glue and the plugs are pressed to it. Their location need not be strictly horizontal or vertical. Use the combined options when some of the traffic jams look at one, and the other part - in the other direction. Original options look, where the main material "weave a pigtail", that is, stack it on two diagonals, which are located at right angles to each other. You can supplement the almost finished frame with an artificial brush of grapes, miniature pouches with ties or a tiny straw hat coquettishly hung on the corner. Such crafts will become a decoration of the house and will perfectly fit in the French Provence.

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Painting with bottles of wine

Particularly colorful are the frames in which the mirror part is "pressed" into the base. To make such beauty, it is necessary to glue on top a thin wooden border and the central part (PART) under the photo. They must be in front of the mirror background, as if with a 3D effect. Such a frame will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen and will look original on the wall.

Frame  Still life with grapes and wine  Boy and snowman  Family photos within  Mother and daughter


You can make candlesticks from corks in several ways. For the simplest of them, only glass containers and basic material will be required. The jams simply fill the container halfway, and the top is installed with an aroma-candle in its own metal stand. This way for the "lazy" is devoid of grace, so consider another master class:

  • Take 6-7 plugs and glue them on a round base;
  • In advance it is necessary to make gaugings, that the candle precisely entered into the center of a composition;
  • In addition, so that the plug part does not fall apart, it is tied with a neat satin ribbon with a flirty bow.

Candlesticks из винных пробок

The candlestick is additionally decorated with animal figures, tiny balls, spruce branches (if it stands near the Christmas tree for a new year). Cork can be painted in the right color.

Candles in glasses  Bows on traffic jams  Original candles  Beads on traffic jams  Vases on the nightstand


Of the jams create interesting toys. The technician is a lot of work. To make a simple little man, you can stick into certain areas of tiny hands, legs and neck. In some cases, these limbs are not decorated and left in their original form. So the handicraft sometimes looks even better. In other cases, they can be wrapped in fabric or wrapped in threads of different colors. To make a snake fit even plastic plugs. Each of them will act as a separate part in the segmented reptile body. Between them they are connected by needles, chains and bolts.

Toys из винных пробок

To make a giraffe or a deer, you need to stock up with glue or all the same needles / wires. One cork will be a body, to which the cut portions of the other, which act as legs, are attached. Another half will become a muzzle. To make the handicraft similar to the giraffe, you will need to add a wire neck. Some craftsmen simply draw funny faces on a cow-base, and then tie a body, creating body parts from threads. To make a mirror raft, just glue a few gags between them and stick in the middle of the sail with the toothpick mast. The ship is made of one cork, cut in half. Such a toy boat perfectly keeps on the water and will stand steadily not one storm in the glass.

Japanese  Mouse  Scarecrow  Seals  Girl

Glamorous vases

Cork vases are produced in two main ways:

  • Paste the material on the glass substrate;
  • Tightly connect the plugs to each other without a frame.

You can also plant tiny flowers in the "holes" made with a knife in a pliable material. It is already easy to organize a miniature garden from a pair of traffic jams. You can paste the material on glass containers in various ways: at angles, diagonally, combining squares with horizontally and vertically arranged gags. Each plug is pre-cut in half and flat side glued to a glass base. You can supplement the composition with "circles", if the pattern allows it. The main thing is that no gaps should be created through which the substrate will shine through. Gluing the plugs to each other resembles the process of weaving from willow rods. Work will have a long and very tidy, because such vases are usually "translucent" and crooked rows will negatively affect the visual perception of the entire composition.

Vase from wine corks

Extravagant chandelier

Cork chandelier looks fresh and nontrivial on the ceiling of one of the rooms of a hunting lodge or a country cottage. The principle of creating such a decor is simple: numerous plugs thread on the frame basis. In its role can serve threads, fishing line, wire, metal rods. Often the plugs only decorate the chandelier, but in some cases inside of each of them put a tiny light bulb. Preliminary, the core of such a miniature plafonchika cut out with a knife. On the frame of the usual chandelier, slender cork rows can freely hang like crystal "icicles" in retro versions, or be stretched together with a thread (wire) base between the skeleton rings. Here in the course is only the imagination of the master. Bundles of plug-and-can-reed "twigs" are decorated with creative plafonds, which are used in styles that welcome unusual shapes.

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Chandelier of wine corks Lampshade in the form of honeycomb  Traffic jams  Original chandelier  Pillows in a corner  Candles on a chandelier

Letters and Words

The letters with the 3D effect are easy to make by yourself. They can be made small in size with a palm or huge in almost half of human growth. Also, the alphabet can be static if it is fixed on a wall, or mobile. In the latter case, the letters will be attached to a portable base. The recipe for creating such a decor is indecently simple: glue corks round the bases to the wall, plywood or plasterboard. Such decoration will be useful for holding celebrations, when you need to bring out the name of the congratulant. In other cases, the wooden alphabet will decorate the interior, decorated in one of the modern styles. In addition, the letters are decorated with beads, pieces of cloth, beads, bows, leaves, flowers.

Words from wine corks Food  Love  Letter from wine stoppers  English b  Letters and bottles

Earrings, necklaces, pendants

Earrings made of this material are made in a round shape. One stopper is enough for two or three pairs of ornaments. Earrings painted or decorated with small accessories. Fix the plugs to the fasteners with a needle with eye-eyelet or drill holes in them and thread the wires in them. The necklace is made according to the principle of "connect fantasy". Cork in it can be the main material or just a decorative element. Connect them with each other using a fishing line. It is attached to a needle, which is passed through each piece of the future necklace. Beautifully look not "solid" options, and jewelry with badges, between which stretch a ribbon, a strip of beads or a chain. Pendants made of corks are decorated, placed in a metal frame-frame, decorated with beads, bows, insects and metal rings.

Earrings from corks

Original earrings look with an empty middle, into which a bead is passed in size. In rare cases, the decoration is given a rectangular or square shape. The cork is cut in the middle in such a way that the earring is convex and has a relief.

Ornaments for the ears  Necklace of wine corks  Decoration with beads  Pendant of wine stoppers  Decoration with a bunch of grapes

Organizer for decorations

Organizer for decorations сделать из этого материала довольно легко. Возьмите кусок фанеры нужной формы и приклейте к нему пробки от винных бутылок. Какой стороной прикреплять — вопрос индивидуальный. Этот импровизированный стенд помещают в рамку. К пробочной основе прикрепляют гвоздики или болты. На них-то и будут вешаться серьги, бусы, браслеты. Этот стенд можно повесить на стену или приладить к нему специальный держатель с оборотной стороны, чтобы он сохранял вертикальное положение на столе. Такую же поделку, но меньших размеров, можно повесить в прихожей под ключи.

Organizer for decorations из винных пробок Beads on hooks  Ornaments on the board  Organizer in the frame  Rings in a frame  Organizer on the wall

Stand for pens and pencils

The stand for office supplies is manufactured in two ways:

  • At the glass paste the plugs. Stand will be very voluminous;
  • The plugs are attached to a round / square base, giving them a vertical position.

Products made by both methods look original. Supplement this stand with a soft "rug" of cork or a holder under the leaves for notes. It is created with a simple notch, into which paper will be inserted. The bottom of the cork is necessarily stiffened to give it stability.

Stand for pens from wine corks

Note board

Note board создается по такому же принципу, как стенд для украшений. Разница лишь в том, что ей обычно стараются придать оригинальную форму: сердечка, дерева, цветка. Фотографии и листочки-напоминалки прикрепляют к доске с помощью обычных кнопок. Оригинальным решением станет помещение основы в старинную рамку от зеркала.

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Note board из винных пробок

Simply, but luxurious will look like a board in the form of a heart, painted with the effect of the ombre. The bottom of the decor is decorated in dark shades of tone and gradually shifts to lighter shades. The color gradation looks stylish and original.

Leaf on the board  Vase with dried flowers  Photos on the board  Laptop on the table  Round cork board

Unique stand for mobile phone

The mobile stand is made in two main ways:

  • Glued corks between themselves and form a "hump" of regular triangular shape. One of its sides will be the support for the back cover of the phone. To keep the device in the desired position, an additional stopper is attached at the very bottom, which slightly protrudes and breaks the geometric correctness of the composition.
  • Three plugs are fastened together. In their surface a deep notch under the phone is cut out. Approximately to the middle of this "dam" are glued three more plugs, but in a horizontal position. The phone bottom side will enter the groove on the base. The back wall he will rely on the mirror support.

From this material, you can make even luxurious "chairs" for mobile phones. In addition, they are wrapped in velvet or leather, but such options will take a lot of time and effort.

Stand for mobile phone from wine corks

Stands in the kitchen

Of the cork, glued together, make holders for hotter, which are used in the kitchen. Oak bark conducts heat poorly, so it will protect the sensitive surface of the table from thermal "burns". You can not use plastic plugs for these purposes. Under the influence of temperature they will melt and tightly adhere to the bottom of a hot pan, incidentally filling the kitchen with an inexpressible scent of burnt plastic.

Stands in the kitchen из винных пробок Welding machine  Coffee maker  Berries and wine  Stand with coffee machine  Pots

New Year's decor

The main object of the New Year decor in the apartment are Christmas trees. If a central coniferous tree is installed in the hall, the remaining rooms may look lonely. Traffic jams will save the situation. They are glued in chaotic disorder to a cardboard cone-base. Then the tree is decorated with a star-top, a pair of bead-balls and a miniature garland. In the corks on the wire, insert tiny spruce twigs. Then they are installed in a bowl of cotton, rice or other substance that mimics the snow. A whole spruce alley in the bowl will decorate the window sill. A green tree on the wall can be made of cork and frame. They are glued to a dense base and placed in a frame of regular, "spruce" shape. The design is decorated with a garland and hung on the wall. If the corks thread on the line, then from them you can make a voluminous wreath on the door or wall. It is additionally decorated with bows, rain, tinsel and shiny accessories. Cork deer and snowmen hang on the tree with the balls, and candlesticks from this material will create an atmosphere of magic on New Year's Eve.

New Year's decor из винных пробок Wreath  Herringbone  Snow White  Lantern and wreath  Christmas decorations

Painting for interior decor

The picture of cork for wine is a full-fledged art object, which in some cases is even referred to as high art. "Draw" can be a relief, a different color of the material surfaces, a combination of these two options or paints. For example, on a background of oak "circles" glue a "dark" tree of whole plugs, the clusters of which mimic the trunk, and lonely lines - twigs. In a simpler version on a similar background simply paint. To give the painting a special color, it is not adorned with clear lines, but coloring individual plug-in "segments" in the manner of a mosaic.

Picture of wine corks Glasses in the frame  Composition of cork  Beads on the canvas  Painting with natural elements  Bull


From the cork, you can make floats, heeled shoes, moisture absorbing mats in the bathroom, dies, tags, napkin holders (name cards) and even pens for dessert spoons or furniture. Decoration of a room from this universal material will require only a fraction of the imagination and a minimum of additional details. You can move away from conventional recipes and come up with an original decoration yourself. In any case, a large amount of material is required, and excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health, therefore, in pursuit of creative decor, one should not get carried away with wine parties.