The kitchen of a small area is a grief or an incorrect

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Many housewives complain that their kitchen is small. But is this a problem, as it seems at first glance? Not really. With the proper arrangement of the room, even a space of 7 square meters can become the most cozy and comfortable.

A large room does not guarantee that it will be comfortable in it, especially if its layout is not entirely successful. If the objects and furniture are placed incorrectly, it will be inconvenient to use them in any case. But with an organic arrangement of things and the closest cuisine will seem spacious. It all depends on the layout. Therefore, before resenting the inability to turn around among cabinets and household appliances, think about whether it is impossible to change the arrangement of furniture so that the kitchen becomes more comfortable. For example, you can buy instead of an ordinary dining table transforming, or otherwise organize the place where you cook.

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All the designers agree that the space can be visually expanded if you correctly select the color design and correctly arrange the furniture. Of course, your own efforts will not equal the work of professional designers, but this does not mean that you will not succeed - the main thing is to arm yourself with patience and rely on imagination.

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