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It would seem that in the bedroom can be more ordinary than a bedside table? But you can look at this piece of interior on the other side. Correctly selected bedside table can completely change your bedroom, and perhaps even become its "highlight".

Bedside tables

Functions and purposes of use Comfortable sleep is not just a bed. The furnishing of a bedroom as a whole is of no less importance. The bedside tables for the bedroom play the role of the keepers of the sleeping room. All your secrets, the most expensive and valuable things and just household items are stored in it. In addition, the bedside table performs also an aesthetic role and at the same time a table function.

bedside tables

Table of contents of the article:

  • History of creation
  • Materials and forms
  • Designer innovations
  • Photos of modern bedside tables

History of creation

It seemed that bedside tables always existed. In fact, they, like almost all modern furniture, began their life in Italy. They took root, of course, in the camp of fashion lovers - France - in the middle of the eighth century.

Originally they were used as small tables for every little thing or light sources. Since that time, little has changed, only the inner shelves have been added.


Materials and forms

In the world of design innovations, any, even the most absurd idea, will find its place. This applies to the bedside tables. These interior items can be of absolutely any shape: from round to triangular, from small inconspicuous to massive, immediately catching sight, from cabinets with swing doors to drawers or shelves, in minimalist style or Baroque style. Imagine the most ridiculous bedside table in the world.


She, of course, is standing by someone near the bed. The size of the bedside table can vary depending on your preferences. There are no clear rules and regulations. Convenience is above all. The width of the bedside table should depend on the objects that will be in it.

If these are books and "trinkets", there is no sense in a cumbersome pedestal, and if bed-clothes, then it's worth thinking about larger sizes.


The height of the bedside table is determined by the height of the bed. It is desirable that the height of the curbstone does not differ much from the level of the sleeping bed in the greater or lesser side. Materials for bedside tables are used absolutely any, whether it is particle board, glass, metal, plastic or mirror surface, the main thing is that the cabinet harmoniously blends into the bedroom.


Designer innovations

Over the centuries, the evolution of bedside tables has overcome many steps: from the luxurious curved lines of the Renaissance to the strict present minimalism. Traditionally, the curbstones were one whole with the whole bedroom, dissolving in the design of the room, and gave the bed the main role. Modern designers are bored with such commonness. New ideas, new forms, new materials.


Hovering in the air a curbstone in hi-tech style, a curbstone from a mountain of suitcases or a white nightstand bedside in the form of a sliding circle. The originality of diversity is off scale and turns into a real art. Place in the interior


Nobody canceled the integrity of the interior. Each piece of bedroom should be combined into a complete picture. But every style has its own nuances.


It does not matter what the nightstand will be used for, whether it is a stand for a lamp or a small locker for storing bed linen, all items should fit into a single style. A photo of the bedside table shows her special grace and observance of all the rules of the chosen style.


Some of the most cozy and unusual solutions are bedside tables for a bedroom in country country style, vintage or ethnic styles. Made of natural materials, decorated with paintings and a variety of decor, they fit perfectly into such bedrooms.


Choosing a bedside table in the bedroom is not the easiest task. But having shown a drop of imagination and creative thinking, you can transform the sleeping room not only externally, but also functionally.

bedside table-bedside

Photos of modern bedside tables



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