Interior in the style of the chalet - examples of design in

Style chalet

The historical homeland of the chalet style is southeast of France, not far from the Alps. These are cozy, warm houses with characteristic structural features in the form of a sloping roof, open terraces, from which it is so convenient to admire the surrounding beauty. The atmosphere of the interior space is able to impress a modern person with its majestic simplicity, expressiveness, harsh romance.

Kitchen-dining room interior in chalet style

The reasons for the popularity of the interior in the style of the chalet are several:

  1. Style out of fashion: designers only try to bring modern objects into it, without violating the significant, natural atmosphere of the alpine house with history;
  2. The historical location in picturesque places served as an impetus to the fact that it began to be associated with romance, pastoral landscapes - people choosing inclined to comfort;
  3. The desire of modern man to become closer to nature, to use environmentally friendly materials;
  4. The development of this type of recreation, like a ski resort, gives a chalet of association with prestigious tourism.

Bedroom in chalet style

Recognizable features:

  • Space, open space: all the interior items, which are few and unique in their kind, go out to the main roles;
  • The predominance of natural materials. Wood, stone, brick - mostly raw, rustic textures, specially aged for maximum authenticity. Do not exclude the use of ceramic tiles, metal elements, massive glass;
  • Characteristic wooden beams, performing not constructive (especially in the interior of the apartment), but a decorative function, zoning space;

Bedroom in the tree

  • For large rooms of country houses, with open layouts of apartments suitable thematic design, which has its fans: "Hunting Lodge", "Natural splendor of the tree", "The fireplace for the family nest";
  • The historical character of the design of the chalet shows a symbiosis of eternally young nature and things made by human hands, prone to aging processes: pottery with cracks, aged wood, antique furniture, tapestries.

Chalet-style bathroom

Finish and color solution

Alpine style requires mainly natural materials, which affects the price aspect. But the result is worth it. Only the ceiling, usually decorated with dark, unbleached beams, amazes imagination. Continued are the wooden wall panels, bars, imitating the supports, giving an original atmosphere to the whole room.

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Living room in chalet style

The walls can be decorated with a gray stone, which makes the room more refined. Against the background of the wood, plastered surfaces, mostly light shades, look great. Applicable combinations of different types of wood: oak, pine, larch. A special rustic charm is given by floor coverings with imitation of aging: the array of boards should remain after processing matt, semi-matt. The necessary zones (kitchen, bathroom) are finished with tiles, and also from special, "village" collections.

Mountain View

Quite tranquil colors of the interior of the chalet reflect the latest trends of color:

  • Natural shades of wood, mostly warm tones;
  • Terracotta, beige, yellow;
  • Natural colors: natural flax, lime, tobacco, moss;
  • Gray is a shade of stone, characteristic of the mountainous terrain;
  • Bright colors - only as small shades, with a red scale.

Stone fireplace

Light in the window

Modern views have changed the appearance of the chalet-style windows. They became much larger, more often panoramic, but other aspects remained unchanged:

  • The location of the main facade to the east - during the day penetrates the sunlight;
  • Window frames are made strictly of wood;
  • Binding with numerous leaves, several imposts or elements of the layout - glass splitters, called "decorative queries."

Scarecrow of a deer

With any variations of natural intensity, there are certain rules for artificial light that do not violate the overall harmony of the style of the chalet:

  • Lighting is extremely natural: no halogens, diodes, only soft, diffused light, not destroying the charm of the interior;
  • The design, the appearance of the lighting devices do not enter into dissonance with the general direction. Preference is given to authentic lamps: chandeliers-candelabra, candle-lamps for simple sconces;
  • Comfort above all: designers are advised to allocate the necessary area (most often working, dining) an additional source of light.

Living room with panoramic windows

The final result will depend directly on the decoration of the windows. Light, natural materials are more preferable: flax, cotton. The color is calm, the prints are as simple as possible (bright cage) or with recognizable Alpine motifs. An alternative to curtains are wooden shutters from the inside.

Blue-red interior

Flame-hearted chalet

No interior of the chalet is conceivable without a hearth, a stove or a fireplace, conveying all the warmth and comfort of a village house. Designers offer, with sufficient space, unusual designs, where the key element is located in the center of the lower floor. For registration it is better to use materials that can convey the alpine aura. Sometimes used chasing on wood and artificial aging - cracks, patina; facing with ceramics. Techniques are widely used for decorating and other surfaces.

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Fireplace in the hall

A soft fireplace group is created around the hearth: it acts as the center of the living room and at the same time the heart of the house - here they gather with the whole family, close, for communication, it is as large as the area allows. Nearby you can put a rough wooden table, performing the functions of a magazine, but the appearance linking the ancient past and some bourgeoisness of modern execution.

Natural materials in decoration

A few more modern versions that do not violate traditionalism:

  • A glass surface separating the real flame;
  • Tables with built-in bio-fireplace;
  • An electric fireplace with a plasma TV placed above it;
  • Kitchen dome hood, simulating parts of the real hearth.

Large fireplace    Living room with large windows    Fireplace decorated with wild stone    High ceilings    White interior

Brutal furniture

Furniture in the interior of the chalet is always massive, gruff and angular. The unpretentious simplicity and uncomplicatedness are reinforced by artificial aging - rubbing, the effect of burning out in the sun.

Furniture for chalet style

Excludes plastic, transforming furniture, in fact there is no forging. Preferences are given:

  • Natural wood;
  • Leather upholstered furniture;
  • Wicker furniture items.

Interior of the living room in the chalet style

Mainly one-color upholstery of upholstered furniture: bleached flax, beige nubuck. Sometimes it is appropriate to upholstery in stripes or with a pattern, but in any case, decorative cushions or fur covers will be superfluous. In the bedroom of the chalet there are fewer notes of brutality - a canopy with a canopy over a wide bed is allowed.

Dining room

Cabinets, consoles, pedestals are more often carried out to order, since they are entrusted with an important mission - to hide household appliances, without which the existence of a modern resident of an alpine hut is unthinkable.

Sideboard for the kitchen    Bathroom interior in chalet style    Bedroom    Large bedroom    Style chalet в кухонном интерьере

Decor: Alpine accents

A distinctive feature of the chalet from many other styles - the decor elements made by own hands are always welcome. It does not matter which hobby - clay modeling or embroidery, your creativity always has a place and application. This interior style affects a lot of folk crafts.

Decor in the interior in the style of the chalet

Components of the Alpine style:

  • A variety of textile design: soft, cozy blankets, bedspreads. The characteristic motifs with images of mountain landscapes, forests predominate;
  • The floor covering is supplemented with carpets, including rustic color - motley, wicker;
  • Large paintings, tapestries with themes of nature, animals are framed by simple wooden frames;
  • Large puffs with knitted, crocheted, fur covers;
  • Clay, wooden utensils;
  • Compositions of dried flowers.

Ancient interior in the style of a chalet

Popular design in the style of the hunting lodge will be reflected in the windows with weapons. The heads of trophies on the walls duplicate the skin-carpet on the floor.

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Bathroom in the attic    Bedroom in the attic floor    Blue Furniture    Hunting bedroom    Violet bed linen

Features of specific solutions

The living room is the center of the whole house or apartment in the style of a chalet. Here its characteristic features should be fully manifested. To avoid visual tightness will help the addition of surfaces of glass, metal, polished stone, some glossiness of furnishings, for example, lacquer coating of the ancient chest.

Fireplace in the house    Large living room    Light Furniture    Hunting Lodge    White stove

But the kitchen can be more comfortable due to the completely wooden space. Some recommendations of designers:

  • Stone, brickwork, where necessary (working area), aesthetically combined with wooden logs, spills, lining;
  • Chromium and metal replacement for brass: dishes, accessories, mixers;
  • The solidity of clay, ceramic dishes is softened by touching linen napkins, tablecloths;
  • Made of metal appliances (refrigerator, microwave oven) will fit organically into the space.

Kitchen design in chalet style    Design of dining room in chalet style    Black kitchen in chalet style    Wooden Kitchen    Light dining room

The bedroom in the characteristic style is very cozy, comfortable, and if desired, romantic. Do not just overload the space with wooden elements. Calm colors, lighter woods will give all the tenderness of natural beauty.

Bedroom color scheme    Wooden elements fill the room    Leather bed    Ceiling beams    Bedroom Cladding Finishing

Subtlety of execution in a city apartment

Design-project of a city apartment in the style of a chalet should always take into account in addition to the area, and also the height of the ceilings of rooms.

Interior colors in chalet style

How not to turn a cozy mountain house into a dwarf shanty:

  • Clear compliance with proportions, from interior decoration to decorative elements;
  • Refusal from too coarse, massive wooden beams, if the ceiling height is less than 3 meters. Alternative - a combination of planed planks with plaster;
  • Decoration of the tree takes precious centimeters - the design of only one wall, with a preference for lighter breeds;
  • Adding spaces will help receiving the facing boards only up to a third of the height of the wall;
  • Replace large wardrobes in the living room with open shelves with charismatic accents.

Aged tree

The apartment in Alpine style, as well as the country house, is simply created to spend in it quiet, quiet evenings, family dinners, to meet the desired guests. You will impress the latter with luxurious interiors in the style of a chalet with its simple spruce boards on the walls and a soft carpet on the floor.

Alpine style in the bathroom

And the luxury lies in the ability to just relax in the soul from the frenzied rhythm of everyday life, which for the 21st century is the most significant wealth. For a modern person, a chalet can become a little more than an interior style, but an entire way of life.