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Decor of a suitcase

Everyone has old or worn out, out of fashion or bored suitcases. Parting with such a thing is not easy, because it is associated with too many expensive memories, but it is difficult to find it. Unfortunately, it's impossible to take such a suitcase in a trip, but simply to store it is expensive - it takes up too much space. Unusual decor will give old things a second life, allowing it to become a piquant completion of the interior. You can decorate a carpet bag in any style: from retro to high-tech, you should focus only on your own preferences. A massive leather suitcase will give the room a solidity, while a small vintage suitcase will add a touch of levity. Ancient or modern, cumbersome or elegant - any suitcase will give the situation a special, inherent only to him, character. An unconditional advantage of decorating an old suitcase is that you can change the boring design as much as you want.


Превратить старый чемодан в столик – практичное решение, требующее совсем небольших усилий. Достаточно купить ножки подходящей высоты и при помощи обычных шурупов прикрутить их ко дну. Классические, витые или графичные с прямыми углами — ограничений нет. Ножки могут быть выполнены даже из колесиков – получится низкий передвижной столик, что прекрасно подойдет для стиля лофт. Особое внимание стоит уделить материалу, из которого выполнен чемодан – стенки должны быть достаточно жесткими, чтобы не прогибаться под тяжестью чайной чашки. В случае необходимости можно укрепить конструкцию, приклеив к поверхности фанеру, жесткий поднос или даже зеркало. Остается добавить красок, или просто покрыть изделие лаком, и готово! Table из чемодана — это вещь, функциональность которой действительно бесконечна.

Table из чемодана

Do not leave the suitcase empty, it is convenient to store things that are not used often enough: objects for knitting, photo albums, Christmas toys, and even books.

Lamps on the bedside tables near the sofa Table в старинном стиле из чемодана   Decor of a figurine, books and a typewriter  Rose and glasses on the table  Chest of drawers in the room  A tea-table at the sofa

Bedside tables

Especially useful is the old suitcase in the bedroom. A book that is not read before bedtime, a phone or a clock is most conveniently left on the bedside table. A bright touch, emphasizing and complementing the unique style of the bedroom, will be a bedside table from the old suitcase. There are many options for such a pedestal: you can put a suitcase on the legs, as in the case of a table, you can at the same time stack a few suitcases on each other, and you can add originality, costing no legs at all, and putting the suitcase straight to the floor. The upper case can be used even as a dressing table, fixing the mirror on the inside of the lid. Excellent fit to the interior of the bedroom, as well as complement its heavy wooden chest - it can store bed linens, spare blankets and much more.

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Bedside table from a suitcase The lamp on the tumbocke in the roof  The combination of a blue wall and a red headboard  Lighthouse on the walls in the roof  Pictures above the bedside table  Brick wall in the interior

Ottoman or chair

Upholstered furniture is an indispensable attribute of a cozy home environment. It's nice to relax after a hard day, drink a cup of hot tea, you can even read a book sitting on an old suitcase! It is enough to make a chair or ottoman out of it. Of course, not every suitcase is suitable for such a design: walls must be deep, if possible, well preserved, and the material is dense, not stiff. It is not difficult to make a chair out of a suitcase, it is important only to have the necessary tools and materials:

  • Suitable suitcase;
  • Legs for the future chair;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • hammer and nails;
  • wooden boards and planks - two pieces each;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • foam rubber;
  • cloth for upholstery.

A chair from a suitcase

With the help of boards and foam rubber, the seat of the seat and the back of the future chair are made. The legs are attached to the outer wall of the lower part of the suitcase. Nails are fastened with nails (or furniture stapler) with a hammer.

Muddled  Cutting out  We abolish matter  Fasten buttons  Making the basis for the legs  We fasten the legs  We lay the seat  Finished armchair

There is even an easier way to make a chair out of a suitcase: just attach the legs and put two fluffy and dense pillows in it. This design will allow you to update the interior more often, because the covers on the cushions are easier to change than the upholstery attached to the nails.

The skin in front of the armchair Old suitcase as a chair  City map on the upholstery  Chairs with wooden legs  Portrait on the back  Variegated upholstery

Beds for pets

Not less appreciate the comfort and pets. A rare cat or dog refuses to luxuriate on a soft, cozy stove, made of an old suitcase. Such a piece of furniture does not require much time and effort to make. It will take only one part of the suitcase - the lid or main compartment, it depends on the design of the future couch - you just need to put a pillow on it. You can not limit this and supplement the resulting basket with legs. An interesting option would be a bed with a roof. To make such an option, you need to fix the lid of the suitcase in a semi-closed position, propping it with two boards. Cats, for the most part, like secluded places, often they get into the drawers of the dresser or under the bed. This version of the couch will allow the pet to feel safe and fully enjoy the rest in a cozy house.

Pet bed for pets from a suitcase Two-storey house  Cat on the pillow  Cat bed  Cat in a suitcase  A bed for a dog

Wall Shelves

Photos standing in a beautiful frame, a vase of flowers, porcelain figurines or wooden figures - all these little things give a special color to each person's room. However, things need somewhere to be arranged. An interesting solution will be wall shelves made from an old suitcase. Most likely, it will take a couple of suitcases, because the composition of several shelves looks more complete. To create shelves suit even the oldest suitcases, they need to be cut into two parts, and then attached to the wall. Previously, you can cover the future shelves with acrylic paint or simply varnish. Of course, the walls of the shelves should not sag under the weight of the things lying on them, therefore, they should be properly reinforced with plywood or pick up carpet bags from hard material. It is possible to make a closed wall shelf from an old suitcase, in the form of a locker: it should be attached to the wall vertically, the lid in this case will serve as a door. Inside such a structure, you can fix several shelves, or leave as is. The original solution would be to place such a locker in the hallway or corridor, and use it as a housekeeper or store on the shelves gloves and bags.

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Wall Shelves из чемоданов в интерьере Bar on the walls  Original decor  Shaving accessories in the locker  Shelves on a brick wall  Locker and picture on the wall


Employment by handicrafts calms and allows the embodiment of many ideas. But knitting or sewing requires a huge amount of materials - countless spools with threads, coils, tangles, needles, scissors- You can store materials in a basket or box, but this is not entirely convenient, because you have to constantly get everything and put it back. Arrange materials and facilitate the process of needlework will help organizer, made his own hands from an old suitcase. It will take a wide eraser - it needs to be sewn to the inside of the lid. Sewing is necessary, leaving a small gap between the transverse seams - so you get a fastener for scissors, pencils or spokes. In the main compartment of the suitcase, all the things needed in handicrafts are perfectly fitting, if you organize the cells. Separating walls can be made from cardboard, lined with a cloth, or from plastic and wooden panels. The organizer is useful from a suitcase and at repair, after all in it it is very convenient to store tools. But most importantly - made by own hands, zadekorirovanny by own taste, the organizer will instantly cheer up, instantly tuning in a creative way.

Organizer из чемодана Multicolored threads  Decor for decoration  Sewing Supplies  Required tools on the wall of the suitcase  A suitcase with sewing accessories

Decoupage of an old suitcase with your own hands

Technique decoupage came to us from France and for several centuries has not lost its popularity. This is undoubtedly an interesting way, which involves the restoration of old things by applying various drawings. You can use any material: newspapers, clippings from magazines, photographs and even napkins. With the help of sponges and brushes, you can transform an old suitcase beyond recognition! To carry out the restoration yourself, you do not need to finish art school, you just have to wait for inspiration. To make the result as impressive as possible, it is important to determine the style of decoupage. Of course, the determining factor will be the style of the room or even the whole house. Thinly noted details of the situation will help to highlight the character of the room most vividly.

Decoupage of a suitcase Photo on the lid  Flowers on the surface  Suitcase with spring flowers  Branch with birds on the lid  Portrait on a suitcase

Stylistic direction of decoupage

  • Shebbi-chic. The basis of this style is tenderness - in colors, lines. Pastel shades of pink and blue or blue in combination with snow-white color, pastoral motifs in drawings (flowers and angels), thin, as if blurred, lines instead of clear geometric patterns. The warmth and light of a cozy old house - that's what a chic chic.
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  • Provence. Peace and natural simplicity of the rustic style of the south of France. Decoupage in muted natural colors, an abundance of images of herbs and vineyards, cockerel, scrapes and cracks, adjacent to lace and embroidery - these are the main points that beat the style of Provence.


  • Simplesity. Products in this style look simple and open - if the edges, then torn, drawings - simple, the principle - democratic. The most economical version of decoupage, for the creation of which you can do only the old newspaper.


  • Victorian. Contrast of the old luxury - an abundance of gilding and matte wooden surfaces, stretching of verticals and arcs. Decoupage is carried out in warm, mostly terracotta, shades.


  • Ethno. Neutral colors of Japan, rough exotic minimalism of Africa and bright colors of the sun, revered in India. Cultural features and the nature of different countries are especially emphasized by the technique of decoupage.


  • Vintage. Most surely it will compare this style with a long wine - decoupage should emphasize or even increase the degree of antiquity of things. Losses, snakes on the surfaces of the cracks and natural, time-worn colors.


Master class for decoupage with napkins

PreparationSoap solution, rag, sandpaper, scissors, alcoholIt is necessary to remove dirt, cut off all excess elements, sand and degrease the surfaces.
PaddingRoller, brush, primerPreparation поверхностей к нанесению краски: с помощью валика тщательно грунтуются поверхности. Кистью можно обработать труднодоступные места.
PaintingSandpaper, brush, acrylic paintWell-dried walls need to be treated with sandpaper. Then follows a one-color painting of the suitcase to create a background for decoration.
DecorationNapkins and glue for decoupage, scissors, brush, piece of film (file), spray with waterFirst of all you need to cut out napkins with fragments with the necessary picture. Then it should be treated with adhesive. The tissue should be placed face down on the film and moistened with water. Gently place the napkin directly with the film on the right place and press it, and then remove the film.
The final stageVarnish for furnitureThe dried suitcase must be varnished, possibly in several layers.

We take the suitcase  We glue the skin  Krasim  Create scrapes  Selecting a drawing  Choose frames  We decorate the sides  Let's dry  Tint frames  We darken the places where the suitcase can get dirty

At each stage of decoration, each layer must be carefully dried before applying the next layer, this applies to the primer, paint, and varnish.

Ready suitcase


The decor of the suitcase allows you to create a unique style in your home. From the little things there is a whole picture - the design, made with all the features of the situation, can best emphasize the character of the room. Even the process of creating a new image for the old thing by oneself is beautiful in its own way: acquaintance with new styles and techniques, immersion in the world of creative imagination will allow you to relax and distract from worries.

Undoubtedly, a piece of furniture made from an old suitcase will make an indelible impression on everyone. To look at the renovated object of antiquity the guests will be exclusively delighted.