Old good rock and roll - stunning design of a two-room

Bright living room of a two-room apartment in Moscow

Using a competent approach, you can give the chic and functionality of any apartment. However, the owner of a small two-room space of 45 square meters could not even imagine the stunning result that designers of the design company skillfully designed and implemented.

The traditional layout, small size of rooms, low ceilings of Khrushchev's construction absolutely did not give any hope of creating a chic and, at the same time, budgetary situation in the room.

To achieve this goal, designers used a number of principles and methods. All the finishing works were carried out quite simply and quickly. The choice of raw materials and furnishings (furniture from IKEA) was made in favor of less expensive options.

In addition, the emphasis in the interior was put on the hobbies and interests of the owner. Decorative elements of manual work have given space independence and individuality.

Bright accents in the living room of a two-room apartment in Moscow

During the design work it was found out that all the interior partitions had become unusable. They needed their complete restoration. However, the architects found a more economical and competent solution. They simply got rid of them, having organized in the apartment a free spacious interior.

As a result of a successful constructive reception, the standard two-room "Khrushchev" turned into an elegant studio apartment. In it there was a place for a separate sleeping area, a spacious dressing room and even for a comfortable working corner.

In the center of the room a spacious living room was formed. It is here that the owner plans to spend a maximum of free time, meet friends and organize parties.

Having studied the wishes of the client, the designers equipped the space with the necessary attributes. Comfortable sofa, soft colorful pouffes, original shelves for books and records, electronic piano and, of course, a bar zone created an easy casual atmosphere in the interior.

Living room of a two-room apartment in Moscow

In order not to overload the space, it was necessary to use as many functional objects as possible. So, a coffee table in the form of a suitcase simultaneously plays the role of a kind of storage system.

And the air conditioning in the form of paintings and an elegant beverage rack perfectly save the free area of ​​the apartment.

Living room of a two-room apartment in Moscow

The monochrome snow-white kitchen is harmoniously inscribed in one of the corners of the studio. Against the background of a light wall, it is almost invisible. However, it has all the necessary furnishings, including built-in appliances and roomy storage systems. A small bar counter visually divides the space into a dining room, living room and work area.

Kitchen in a two-room apartment in Moscow Bedroom of a two-room apartment in Moscow One-bedroom apartment in Moscow

The redevelopment of the traditional two-room apartment helped to organize an impressive interior in the room. It compactly housed a presentable living room, a cozy bedroom and a comfortable place to work.

The layout of a two-room apartment in Moscow

Are you ready to take such a bold step in the design of your home?