What is a water-heated floor?

Many of us, leaving a warm bath on a cold winter evening, immediately fall on an unpleasant cold tile. Agree, it is unpleasant after the water procedures and the pleasure to feel cold. This can be compared to falling to earth from heaven. However, this situation can happen not only in the bathroom. Many tiles lie on the floor in the kitchen, and in the other rooms the laminate. In addition, even sitting in a warm room on a chair or in an armchair, you can see how to begin to feel very cold feet.

How to solve such problems. Today, many install a system of warm water floors. So, what is it?

What is a water-heated floor?

Warm water floor

The main principle of this heating system is quite simple and is based on the use of hot water as a source of heat. When installing a warm water floor does not require the installation of radiators. It is simple to install a flexible pipe on the floor surface, specially made for similar heating systems. It is through this pipe that hot water circulates. As for the source of water heating, it can be a gas boiler or central heating.

From the point of view of comfort, central heating is not the most suitable source of heat, as every year it will be necessary to wait for the moment when they start heating houses. And this happens at the moment when the average temperature is a day before a certain mark. Only in this case will the communal services begin the heating season. In addition, water warm floors are usually installed in private homes. It is not always possible to build such a heating system in an apartment of a multi-storey building. An exception to the rules are modern buildings, in the design of which the system of a warm water floor has already been provided for in advance. In such houses there are already special risers for connecting this heating system. It should be noted that installing a warm water floor without the permission of the housing and communal services in the apartment can bring many unpleasant consequences.

What is a water-heated floor?

What is the difference between an underfloor heating and other types of flooring?

Did you decide to get a water heating floor? Then be careful when calculating: at the slightest mistake made in the project, the flooring will not bring you the desired results - the floor will simply not heat, or its effect will be very weak. It should be remembered that the contours of the canvas have a sufficiently long length, so the hydraulic resistance is quite significant.

If you want to become the owner of a trouble-free construction, it is recommended to place heat pumps on all floors of the building. Let their strength be not very big. Another option is one common pump operating through an intermediate manifold. The power of this should be impressive.

What is a water-heated floor?

To choose the right house heating system, you need to focus on the below presented indicators:

  1. the right pressure;
  2. amount of heat carriers.

When determining the hydraulic pressure, use the following data:

  • diameters of all pipes and their lengths;
  • number of valves, as well as branches leaving from the pipes;
  • number of possible bends;
  • method of installing the system.

By the way, hydraulic pressure is measured not manually, but through computer electronic programs. But there is one more variant of its definition. This requires working equipment, all the indicators of which have already been calculated. Relying on these norms, adjust the pressure so that it corresponds to the characteristics of the pump. The described way is pleasant to many, as in this case it is possible to adjust all parameters under own preferences.