Design of ceilings from plasterboard - 140 photos of ideas

The ceiling from gypsum cardboard can be any shape, any color, and also any design, and it theoretically well will be entered in any design style of an interior. Each supporter of the simplest interior, if desired, can be satisfied with just an even level ceiling.


If you like the creative, uniqueness, that is, a number of options for ceilings, made of gypsum board.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Two-level ceilings from plasterboard
  • Ceiling in the kitchen
  • Ceiling in a combined kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • How to make a ceiling from gypsum board yourself?
  • Photo of the ceiling design from plasterboard

Two-level ceilings from plasterboard

Change levels, smooth lines, the original unusual color design, built-in lighting - all this with gypsum board can be realized in reality. Using elevations, thoughtful lighting, such ceilings can be used in zoning space.


In addition, you can emphasize some of the interior items.

1-Design Ceilings

Suspended ceiling from plasterboard is an excellent option for a bedroom or a children's room, because it allows you to build children's figures on it.


Ceiling in the kitchen

The design of the kitchen ceiling uses mostly geometric so to speak the right figures. The circular layout is ideal to define the center of the room, and the rectangular elements of the ceilings perfectly correct the shape of it.

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As an example, if you are a very narrow kitchen, then the ceiling is advised to make a square shape, because so the walls can be significantly expanded. In the kitchen it is appropriate to use bizarre configurations.

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Ceilings of plasterboard are not only that significantly transform the kitchen interior, and from a practical point of view are good. Drywall moisture resistant material, has excellent sound insulation properties, and therefore for many years your kitchen will provide beauty.


It is recommended to use such ceilings in the kitchen at a sufficient height, because they noticeably take away space and do not reflect light at all. The soaring ceiling is a very interesting device. To achieve such an effect is easy due to the creation of a second level in the center, but without visible walls. LEDs are installed inside.


Ceiling in a combined kitchen

Between the rooms can be created boundaries of the ceiling architecture. The effect is enhanced by the illumination used, and the ceiling is made of different materials. Photo of ceilings from gypsum cardboard with illumination is an obvious example.



Most often it is above the bed is the ceiling, and therefore it is worth to avoid bright colors. It is best to do the ceiling in muted tones, light colors. In the apartment you can often find a narrow bedroom, a square.


The feature of the bedroom - the height of the ceilings, which can not be adjusted by light. To slightly "lower" the height of the ceilings, the ceiling is painted in dark colors.

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Numerous photos of the ceiling from plasterboard on the Internet will tell you how best to decorate the ceiling in your apartment.


How to make a ceiling from gypsum board yourself?

Attracts in such ceilings in the first place that you can make a ceiling from gypsum cardboard with your own hands. To begin with, accurate and sufficiently accurate marking of the surface takes into account all the features of the ceiling.


Marking is done with a chalk marker and precision instruments. Professionals use laser rangefinders for perfect accuracy, at home, enough and regular roulette.


Further, the longitudinal profiles are fastened with a perforator, fixed at a distance of 5-10 cm.

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Further the anchors are attached to the canopies on which the guides are installed. This whole structure is called a frame, and it must be accurately geometric, since it is the basis of the future ceiling.


Only after the frame has been installed and its dimensions checked, communications are carried out - wiring, pipes, corrugations and ventilation ducts are installed in this frame. After that, the plasterboard sheets are marked according to the frame.


When marking, you should leave a couple of millimeters to the walls so that the drywall "breathes". After that, the sheets are attached to the frame.

design-ceilings-from-gypsum cardboard-photo-design-ceilings-from-gypsum cardboard_07

Далее производятся все технологические отверстия вставляются светильники и потолок штукатурится. Завершающий этап – декор потолка. Numerous photos of the ceiling from plasterboard on the Internet will tell you how best to decorate the ceiling in your apartment.

leveling-gypsum plasterboard-ceiling

Photo of the ceiling design from plasterboard

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