Ideas for giving by own hands - photos of a novelty of the

Owners of a country site put a lot of effort to improve the appearance of their dacha. After all, there is nothing better than coming for a weekend outside the city to get some fresh, not aerated air, to eat fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden.


The rest will be more beautiful only if the dacha is cozy, and equipped on its own.

Creating comfort at the dacha is a creative and fascinating process. Not always enough imagination to do something yourself, so many go to stores and buy ready-made decorative products.

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To this day, the choice of dacha sets is very large, but you will not be surprised by the finished products. It will be much more pleasant to look at the self-made jewelry that will please you all your life.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Unusual ideas for giving
  • Materials for manufacturing
  • Children's Corner
  • Flower bed and flower garden
  • Resting-place
  • Photos of the best ideas for giving your own hands

Unusual ideas for giving

Photos of these ideas can be a good inspiration for you and help you decide what and how best to do. Everything that may seem almost impossible to accomplish with one's own hand, in fact, is very simple.


All that you see in the photo is done not only simply, but also does not require expensive materials. As a rule, most of these things are made with improvised means, which certainly will be found in your household.


Materials for manufacturing

There are cases when bottles are collected at the dacha, so do not rush to throw them away, they can beautifully decorate your site and become beautiful figures. From bottles it is quite simple to make beautiful fakes in any kind, such material is quite easy to fasten and deform.


You can do everything that only fantasy is enough, but most often they are used to make flowers, palms, bunnies, gnomes, curly flower beds and so on.

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From a small stump you can make a wonderful and original feeder. You will need to make a shallow cutout and visor, so that your guests do not get wet during the rain. As you can see, work for 20 minutes, a minimum of consumables.


The feeder will not only be a good decoration in your garden, but also a place where you can admire the beautiful birds.


An interesting idea for self-catering is the independent production of your own pond. It sounds big, but it's quite easy to realize the idea. Having made a pond, you will get not only a paradise, but also a sea of ​​pleasures, where you can have a good time.


To make a pond:

  • Dig a hole. It is best to do it in the form of a beautiful shape (heart, month, etc.).
  • Seal the pit. Can be done with a dense glue.
  • Cover the surface with a decorative stone (to taste).
  • Fill with water.


You can also decorate the pond to your taste, for example, decorate it with artificial water lilies and make a highlight.


Having started the design of the dacha, new ideas will come to you, the main thing is to start. Original ideas for a dacha can be realized with the help of bottles, stoppers, tires, pallets and everything else that at first glance may seem like garbage.


Children's Corner

Having prepared a playground for yourself, you will not worry about your child, while being addicted to the garden. The game zone can be diversified with a sandbox, slide, cable car.


One of the best solutions to entertain a child in nature is to make a swing for him. In order to be calmer, the swing should be made safe.

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To build a swing you need:

  • Sturdy bar. A frame of construction will be made of it.
  • Saddle. You can buy it, but it's better to do it yourself. For these purposes, the old tire will come off.
  • Beams and rope.


Flower bed and flower garden

It is not a secret that every woman loves flowers. But the flowers, grown with their own hands, will be the most loved. Having bought a dacha, the woman immediately comes up with where to arrange a nice little front garden with your favorite flowers.


With every visit to the dacha, she tries to improve her flower corner. Trying to make the flower garden uniquely beautiful.


In order to ensure that your front garden looked unique, it is not necessary to plant rare plants, it is enough to show imagination. You can plant flowers in an old garden trolley or in a wicker basket.

Plastic pop bottle wall garden having many of these units on the background.


Be sure to have a dacha in the country, in which you can simply relax from the earthworks. Here is where you can embody all the interesting ideas for a holiday with your own hands:

1. Make a hammock. Having made a comfortable hammock in the shade, you will get a great pleasure from the rest, renew your strength for the continuation of the work.

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2. Install a bench and table. Decorate the bench can be bright pillows, and the table is a unique tablecloth.


3. Have a brazier or barbecue.


The villa, decorated with its own efforts, will be unique and unrepeatable. With each visit, you will increasingly admire the way it's great that your site does not look like neighbor's. The main thing is not to be lazy and to show imagination. Do not stop there, continue to improve the site with your own hands.


Photos of the best ideas for giving your own hands

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