Fashion wall-paper: design trends and 25 photos of 2016

New wallpapers - a new kind of your room. Fashionable wallpaper for the walls of 2016 offer to add to the interior mystery, character and a portion of bright colors. Among the popular drawings today, ethnic motifs, updated classic and natural patterns, interesting geometry and imitation of unusual coatings. Next, you will learn more about the popular design and colors of wallpaper, and also be inspired by the chic photos that will help you choose fashionable wallpaper for walls in 2016-2017.

What color of wallpaper is in fashion in 2016?

Delicate pastel colors, along with the official shades of 2016 - pink quartz and serenity, bring softness, tenderness and coziness to modern interiors design. For an elegant and warm atmosphere choose wallpaper gray and beige, but the most popular shade this season is still a luxurious blue. Reminiscent of sapphires, peacock tail feathers or patterns on porcelain and Moroccan tiles, this color creates an exotic mood in any room. A few examples of such fashionable wallpaper for the walls - below in the photo!

Fashionable wallpaper for the walls of 2016 - a photo in blue Modern design wallpaper - photo in the interior of the bedroom Blue fashionable wallpaper with a picture - photo in the interior of the living room

As for the modern design of wallpaper, first of all, I want to note the return to fashion of beautiful wallpaper with landscapes and other natural motifs. To look at examples of their application in stylish rooms, you can in our article Fashion photo wallpapers in interior design.

Next we will present you 5 types of the most fashionable drawings on wallpaper in 2016.

1. The most fashionable wallpaper for the walls of 2016 - modern natural patterns

The popularity of wallpaper with a floral print does not cease with time. They are only slightly modified. Today they were much simplified and painted in modern color combinations, but they still please us with curvy lines and lush colors.

Fashionable wallpaper of 2016 - photo in popular colors Fashionable wall-paper from paper

Have you already had wallpaper with floral patterns and are you looking for something more interesting? Then pay attention to the fashionable coverings for walls with a picture of birds, butterflies and fairy animals. It's amazing!

What fashionable wallpapers in 2016 - modern patterns Fashionable wallpaper 2016 - photo with animalistic drawing What are the fashionable wallpapers in 2016 - a picture of birds in the photo

2. Bold geometric design of wallpaper

The geometric design of the wallpaper can be surprisingly easy to perceive. Try to glue them with one of the walls in the interior and combine with simple wooden furniture! Depending on the chosen pattern and the combination of colors, such wall coverings can give the room a modern style or retro atmosphere. Examples - on the following photos:

Fashionable wallpaper 2016 with a geometric pattern Fashionable wallpaper for 2016 walls with geometric patterns Also read: How to combine wallpaper with each other - photo in the interiorThe most fashionable wallpaper for the walls 2016 - photo in the style of retro Geometric wallpaper - photo design of 2016 new items for tiles

3. Fashionable wallpaper with updated old motifs

Design wallpapers from William Morris, Damascus and other historical motifs never cease to enjoy the love of admirers of classics and antiquities. In 2016, they can be fashionably combined with modern furniture and carpets, as well as vintage decorative products.

Design wallpaper in 2016 style of William MorrisModern design wallpaper with classic patternsFashionable wallpaper design 2016 in the spirit of antiquityModern wall-paper with a picture damask Fashionable wallpaper for the walls of 2016 - a photo in the classic interior

4. New in the design of wallpaper 2016 - ethnic drawings

There is something special about the design of wallpaper with ethnic patterns or a drawing for hand painting. Their unique lines seem to try to tell us a story, so you want to look at them again and again. These fashionable wallpapers are unlikely to quickly get bored!

Novelties in the design of wallpaper for walls 2016 - ethnics and hand-painted Design wallpaper 2016 with ethnic motives Also read: 33 ideas for design tiles in the bathroomEthnic wallpaper design in white and blue color Fashionable ethnic wallpaper 2016 in kitchen design

5. Imitation coatings and textured wallpaper

We live in a time of rapid development of technology and design. Therefore, we can afford a wallpaper that will give the walls a look of marble, leather, stone, wood, brick, tile or other expressive cover. Perfect choice for creating a unique interior!

Novelties in the design of wallpaper in 2016 - a photo of marbleDesign wallpaper with a texture under the skin and tileThe most fashionable wallpaper for the walls of 2016 - brick wall in the photo Fashionable wallpaper for walls with black tiles

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