Refrigerator decor +70 photo ideas

Stylish design of the refrigerator

The main idea of ​​the art of decor, when it comes to the interior, is to create a holistic image of the room, corresponding to a certain direction of style through various art techniques and techniques. If it comes to the kitchen, then the decoration does not end with the finishing of walls, ceilings. Sometimes you may need an author's approach to decorating kitchen sets that are knocked out of the general image of household appliances.

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Decor ideas

A rarity with rounded sides and a strange-looking handle or a brand-new handsome hi-tech style, there is always a way to realize the decor of the refrigerator with your own hands:

  • The cheaper thing is to hide the defects of the hull or simply decorate the facade with stickers, the good is sold for their great variety;
  • Small dents can be hidden under decorative magnets, a magnetic board;
  • Love ornaments, intricate geometric abstraction - buy colored tape. The lines are guaranteed to be level, nobody will ever think that a bright, intricate pattern is created by an amateur of art;

Home Dinner Decor

  • The easiest way is to stock up on the quality paint of a suitable color and repaint it with an equal layer of one tone. This solution does not require the creator of special courage - you can repaint it instantly;
  • Create an artistic masterpiece on the door can be using airbrushing;
  • The scratched body is perfectly hidden under the self-adhesive film, here the main thing is accuracy when pasting;
  • A little more skill will require decorating with decoupage, but the result can turn out to be original.

Yellow Refrigerator Nested dolls on the refrigerator stickers  Funny design of the refrigerator Monogram in the kitchen Black stickers for the refrigerator White stickers

Decorating the refrigerator with your own hands

Having decided to transform the appearance of the refrigerating cabinet, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. First of all - decide what amount of money you have, maybe some stylistic solutions you can not afford. Choose the type of decor that you will be able to do. Do not take on too much, a spoiled refrigerator - the pleasure is not cheap.

The final result of your efforts should be consistent with the overall interior design. It is not superfluous to get acquainted with several master classes before starting to work.

Decorating the refrigerator with your own hands  Beautiful flowers on a gray fridge  Stickers для декора техники Cartoon characters on the fridge Lemon from oracle Blue film for refrigerator decoration

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The next step is to create a graphic sketch of the future masterpiece, carefully think through, write down the list of materials necessary for the work, it's time to buy everything you need. The refrigerator must be turned off, defrosted, washed, dried before beginning the decorating process. Old paint to clean, surfaces on which the color will be applied to degrease.


Work in the decoupage technique, which involves gluing in advance cut out drawings, requires some skill, so do not break the pen to do an expensive thing. The presence of experience in this matter is very desirable. When choosing a suitable pattern, make sure that the color scheme does not get out of the overall kitchen color. Special decoupage napkins can be bought in an artisan shop, the pictures here are offered for every taste. If you can not find a suitable print, you can easily create it in a graphics editor, you just have to print it.

Flowers on the fridge Decoupage на холодильнике  Decoupage своими руками  Decorate the refrigerator with stickers  Stickers для декора техники  Manual decoupage on the refrigerator

When printing an image from a file, use only the laser printing technique. The ink of the inkjet printer will spread out under the influence of moisture with ugly spots.

From the decoupage napkin separated the top layer with a pattern, pasted with a liquid water-soluble glue, the usual PVA. After drying, you need to cover the image with a special varnish in several layers. With ordinary paper things are more complicated - the picture is covered with several layers of acrylic lacquer, dried. Then give a paper basis to acidify in water, carefully clean it by laying the workpiece on a wiped absorbent napkin image down. The result of manipulation is a thin film with a pattern that is glued to the decor object.

Geometric patterns on the refrigerator  Beautiful patterns in the kitchen  Red Refrigerator  Vintage refrigerator  Large burgundy fridge Brown small fridge


The process of applying labels in a detailed description does not need. If stickers are purchased small, and the interior pretentiousness does not differ, then with their application your children will cope, it will turn out funny. In addition, this is another way to have a great time together. Just do not forget to clean the decorated part of the dirt.

To avoid the appearance of bubbles under the surface of the labels, they should be applied on a flat surface, without large dents and chips.

Stickers для декора холодильника

It is better not to use this technique for decorating too old equipment. If you intend to apply a more complex label, you need to be a little more careful. It is better to apply a sticker removing the substrate gradually, smoothing out the flaws as necessary.

Stylish design of the refrigerator Refrigerator, pasted with oracle  Black and white fridge  Black refrigerator under the skin  Decor of kitchen appliances with stickers  Colorful film for kitchen design

Do not forget about the harmony with the overall interior:

LoftStrict monophonic motives will do.
ProvenceElegant floral motifs, view from the window to the lavender field.
RusticPoppies, wicker fence will be the highlight of the kitchen.
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Art painting

With minimal artistic talent, you can try your hand at artistic painting. A set of materials is minimal - paints on an acrylic basis, several brushes for drawing. On a low-fat background the contour of the future image is applied by means of a slate pencil. The complexity of it depends on the wealth of your imagination and the level of skill - from simple ornaments, funny cats, dogs and to amazing with its realistic landscape compositions, still lifes.

Art painting на технике Patterns on the fridge  Striped fridge  Creative refrigerator  Decor of kitchen appliances  Painting a refrigerator

For those who have complex types of strokes, a good solution will be to paint motives of the national style - Gzhel, Petrikov, Khokhloma. Now it will remain to paint the preliminary sketch with acrylic paints, apply a protective varnish layer on it, so the painting will not be erased before the time. This "refrigeration" picture becomes a real work of art.

Hand painting in the kitchen


In view of the complexity of the performance, this technique is difficult to recommend as an idea of ​​decorating at home. To decorate household appliances with airbrushing can only a professional in the painting workshop because professional equipment for applying ink under pressure is used for work. With a stretch can be attributed to amateur aerography drawing drawing with aerosol cans and a pre-prepared stencil. In this case, it is enough to prepare or download a ready-made stencil of the drawing you like, cut out the contour with a stationery knife.

Aerography на холодильнике Aerography на кухонной технике  Beautiful airbrushing  Space on the fridge  Painting a refrigerator  Geometry on kitchen appliances

With the help of an adhesive tape, the sheet with a stencil is attached to the surface, the paint is sprayed gently evenly. After removing the stencil with a fine brush it is necessary to correct the contours of the picture or to draw a contrasting color. With the successful combination of several stencils, colors of different colors, a simple but pretty composition is obtained.


Gluing with self-adhesive film is technically more difficult than applying a sticker. There are several tricks guaranteeing a really good result. Cut outlines are worthless. The hand can always flinch, the film will leave, an adequate supply will not allow the empty section to form. All irregularities should be removed, the surface must be perfectly smooth, so an additional primer coat is applied over the metal. There should not be the slightest grease on the surface.

Bright film for the refrigerator Film для холодильника  Snowflakes on a black fridge  Refrigerator for marble  Decoration in polka dots  Striped fridge для кухни

The film is applied in stages from the center to the edges. At the same time, by hand, with a soft spatula, air blotches are removed. Very carefully, you need to ensure that the film lies flat, without folds. When the film is pasted, the excess is removed with a stationery knife. The edges are tightly pressed. A responsible approach to the preliminary preparation of the pasted surface provides an attractive, flawless appearance, a long service life of the self-adhesive film.


Collections from a variety of magnets - the idea of ​​a decor with almost 100% probability found on any refrigerator. It does not matter what model, what size the unit is, where it is located - in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the cramped dorm room, the most universal option to hide small defects is magnets. We will not dwell on the little things that occur in every house - kruglyashah with the kinds of cities visited, souvenirs, brought from the sea. Such magnets serve as a pleasant reminder of the rest without special artistic value.

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Magnets для декора холодильника

Creative people prefer to make magnets themselves. The material for the craft is polymer clay, wood, salted dough. The needlewomen often embroider the magnets with a cross on a plastic canvas, sew from dense fabric, felt, they roll out of the wool a variety of figures. For example, the symbol of the year - Monkey, Snake, Rooster will become a wonderful decoration. A small magnetic base is adhered to the finished product.

Magnetic letters on the refrigerator  Magnets на кухне  Watch from magnets for kitchen  Decor of the refrigerator magnets  Mosaic of Magnets for Kitchens


In large families, with a bunch of daily worries, the refrigerator is used as an organizer, a method of communication. On the magnetic board you can write a kind wish to family members, remind about urgent matters, make a shopping list, today's menu. Just raise the mood of everyone with a funny little face. Magnetic boards produce a variety of shapes, sizes can be miniature, impressive - for lovers of long letters. In order to organize the family's life, notebooks with a handle on a spring, tear-off calendars, stickers with reminders are attached to the door.

Refrigerator-organizer Oranges on the fridge  Stylish Kitchen Decor  Refrigerator phone booth  Luxurious fridge design  Film для холодильника

Want to please their children - turn the facade into a school board, a special coating is offered by construction shops. All reminders can be left here, although the option of such design of household appliances is marquee. Business people will appreciate the equipment with an electronic magnet. The gadget is designed to store short videos, images. It keeps a list of today's tasks, built-in alarm clock, calendar. The hostess will need a timer cooking.

Design kitchens Decor kitchens  Funny kitchen design  Magnetics on the refrigerator door  Painting in the kitchen  Large black fridge


The above techniques are successfully used by home craftsmen who want to transform the appearance of kitchen appliances. Limited financial opportunities should not stop you in the desire to create by yourself, together with the children. A suitable option is found for any pocket. It is not necessary to buy a stylish solution from a famous designer, you can create a unique thing yourself.

The only rule, if you want your masterpiece to exist like, you can longer choose wear-resistant, high-quality materials for work. The refrigerator carries a constant load, its doors are in contact with moisture and require frequent washing. The image quickly wears off, so do not neglect the additional protection of the applied image with a layer of clear lacquer.