Design of small houses through the eyes of architect mehdi

Design a small house from Studio Cabo

This may be the design of small houses

The design of small houses is just one of the many activities of Canadian architect Mehdi Ali from Perception. A few years ago, he founded a subsidiary firm called Studio Cabo, which is actively engaged in designing compact dwellings and modular commercial objects. Its specialists have created an ultracompact structure, which they themselves described as "the most flexible solution for optimizing space organization and providing basic amenities."

The presentation of this development took place during the exhibition of the National Home Show in Toronto. Then the authors demonstrated its ability to combine the functions of home office and guest rooms ...

Interior design of a small house from Studio Cabo

... but the company's website presents various options for setting up this facility for use as not only a home office, but also a gym, sauna, bar and even a workshop.

Transformable furniture in the design of a small house from Studio Cabo

It is a compact and very well thought-out design that allows you to combine and combine the most diverse components. The dimensions of the smallest block are calculated in accordance with the building codes in force in many countries. This refers to a provision that exempts property owners of houses of less than 10 m2 from property tax.

The project of a small house from Studio Cabo

The developers have envisaged the possibility of using these houses for commercial purposes - as temporary stores, cafes or cabanas for changing clothes. The release says:

"Our solutions in the field of trade and catering offer business representatives new ways to interact with customers and potential customers"

Judging by the company's portfolio, she already has some experience in this field.

Design of a small cafe by Studio Cabo

The studio website presents a larger version of the modular design that we saw on the upper photo. The creators call it a "modular microhouse". But it does not seem too interesting and realistic because of its rounded edges.

Design of a small modular home from Studio Cabo

We already had to get acquainted with projects of this type, and here's what conclusion we came to: any rounding in compact structures is a waste of space. In addition, their production costs more than in the case of rectangular structures, to which are added the expenditure on a universal material, which is equally suitable for roof and wall cladding. Hardly in all this makes sense.

More than ten years ago, architect Matthias Kreimer designed a series of trailers with rounded shapes, explaining that this design provides good aerodynamic properties to the object. His sketches are very bright and inspiring, but the idea itself was never realized.

Modular houses from Matthias Kreymer

A small commercial from Studio Cabo.

This video captures the process of loading and transporting a block with a truck with a manipulator.

Well, you decide how tempting the proposals of this creative team.