Mixer for kitchen: types of mixers and 45+ photos

We use water every day in the kitchen every day, which means that we should choose with special care the kitchen plumbing. So, the mixer for the kitchen and the sink must be quality, durable and, importantly, simple in care and use. It is important to take care that the mixer together with the sink look like a single unit and fit into the overall interior of the kitchen. If you are thinking about which mixer is best for the kitchen, then this article will help you. Read, see photos and choose the right option for your kitchen.

Kitchen faucet: photo and types

Often, many find it difficult to choose a mixer for the kitchen, because their technical features and varieties are not well known. Therefore it is important to know about the main types of mixers (depending on the way water is switched on, design, height, manufacturer and other functional features).

One of the most important characteristics of a kitchen faucet is the method of switching on. So, there are the following types:

  • single-lever;
  • two-valve;
  • non-contact.

Single-lever kitchen faucets are considered the best option. With a single lever, it is easy to control both the temperature and the power of the water flow.

Two-valve mixers are a classic that fits perfectly into an expensive and solid interior.

Non-contact faucets have become a real exotic for many. It is very convenient that water starts to pour already when you bring your hands to the tap. All this thanks to a special photocell that is built into the mixer.

Kitchen Faucet, Picture 1mixer with drawer, photo 2Which mixer is best for the kitchen, photo 3faucet taps for kitchen, photo 4Kitchen faucet, Picture 5Single-lever kitchen faucet, photo 6mixer for kitchen bronze, photo 7kitchen faucets with retractable spout, photo 8Kitchen faucet black, photo 9Kitchen Faucet, Picture 10best faucets for kitchen, photo 11Kitchen faucets best producers, photo 12

It should also be aware that the kitchen faucets differ in design from the faucets in the bathroom by the shape of the spout. For the kitchen, it is necessary that the jet of water hit exactly in the middle of the sink. When choosing a mixer, it is worth paying attention to the height of the spout (it should be average). Thanks to this, the water jet will not splash, so it will be more convenient to work with it.

The turning radius of the mixer is another important technical feature. The larger the radius, the better and more convenient for you.

There are also kitchen faucets with a faucet for drinking water. These are original combined cranes, equipped not with two but with three valves. It is the third one that serves filtered drinking water. This is very convenient, because both ordinary water and drinking water are in one place and do not occupy additional space in the kitchen.

Mixer for kitchen with a flexible spout: how to make life easier for the hostess

A mixer with a flexible bend is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen for every mistress. Due to its flexibility, this design will easily reach any corner of the sink. The mixer with a flexible hose has many advantages, such as:

  • the possibility of installing a flexible spout on your mixer;
  • easy regulation of the water supply height;
  • simplicity in switching the flow of water from the jet to the shower;
  • possibility to pour water directly into several containers.

The shortcomings, perhaps, include: the relative high cost of the product, as well as the inability to install a mixer with a flexible spout in some interiors of premises.

Kitchen faucet, photo 13Single lever kitchen faucet, photo 14Single lever kitchen faucet, photo 15kitchen faucet отзывы, photo 16kitchen faucet отзывы, photo 17which mixer is better for the kitchen, photo 18kitchen faucets with retractable spout, photo 19Kitchen faucet with drinking water filter, photo 20kitchen faucet bronze, photo 21Kitchen faucet with drinking water filter, photo 22kitchen faucet with drinking water filter, photo 23kitchen faucet with drinking water filter, photo 24kitchen faucet, picture 25Kitchen faucet, photo 26Single lever kitchen faucet, photo 27kitchen faucet with retractable watering can, photo 28which mixer is better for the kitchen, photo 29Kitchen faucet with retractable watering can, photo 30

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Kitchen faucets with retractable spout: convenient and functional

A mixer with a pull-out spout is a kind of hose that can easily be pulled out of the shell. This is a kind of ordinary soul in the bathroom. You need a "shower" to even wash large fruits and vegetables with comfort. Also, it will become an indispensable assistant if you need to get water into a volumetric container. As a result, you get a functional and aesthetic in its design mixer. In the courtyard, the twenty-first century and the usual fixed cranes lose their relevance and popularity. They are replaced by kitchen faucets with a retractable watering can.

Kitchen faucet with high spout: what's important to know

As you know, the mixer directly affects many things. For example, he determines whether there will be an opportunity to pour water into voluminous tanks, and whether water will spray on everything that is around. Kitchen faucets are low and high.

In order to understand what height is right for you, you need to take into account the depth of the bowl of your shell. So, kitchen faucets with a high spout are ideal for bowls with a depth of about 200 mm. If the bowl of your shell has a depth of 170-190 mm, then you can choose a mixer with both high and low spout.

Note that the mixer needs to be selected in such a way that its spout is above the middle of the bowl. This is to avoid the fact that the water will spray on the table and the floor.

Kitchen faucet design: how to choose

There are some tricks, thanks to which you can choose the most suitable mixer.

Firstly, it's worth trying to mix both the mixer and the sink both in color and material. The end result should look aesthetically pleasing, so it's best to purchase a sink and mixer together.

Secondly, it is worth considering that the mixers have different styles. So, for example for the kitchen in a modern style is ideal for a minimalist single-lever mixer of a strict shape with chrome plating. For classical kitchens (Provence, Classic, Country etc.) is suitable gold or bronze mixer for the kitchen.

Choosing a color mixer, it is necessary to rely on other color accents in the kitchen, such as the color of the facades of household appliances, the color of the handles on the door, the decor etc. So, for example, if the kitchen has black accents, it would be wise to make a kitchen faucet black.

Kitchen faucet photo, photo 31Kitchen faucets best producers, photo 32Kitchen faucets best producers, photo 33kitchen faucet with drinking water filter, photo 34kitchen faucet отзывы, photo 35Kitchen faucet photo, photo 36Kitchen faucet, photo 37Kitchen faucet, photo 38kitchen faucet with high spout, photo 39mixer for kitchen bronze, photo 40Kitchen faucet with drinking water filter, photo 41which mixer is better for the kitchen, photo 42Kitchen faucet with high spout, photo 43faucet taps for kitchen, photo 44best faucets for kitchen, photo 45Kitchen faucet, photo 46Kitchen faucet, photo 47