Victorian style in the interior: the history of creation and

The richness and extraordinary beauty of old castles, luxurious family palaces and the elegance of expensive interiors of ancient England fascinate us? Transfer this atmosphere to your home. How? Very simply, use the Victorian style in the interior of your house.

Victorian style will appeal to those who prefer a combination of luxury and wealth with reliability, quality and coziness. And also to those who appreciates traditions, respects and with some trepidation applies to antiquarian things. In general, preference is given to this style of people older and older, wishing to emphasize their success and prosperity. Interior of this kind for young people is considered inappropriate and even slightly inappropriate.

For the first time such interiors appeared in England in the late 19th century, so Victorian style combined all the most successful and costly components of the time. Its main distinguishing feature is A combination of elements of such styles as Gothic, Classic, Exotic and Rococo.

Victorian style in the interior of the living room

History of occurrence

Victorian style originated in England towards the end of the 19th century. Then the country was ruled by Queen Victoria, it was in her honor that the style was named. The English ruler was famous for her exquisite taste and love of luxury.

In the mid-19th century, England made a huge leap in the development of the economy, as a result of which the bourgeoisie began to actively grow rich. This led to the fact that many began to afford to buy expensive things and travel to different countries, including those that were then considered exotic. Prosperous people considered it their duty to bring home and decorate their interiors with souvenirs, paintings and other art objects of various cultures.

As a result, this design of interiors led to the emergence of the Victorian style, which became a kind of mix of overseas exotic styles with the classic styles of England of that time.

Living room in Victorian style

Exclusive characteristics of the Victorian style

Despite the fact that the Victorian style is considered eclectic, that is, the combination of interiors in different styles, it has a number of specific features. With a few exceptional characteristics, you can always distinguish between the Victorian style and others:

  • deconstruction, ie. the design of each separate room of a house or apartment in different styles;
  • a combination of long-standing traditions with excellent quality;
  • exceptional symmetry;
  • a lot of massive heavy furniture and products made of natural wood of noble breeds;
  • arched windows;
  • original stucco on the ceiling;
  • a lot of antiques and various knickknacks;
  • expensive paintings, originals of famous artists;
  • the use of gilding and even precious stones in the decoration of furniture;
  • heavy doors with brass elements;
  • huge chandeliers of crystal;
  • fireplace in the guest room;
  • bookshelves occupying a huge space from floor to ceiling;
  • absence of any equipment in prominent places;
  • massive curtains in several layers.

Bedroom interior in Victorian style

The decoration in the Victorian style is also distinguished by a multitude of living houseplants, mostly large in large pots, in a color suitable for the whole gamut. In the living room there must be a so-called obligatory trio: a fireplace, an armchair and a coffee table with many magazines and books. The English have always liked to read, so the library is also an integral part of the Victorian interior. The walls are usually decorated with wallpaper with a floral print or with stripes of different colors, but if you want to observe all the traditions of style, you need to give preference to wooden panels made from natural expensive wood. Separately, it is worth mentioning about the textiles used in the design. All fabrics should be exceptionally high-quality, expensive and massive. Curtains in several layers are decorated with fringe, pompoms and drapery.

The color scheme of the interior in the Victorian style

Victorian style is distinguished by its nobility, luxury and wealth, according to this, and choose the color scheme for the premises. The point of support in choosing the color design of the room in the Victorian style is furniture, which due to its naturalness, is usually chosen in color from light to dark brown. Based on the color scheme of the furniture, the colors are chosen for the rest of the design elements - from light pink, peach, pale blue to burgundy, coffee and red shades.

Victorian style in the interior of the bedroom

Often when decorated in the Victorian style, fabrics with a lot of colorful, juicy drawings are used: stripes, floral motifs, various ethnic prints, peas. They add to the decoration of the brightness.

A separate obligatory element is the decoration of interior items with gilding and precious stones.

The use of Victorian style in the design of interiors - very controversial. His opponents consider this interior to be old-fashioned, overloaded details and gloomy, and adherents appreciate prestige, elegance, quality and high cost. And how do you treat him? Share your opinion in the comments.