Coffee table: 40 beautiful models in a modern interior

The coffee table is a representative of furniture for the living room, which has long been familiar to everyone. His presence brings to the atmosphere of the interior a piece of comfort, home comfort and warmth. Today, the coffee table is presented in a wide variety of models. It became fashionable to use it in other rooms, for example, in a bedroom, such a table will be replaced by a bedside table, and on a glazed balcony it will act as a stand for a laptop. In this article, we'll look at what a coffee table can be, and the photos will show you some good examples.

Coffee table by own hands

To produce this wonderful piece of furniture, a variety of materials can be used, the main of which are wood, glass, metal, plastic, particle board. If there is a desire to make a coffee table with your own hands at home, raw materials can serve, besides the listed traditional materials, drywall, pallets and even stumps, driftwood and stones for the base.

Wooden coffee table

Журнальный столик, выполненный из натурального массива, при правильном уходе, прослужит очень долго и будет способствовать поддержанию чистоты воздуха в комнате. Наряду со стеклянными, металлическими и пластиковыми конструкциями, журнальный столик из дерева является долгожителем, не теряющим своей актуальности по сегодняшний день. Wooden coffee table может быть квадратной, круглой, овальной и нестандартной формы. Круглый журнальный столик отличается, в первую очередь, своей безопасностью и, конечно, удобством для размещения гостей. Деревянная конструкция будет прекрасно смотреться в любом стилистическом направлении, особенно это касается эко-стиля и классики. Исключение составляет ультрасовременный технологический стиль хай тек, который не допускает присутствия дерева.

coffee table, photo 1wooden coffee table, photo 2coffee tables made of wood, photo 3coffee tables made of wood, photo 4

Glass coffee table

The use of glass in the manufacture of a coffee table can be partial or complete. In the first case - a coffee table with a glass top, and the body and legs are made of wood or metal. It is worth noting that these combinations look quite interesting and stylish. Especially original matt countertops with applied patterns. Option with a wooden base is good for interior design in the style of Provence, country or classic.

The second option involves a coffee table of glass, which is framed not only the table top, but also the support. This design becomes almost transparent, freeing up space at a visual level. Fully transparent or with a metal base, the coffee table from glass perfectly complements the interior in modern directions, such as minimalism, high-tech, etc.

When asked if the glass coffee table is reliable, you can safely answer - yes. In the manufacture of such furniture only tempered glass is used that withstands high shock and weight loads.

coffee table with glass, photo 5glass coffee table, photo 6coffee table with glass top, photo 7coffee tables made of glass, photo 8coffee tables made of glass, photo 9coffee tables made of glass, photo 10

Coffee table on wheels

Stationary coffee table, not provided for moving - this is a classic option, existing for decades. In small rooms, when it comes to choosing multi-function furniture, the best option will be a coffee table on wheels that can be moved freely to any place. As you can see in the photo, the presence of wheels, can not negatively affect the design of the interior, as, in most models, they are almost invisible. But the convenience of such structures is obvious: a table on wheels can be removed if necessary (for example, to free space for dancing after tea-drinking), it is convenient to move it, rearranging furniture in the room and so on.

coffee table on castors, photo 11coffee table on castors, photo 12

Coffee table transformer

Coffee table transformer, будучи маленьким и неприметным, может совершенно легко и просто преобразиться в большой обеденный стол, в рабочее место или же стать вместительным хранилищем. Скромно стоящий у дивана-кресла, маленький журнальный столик, с помощью несложных манипуляций, может довольно просто превратиться в обеденный стол, за которым поместятся до 8 человек. Разнообразие моделей с различными механизмами позволяет увеличиваться столику не только в длину, но и в ширину и высоту. От раскладных журнальных столиков стол-трансформер отличается наличием механизма, который помогает перевести его в разложенное состояние.

coffee table transformer, photo 13coffee table transformer, photo 14coffee table transformer, photo 15coffee table transformer, photo 16coffee table transformer, photo 17coffee table transformer, photo 18

Coffee table as a workplace

In a small apartment there is not always an extra corner for the organization of the workplace. It is very convenient when you can use for this purpose a coffee table-transformer. In such models, as a rule, it is possible to adjust the height of the tabletop and the angle of its inclination, which makes it possible to settle comfortably. Quite often, these structures are also endowed with different boxes, where you can store the necessary accessories for work.

coffee table transformer, photo 19coffee table transformer, photo 20coffee table transformer, photo 21

Folding coffee table

Folding coffee table — это столик в котором можно увеличить площадь столешницы. Они бывают двух типов — столик-книжка и модель с дополнительным элементом, служащим вставкой, которая может располагаться как в центре, так и по бокам. Складной журнальный столик станет хорошим помощником при встрече гостей, а в будни не займет много места в комнате.

folding coffee table, photo 22folding coffee table, photo 23

Compact coffee table - roomy storage

The table can be used advantageously for storing all sorts of small things - various small items, magazines, newspapers, stationery. On sale you can find modern models, when a coffee table, as shown in the photo, is not only a repository, but also a significant element of the interior decor. Such designs include the presence of a countertop and several boxes located on a common axis. They can be propelled by rotation. At the same time, you can open several boxes at once, you can see in the photo how this happens.

a coffee table, photo 24coffee table by own hands, photo 25coffee table photo, photo 26

Designer coffee tables: beautiful photos in the interior

One of the main functions of such furniture is aesthetic. Beautiful coffee tables can always significantly embellish the interior of the living room with a large sofa and comfortable chairs. Although the market for modern furniture can be found a huge variety of models, the soul sometimes wants something like that, original and unique. Add to the interior of the creative will help design coffee tables made for any of the existing styles. In the photos below you can see examples of design works from various materials.

coffee table, photo 27designer coffee tables, photo 28designer coffee tables, photo 29designer coffee tables, photo 30designer coffee tables, photo 31designer coffee tables, photo 32designer coffee tables, photo 33designer coffee tables, photo 34

Beautiful coffee tables

Metal coffee tables

The coffee tables of the metal are unusual, original and beautiful. Metal coffee table (see photo in our article) can be made to order, and it will be quite expensive. This is because the metal is difficult to process and this process is very laborious and long. Often, only metal supports are made of metal, and countertops made of other materials. Such a coffee table perfectly fits into the modern industrial style loft, complement the techno-style, minimalism and even the classic design.

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coffee table, photo 35coffee table by own hands, photo 36

Coffee table from chipboard

Wood chipboard can replace the coffee table from the array in some way and at the same time it is much cheaper. This construction can be built independently and as you can see in the photo, it will look beautiful and attractive.

coffee table photo, photo 37round coffee table, photo 38

Plastic coffee table: photo in the interior

Furniture made of plastic, in particular, a coffee table - is a modern option, which, moreover, is quite practical and inexpensive. On the proposed photos, we can see how appropriate these structures look in modern interiors.

coffee tables in the interior, photo 39coffee table from the array, photo 40

From all the above, we can conclude that in the comfortable arrangement of the living room (and not only), a coffee table is an irreplaceable props. His presence will make it convenient to stay in the company of guests with a cup of coffee, or independently, spending time at work or watching the press. And a wide variety of models will give an opportunity to choose the most stylish and modern option.