Design of a small combined bathroom - 25 photos with ideas

Do you have a small bathroom? No problem! By combining the toilet with the bathroom, you can get a very comfortable and functional space. Tips and photos of interiors in this article will help you to carefully plan the layout, choose the right plumbing, decoration materials, furniture and accessories. Read on to find out how to design the design of a combined bathroom, maximizing the allotted space, and keep the best ideas for yourselves!

Design of the combined WC: we choose the sanitary technician

Where should you start the bathroom renovation? Of course, with the organization of space. For a combined bathroom, linear placement is the best option. This is the case in which a bathtub, toilet bowl, wash basin and all pipes are located along one wall.

Design of a combined bathroom - a linear layout

If you have a very small bathroom and there is no possibility to write the plumbing linearly, then you can consider an L-shaped layout or a more radical approach. For example, instead of a bath can be installed a compact shower or corner shower cubicle, which will significantly save the interior space.

Design of a combined bathroom - photo with a shower cabin

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For a toilet in a combined bathroom it is better to choose a wall-mounted toilet bowl whose flushing device is hidden in the wall. They look much more aesthetic, compact and simplify the cleaning process.

Interior of a combined bathroom with a bath

Also in the interior of the combined bathroom is well fit hinged sink or modern washbasin with a bedside table. The advantage of the hinged sink is the possibility to build a washing machine under it or install shelves for cosmetics, towels, baskets etc. This will help to maintain a certain order in the design of a combined bathroom with a bath.

Design of a combined bathroom with a washing machine

How to decorate a combined bathroom

To ensure hygiene, walls in a small bathroom are recommended to be covered with ceramic tiles. In a combined bathroom it is desirable to choose a light rectangular tile of medium size (for example, 20 × 30). Install it vertically to visually increase the height of the walls, or horizontally, if you want to make the room appear wider.

Small combined bathroom with white-green tiles

The design of the combined bathroom will only benefit from the use of floor tiles of a darker shade than the walls. The dark color will nicely emphasize all your white plumbing, whereas on the walls, on the contrary, it will make the bathroom narrow.

Combined bathroom with bath and shower at the same time

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Proper lighting plays an important role in a small bathroom. To illuminate every corner and not to irritate the eyes with intense radiation, dot luminaires, oblong spot systems, LED backlighting or soft combined lighting are installed in a combined bathroom.

Unusual bathroom - design photo bathroom

As for the choice of furniture, for the design of a small combined bathroom the best solution will be moderation and minimalism, both in the number of items and in their decoration. A modern curbstone under the sink, a wall cabinet with a mirror and a pair of shelves above the toilet bowl fit perfectly.

Combined bathroom - we use the space above the toilet

Note that to save space, the door to the combined bathroom should open outwards. Place above it - another trump card in the sleeve of an experienced designer. Here you can arrange additional storage space.

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Do not burden the design of a small combined bathroom with a lot of accessories. Use only what you need: a heated towel rail, towel and toilet paper holders, mirrors, aroma flavors. Note that for the decor in the bathroom can be equipped with special niches, for example, over the built-in installation for the toilet and sink.

Modern interior of the combined bathroom in fashionable colors

A small combined bathroom with a bathtub - a beautiful design on the photo

At the end of this article we suggest you to evaluate the model design of a combined bathroom with a bathroom for 15 photo interiors. Thank you for attention!

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