Fashionable color in 2017 - 10 best shades for the interior

In 2017 the most fashionable interiors will be made in bright and cheerful colors, natural, like nature itself. The Pantone Institute provided a fresh palette of 10 shades that will be used by designers and fashion designers in new collections by the spring of 2017.

Every year more people listen to Pantone's opinion. Remember the fashionable color marsala and pastel pinkish-blue palette, which haunted us everywhere in 2015 and 2016 respectively! Therefore, if you are planning to do repairs or buy a couple of stylish things for your home next year, then pay attention to the following tones:

The color of 2017 and the photo of the interiors in it

As you can see, the fashionable colors in 2017 are inspired by green plants (Kale - curly cabbage, Greenery - greens), clean waters (Niagara, Island Paradise - Island Paradise) and bright flowers (Pink Yarrow, Yellow Primrose). Let's take a look at how these shades look in the interior:

Dark green color Kale in the interior

The fashionable color of Kale is like a breath of fresh air. He causes a desire to walk in the woods and lead a healthy lifestyle. In the interior it is used on walls or large pieces of furniture to create a chic background for bright details.

Fashionable dark green color in the interior Fashionable color in 2017 - shade of curly cabbage What color is fashionable in 2017 - photo dark green kitchen

Delicate cream-beige Hazelnut nut shade (Hazelnut)

Hazelnut - the most fashionable neutral color in 2017. It is quite light, but it has natural tenderness and warmth that can bring comfort to any room in the house.

Fashionable colors in the interior of 2017 - shade hazelnutHazelnut in the living room - official website color of the year 2017 PantoneFashionable beige color in 2017 in the interior - hazelnut

Luxurious blue color in the interior: a shade of Lapis lazuli

The lively shade of Lapis Blue (lapis lazuli) seems to have an inner radiance, capable of giving strength and self-confidence. Choose it for interior decoration, if you want to create a bold and calm atmosphere at the same time.

Blue color of 2017 - lapis lazuli in the interior Fashionable blue in the interior of the kitchen

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The most daring color of 2017 in the interior - "Flame"

Red-orange Flame color is easy to love. He brings into the interior playfulness, warmth and a touch of chic. Like the green shade of Kale, it is better to use it in large portions - on walls, large furniture, carpets etc.

What color is fashionable in 2017 - photo of interiors Fashionable orange-red color in the interior Fashionable colors in the interior of 2017 - a selection of photos

Fashionable yellow color in 2017 - Primrose Yellow

The color of the yellow primrose simply looks fantastic in modern interior design, filling them with sunlight and enthusiasm. For a better effect, combine it with natural gray and brown tones.

Pantone official website color of the year 2017 - yellow primrose Also read: 35 photos of stylish interiors in gray colorThe popular yellow color of 2017 in the interior Yellow color of 2017 - a shade of yellow primroses on the photo

For tropical and maritime interiors: Island Paradise color

Refreshing color of the sea wave will create in the interior a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for relaxation and dreams.

Fashionable color in 2017 - a tropical shade of blue Blue interior in fashionable color 2017

In place of the Pink Quartz - a shade of Pale Dogwood

Last year, designers adored the tint of the Pink Quartz, using it in bedrooms and living rooms to emphasize their softness and warmth. Light pink color Pale Cornel looks like its alternative version, and also fits well with gray, beige and blue tones.

Pantone 2017 pale pink in the interiorFashionable colors in the interior of 2017 - a shade of pale cornelPale pink color of 2017 in the interior

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Classic green in the interior - Greenery

This apple-herbaceous color is recommended to use to add bright accents to interior design. No doubt: in 2017 the shade of Greenery will be used on many armchairs, curtains and cushions!

Light green color in the interior Green interior in the fashionable shade of 2017 by pantone Light green color in the interior of the living room - trend 2017

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For admirers of glamor: a fashionable shade of Pink Yarrow

Juicy, tropical and festive, this trendy pink color raises the mood and gives a feeling of vivacity. Excellent option for a bold design of the kitchen and living room!

Fashionable pink color in the interior - photo Pink interior of 2017

Gray-blue color in the interior - Niagara

Reminiscent of classic denim, the fashionable color of Niagara will be one of the most used in interiors of 2017. Especially in the design of bedrooms and bathrooms, where it will bring ease and pacification.

Light blue color in the interior of the bathroom What color is fashionable in 2017 - a blue tint of Niagara on the photo What color is fashionable in 2017 in the design of the room - Niagara Also read: Eternal classic - a combination of gray and beige in the interiorFashionable colors in the interior of 2017 - a blue tint of Niagara Fashionable blue colors in the interior of 2017

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