Decorating bottles with your own hands - 50 ideas

Decor of glass bottles

At any person the house is considered the territory of personal space, which the owner draws up in accordance with their preferences and taste. It is in the house with the help of small details that a balance of coziness and functional convenience is achieved. A pinch of fantasy, a few spoonfuls of free time, a couple of patience pieces, half a glass with creativity and a recipe for the perfect design of your home is ready. Decoration of bottles with their own hands refers to the type of design activity, which is now commonly referred to as "hand-maid," that is, something made by themselves. Quite often we throw out used things or objects that seem to have already served their own and have no right to a second life.

In fact, it's just a container that does not in itself represent interest, but with simple materials from glass bottles you can make lamps, candlesticks, flower vases, plafonds, painted pencil holders, lampshades, feeders for feathered guests.

Chandelier from the circumcised bottlesChandelier from the circumcised bottles of wine

Candlesticks can be made of three types: conventional for long candles, which will require only decoration work on the glass; candlesticks covering a candle with a cut bottom; hinged with a cut bottom, in which the candle is attached to a special chain, stretched through the neck.

Candlesticks from bottles Bottles without a bottom for candles

The most original are vases from under bottles with cut ends: slices on several bottles are made from different angles and the original composition is made in the style of minimalism.

Vases from bottles

If the colors of the glass are beautifully chosen, then it will not even be necessary to paint. Nowadays, the use of bottles as bearing "flanks" of shelves is very popular. In wooden shelves or countertops, holes are drilled with a diameter under the neck of the bottle and are "planted" on an empty glass container that holds it perfectly. Some on the upper tiers in the open necks insert dry flowers and lovely trinkets.

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Preparations and rules for cutting glass

Before you begin to decorate the bottle, it must be cleaned of labels or possible remnants of the contents. To do this, the glass should be lowered into hot (but not boiling) water, hold in a bowl for a few minutes. After the glue under the label loosens the grip, you can wash the paper with a sponge. Now the glass has become clean and it is necessary to determine whether it is necessary to cut the container and if necessary, in what way. The simplest is the circumcision of the bottle with a special glass cutter. If this tool is not available, you can take a little time-consuming, but effective way.

Crop the bottle with a thread

To do this you will need:

  • A stiff string;
  • Alcohol-containing substance (You can use White Spirit);
  • A bowl of hot water;
  • A bowl with cold water;
  • Matches.

The bottle in place of the future cut must be wrapped in several layers of a stiff thread, well impregnated with an alcohol-containing solution. The thread needs to be ignited and while it is burning, quickly rotate the container. Then put it in hot water, hold for about four minutes, take it out sharply and dip it into cold water.

Candlestick made of wood and bottles

The temperature drop will cause the crack to appear in the place indicated by the thread. The only drawback with this method may not be a completely even cut. If you need perfect accuracy, then you need to use a glass cutter.

Pot under the flower from the bottle with autopow

Drawing a picture

The material is ready, the necessary cuts are made, you can now proceed to the most creative part of the work-decoration. If you do not know how to draw, it will not be a serious obstacle.

Painted bottles

Sketches of the drawing can always be found on the Internet and use the ready-made works of talented artists. With paints to be defined simply: the most optimum variant are considered stained-glass paints specially intended for glasses.

Bottles for flowers from colored glass

To work with stained-glass paints a degreaser is needed, which needs to be lubricated before applying paints. You can use acrylic, but the effect from it will be somewhat different: acrylic will not completely paint over the glass, no matter how many layers you do not apply.

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Painted bottle

The next item will be the choice of the style in which the painting will be made. Now the most popular are spot painting and stained glass painting. For the first, the drawing is characterized by small droplets-dots, for the second - an almost indistinguishable similarity with mosaic glass, molded from individual pieces of different colors. The combination of techniques requires some preparation and a "full hand" in drawing.

Ideas for painting bottles from wine

If it's hard for you to rush off the bat, you should practice on paper. For beginners, it is important to remember that in the first place large details of the drawing are drawn, and the little things are left at the final stage. You should stock up on cotton buds, with which you can correct minor flaws.

Vases from bottles with a wide neck

Sealing as a way of decorating

Another great variant of bottle design with their own hands can be gluing glass with various small things: from silk ribbons and rhinestones to buttons and beads. The decor of bottles using an ordinary twine is very popular.

Bottle decor with twine Decoration of bottles with a twine Bottle design with winding thread

The yarn is glued to the glass by layers and a composite pattern is created using various twists. The result is an "antique" effect with rustic motifs. Such bottles will look great in the kitchen.

Decorating bottles with your own handsDecoration of bottles with jute

Bottles with decor threads Knitted Bottle Decor

Specifically for this room, you can fill a transparent container with peas, corn kernels, carrots cut and pour all this food variety with warmed 9% vinegar. Lay out pieces of food you need layers, this will help achieve a harmonious composition. Clogging can be either an ordinary stopper, or a cork with a covered cloth (most often with a checkered pattern), and wrap the string on top.

Bottle for the kitchen with vegetables Groats as decor for filling bottles

Several such bottles and jars will become an original design decision that will decorate the kitchen shelf.

Colored sand in a bottleColored sand in a quilling bottle

Filling the bottles with groats for decoration

Decoupage technique

The essence of decoupage is to transfer the picture / picture to the surface and fix it with a special lacquer. Decoupage is a very old technique for decorating bottles and not only.

Decoupage on the bottle

She got a new life literally a decade ago, when many skilled workers began to learn it from scratch and gradually diluted with modern design techniques.

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Old map on the bottle

For work you will need:

  • Brushes;
  • Glue;
  • Base with a pattern;
  • Lacquer.
Painting on wine bottlesPainting on toilet paper on wine bottles

A clean surface is covered with a varnish and a drawing is transferred to it. After complete drying, the pattern is covered with a varnish for fixing. It is best to use brushes for such purposes. At the discretion of the needlewoman, a border can be added to the picture from silk ribbon or beads.

Pasting the bottle with a newspaperPasting bottles at home at home simple and effective reception

Emphasis on small things

Letting go of your fantasy in flight, you can create a truly magnificent piece of decor by yourself, worthy of a creative exhibition.

Lamp for a lamp from a bottle

It is thanks to the little things in your home that there will be a feeling of unique comfort.

Подставка под торшер

This applies not only to the decor of bottles: small embroidered cushions, cute knickknacks, embroidered linens, beaded trees, knitted plaids, painted ceramic objects.

Plafonds under the light bulb

You can always bring a drop of heat into your personal space, spending not much time. And even if you think that you do not have the talent for needlework, only a few hours of work will show you how much this process is fascinating.

Pasting bottles with colored glass

The decoration of bottles with their own hands can become not only an exciting creative process, but also a wonderful pastime for the whole family.