Decoration of self-heating battery +50 photo

Battery Decoration

It is difficult to find a more boring object in the house than heating batteries. It is absolutely unimportant, in what style the interior of a premise is maintained, if the form is spoiled by the absurd designs placed in each room of a dwelling. They can be covered with decor elements, but if you have the imagination, you can really come up with an interesting design of the integral attribute of the apartment. With a stable financial situation, you can buy elegant radiators from popular brands that will be sustained in any suitable interior style (retro, art deco, high-tech, modern, provence). If the soul asks for something unusual, you can create the decor of the radiator with your own hands.

A place to read over the battery Shelf from battery  Battery Decoration деревянной панелью  Shelf for books from the radiator  Dark panel for battery  Chest of battery

Decorative screen

Battery Decoration отопления подразумевает использование различных экранов. Важно не перекрывать поток теплого воздуха и применять материалы, которые не утрачивают основные качества вследствие постоянного воздействия высоких температур. Конструкции могут быть навесными и опирающимися на напольное покрытие. Эффектным дизайнерским решением является использование экрана-коробки в виде тумбы с дверцами. Она может стать своеобразным столом. Decorative screen нужен по той причине, чтобы помещение выглядело эстетично.

Most available radiators do not shine with aesthetics and have some problems due to functional features. A radiator is a product that has a complex design and is necessary to ensure high heat exchange between the battery housing and the environment. This element of the interior has two significant drawbacks. The first - the sharp corners, which you can get hurt, tear your clothes, curtains, expensive curtains. The second is an inconvenient construction, constantly clogged with dust. Because of this it is difficult to clean the radiator, and with an impressive accumulation of cobwebs it looks ugly. There are two criteria according to which they can be divided into the following: the type of construction and the material from which they are made.

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Decorative screen на радиатор Panel for battery in the nursery  Original battery design  Battery Decoration из реек  Beautiful decor radiator  Original radiator decoration

If you pay attention to the principles of division into categories, you get the following:

By design, screens are:

FlatSuch decorative elements are more often used for batteries in a niche when they are located in a section under the windowsill and framed by a wall. At once it is necessary to note, that in the windowsill necessarily there should be ventilating apertures. This is necessary for air circulation from the radiator. Otherwise, the expediency of mounting the battery will be minimal. At the moment, this type of screen is considered the most simple and affordable.
SuspendedUsed for radiators that are installed on the plane of the wall. The screen is mounted on the radiator itself and acts as a so-called body. A significant disadvantage of this design is that the radiators must also be designed for the mass of the screen. When choosing such a design, you need to pay attention to the moment that the plane of the screen must necessarily have holes. This allows warm air to circulate better.
Side-by-sideThe more developed, complex design of the screen actually frames the battery case. The cost of such a design is high, due to the complexity of performance and expensive appearance. It has several significant advantages, one of which is the independence of installation relative to the radiators, when there is no need to install special hooks.

Bright yellow battery in the room Gray Radiator  Stylish battery decor  Pink and blue batteries  Striped pink radiator  Panel for battery in the apartment

According to the material, the screens are made of plastic, metal, MDF, wood, and also glass:

  • plastic - available structures that are not environmentally friendly. In the course of operation, the material will constantly release harmful compounds. After passing a certain time interval, the design will lose its original shape. In addition to other characteristics, the screen will change color to a more faded, unattractive. White will eventually turn yellow. This is facilitated by heating the entire structure. The only positive moments concerning the purchase of this decor element are availability, resistance to moisture. Without fear, you can dry on this design of wet clothing after washing.
  • metal - the advantages of this material include ease, rigidity, strength, environmental friendliness, durability. Screens are suitable for people with an average income. They are made of special stainless steel. If desired, you can give any desired color. They can be dried with damp clothes. Of the significant drawbacks: if the protective coating is damaged, the construction will quickly rust, lose its former attractive appearance.
  • MDF - from it you can create any interesting shapes that will be an interesting addition to the interior. The material is cheap. It has glue in its composition. When heated, the toxic substance will volatilize and enter the air in the room. MDF is afraid of moisture, so it can deform with time.
  • wood - screens have a spectacular design, but they are short-lived. This concerns cheap designs. Cons: Wood can not contact wet environment.
  • glass - designs look impressive. Due to the fact that they are hardened, the probability of cutting is shortened. Among the minuses of such screens is fragility.
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Wooden battery in the room Transparent white panel for radiator  Wooden panel for the decor of the battery  Black and white radiator decoration  Wooden racks for the decor of the battery  Battery color metallic

When deciding to create a screen for the battery with our own hands, we should not forget that plastic is not the best option. It is a poor conductor of heat, has the property of changing the original shape from the effects of high temperature conditions.

Ideas for painting your own hands

Renovation of the radiator decor is carried out in accordance with the style of the interior. Effectively look designs, painted in the color of the walls. With proper design, you can divert attention from the lack of interior design. As for the coloring ideas, multi-colored sections are used, giving the radiator the type of a piano, drawing a modular pattern. The main thing is that the type of staining fits perfectly into the overall concept of the room. To paint the radiator "under the piano" you need to think it over so that the resulting picture resembles the keys of a popular musical instrument. It will take two colors of paint: black, white.

Wooden radiator Grill for the radiator in the room  Carved grating for battery  Hi-tech design for battery  Battery in child pad  Wooden panel for home battery

Decoupage - step by step master class

It will help to give the radiator a certain chic. Decoupage consists in selecting the patterns, then attaching them to the surface to be restored. The resulting image is fixed with a varnish. Today in stores you can buy special multi-layer napkins with a pattern. Step-by-step master class:

  1. The battery is cleaned with detergent compositions. Areas with peeling paint are sanded with sandpaper. The radiator is covered with paint.
  2. Switch to drawing the picture after the complete drying of the dye composition.
  3. Prepared napkins unfold, cut out the necessary fragments. Excess layers of paper are completely retracted. The image is smeared with PVA glue, superimposed on the radiator section. Gently nestles the napkin to the battery. Air bubbles are removed. After the paper layer has dried, you can finish the missing elements with your own hand.
  4. A completely dried image is covered with two coats of lacquer.

Decoupling the battery Beautiful battery decoupage  Radiator painting  Hinged panel for battery  Lattice made of wood for radiator  White panel for radiator

Decorative grille - master class

To make a screen for the niche construction of the radiator, you need to take several steps:

  1. Making a template in the form of a nice drawing from an unnecessary plywood.
  2. Walking on the pattern jigsaw.
  3. It is necessary to process it with a milling cutter. It is important to achieve ideal transitions between the details of the ornament.
  4. To close the niche with the battery you need to prepare several templates. Depending on the width of the niche, you should choose your own number of fragments.
  5. They need to be sanded, covered with special enamel. It is important to make special holes for fastening.
  6. After the enamel is completely dry, the parts are painted and painted with the necessary shade of paint.
  7. The details are fixed with fasteners.
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Green radiator Purple Battery  Light wood for the design of the battery  White sashes made of wood for a radiator  Panel of wood and glass for battery  Braiding for radiator

False fireplace - master class

This option is suitable for masking the radiator located in the center of the room. The fireplace is made as follows:

  1. We need to prepare a furniture board, a plywood with a thickness of 1 cm, bars of the right size, a wooden layout.
  2. It is necessary to create an approximate layout of the fireplace that closes the battery. It should be a special square with a window in the center. The design of the structure depends on the artist's preferences.
  3. The box is fixed on the wall. Screw shelves on the fireplace, previously made from a furniture board. The entire structure can be decorated with special polyurethane skirting boards.
  4. Places of connection with screws are passed through with putty. We sandish the excess, paint the surface of the fireplace with acrylic paint.

Falsch-fireplace from the battery

In the furnace you can install a lamp that will serve as an imitation of fire. If desired, you can install a garden grate on top of a niche. The battery should be covered with an imitation stone.

Finishing plasterboard

With gypsum cardboard you can easily hide an ugly battery. It is necessary to have minimal skills of repair and construction works. The method allows to completely close the radiator and the niche. To disguise the battery, it is necessary to make a gypsum board, fixed to metal profiles. It is fixed to the wall, all the holes from the screwdriver are carefully shpakkuyutsya, zashkyrivayutsya. The design is covered with a primer, and after - a coat of paint. It is necessary to leave windows for ventilation, thanks to which warm air will circulate in the room.

Pipe Decor

If you paint walls, batteries, pipes in one color, then visually they will merge into one plane. You can use one ornament for decoration, which will allow the latter to get lost on the background. For painting, you can use special stencils (vinyl), which can get the desired shape. There are a lot of options for finishing: everything depends on the style of decoration. If the interior is made in the oriental style, you can use the trunk of bamboo, which allows you to hide the sections of the radiator. It is necessary to cut the trunk of bamboo vertically, open it, insert the pipe there. You can wrap pipes with a beautiful rope - you get an interesting composition.

Pipe Decor радиатора Wide panel for battery  Red Battery  Lepnina na radiatore  Radiator under the fireplace  Glass panel for battery

Application in the interior

Below are the most interesting ideas:

  • Living room. You can decorate the radiator with a decorative false fireplace, a special plasterboard box. Everything depends on the imagination, the style direction of the interior.
  • Kitchen. You can close the heating element with a special screen, which is designed in a general interior concept. If desired, you can simply paint it in a contrasting color.
  • Bedroom. A decorative grid, a screen or a false fireplace will fit here. You can paint batteries with interesting patterns or use the technique of decoupage.
  • Children's. An interesting option is the design in the technique of decoupage. The child really likes to look at beautiful modular pictures.