Kitchen design combined with a loggia

Kitchen with a loggia is a real gift for those who dream of an interior that resembles pictures in glossy magazines. It not only gives its owner a few extra square meters, but also provides a huge selection of design solutions and finishes.

Expanding borders and defining tasks

A large, spacious kitchen is the dream of any mistress, which is easy to implement on any square adjacent to the interior of a small loggia. The design of the kitchen, combined with a loggia in a single room, helps to achieve a perfect, harmonious picture and functional arrangement of all the details and pieces of furniture.

Combine the kitchen and the loggia

The first rule that you need to put before yourself before embarking on the design: two separate rooms - kitchen and loggia - must merge into one style, color and texture, so that after the completion of the repair there was not the slightest doubt that the new design project was conceived from the very beginning.

Next, you need to do the partition separating the loggia from the kitchen. To all was official and did not have to do in vain work, it is better to coordinate the actions for its installation in the relevant structures.

After this, an architectural plan or design project of the future kitchen is created, extended at the expense of the loggia. You can do it yourself or use the services of a specialist. The main thing: as a result, a preliminary picture of the future repair should be clearly seen, and it should be liked.

Loggia, which in the future will be a logical continuation of the kitchen, it is necessary to insulate and glaze. This is the most time-consuming and costly stage of its transformation.

Balcony and kitchen: together more fun!

Features of kitchen design with a loggia

To emphasize the volume of the kitchen, enlarged at the expense of the loggia, it is desirable to use the same finishing materials, the same color and texture.

The main impression on the kitchen is created by the table, and it is also the semantic center of the whole room. Therefore, his choice should be approached with special care. The table should not be too cumbersome, but at the same time - it should be large enough for all members of the family to fit in.

Kitchen design combined with a loggia

For families with children it is better to take tables round and oval in shape, so that the kids do not get hurt on the sharp edges. Even better and more economical with the current view of space - to convert into the countertops available in the kitchen sills.

Also, in an alternative to a traditional dining table, you can buy a bar for the entire width of the window, and every morning to drink coffee, looking out the window.

To ensure that the kitchen with the loggia really looked holistically, it is very important not only to dismantle the partition between them, but also to perfectly level the thresholds separating the boundaries of these two rooms.

design of a unified kitchen and a loggia

To visually increase the area, in the design of the kitchen combined with the loggia, you can turn on the wallpapering of photo wallpapers with a large image. If it is a landscape, you can beat it by decorating the corners with artificial stone.

Very cozy and tidy in the kitchen, combined with a loggia, will look the floors from the laminate. Especially aristocratic and appropriate in any interior are the laminate floorboards, stylized as dark wood.

To a small kitchen, the space of which is artificially expanded by the loggia, not to overload with unnecessary details, it is better to use the built-in household appliances and modular furniture. In addition, modular furniture allows through time to do some rearrangements and change the interior without additional costs and repairs.

Very effectively, the interior of a small kitchen looks with glossy surfaces - walls, ceilings, furniture ... This creates an interesting game of highlights during the day and fills the room with the necessary light.

Kitchen design combined with a loggia в загородном доме

Actual color solutions

The kitchen combined with the loggia is interesting in itself. But it can be made even more attractive, using the possibilities of a color palette.

For example, the kitchen, decorated in combination of green or light green with beige, looks very fresh. In this case, you can combine glossy and matt surfaces to create the volume and dynamics of the perception of the room.

The kitchen is very fashionable and bright in white-red-black colors. Monochrome gamma, diluted with bright red accents, will be very bold, daring and energetic. She will never get tired of her master.

Dark kitchen furniture does not in the least depress the kitchen space, but, on the contrary, emphasizes and highlights the other colors used in the repair. So, in combination with beige or peach dark furniture will look strictly and classically, and with purple or turquoise - is democratic and directly.

Kitchen design combined with a loggia в городской квартире

Since the kitchen, first of all, is used for food intake, and already secondarily - for the reception of guests and spiritual conversations over a cup of tea, one must take into account the psychology of color and the influence of certain colors on a person. So, warm colors and shades - red, orange, yellow, terracotta - increase appetite, and cold colors - blue, blue, violet, green - reduce it. Therefore, those who lead an active lifestyle and follow the figure, you should pay attention to the latter.

Lovely and pleasant little things

To fill the kitchen with "life", it is important to use decor elements and accessories. For example, on a loggia you can equip a small winter garden. Flowers will add to the kitchen of a cozy cosiness and comfort.

Atmosphere of the loggia can supplement the shelves with books on cooking and thematic figurines, as well as vases with fresh flowers or topiary.

Also on the loggia you can install an artificial source of water or a small (as far as the area allows) aquarium with fish. Still - to arrange a small living area - to put a cage with hamsters, guinea pig or canaries.

Kitchen design in Scandinavian style combined with a loggia

Whatever the interior of the kitchen with the loggia, it should look holistically, full and harmonious. He should give joy and not give reasons to expose the idea of ​​"turning" two premises - into one.

In the last few years, kitchen designs combined with loggias have become very relevant. Designers around the world actively use them to create interesting and unusual options, not only for catalogs, but also for home use.

Combining the kitchen with a loggia is an excellent opportunity to realize in the design all the ideas aimed at achieving maximum comfort, coziness, free space, and at the same time remain in the interior trend.