What are the countertops made of artificial stone

Table tops made of artificial stone correspond to the appearance of the kitchen according to various parameters. This applies to the material used, its quality and color, design and style. Countertops for kitchen made of artificial stone:

. beautiful;

. practical;

. wood;

. convenient.

Such kitchen equipment will serve a person for a long time, because the material from which it is made is very solid and durable. Today, kitchen sinks from artificial stone are very popular.

The worktops occupy a considerable area of ​​the kitchen. They are both an ornament of this room, and bear a significant functional load.

Long table top

A long table top made of acrylic artificial stone with marble. White color kitchen set and walls successfully blends with the palette of the countertop and niche.


This color and texture of the table top designers called "Black Shadow".

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Advantages of artificial stone

The main advantage of artificial stone is considered to be the feasibility of collecting countertops without noticeable joints. It is possible to perform the end part using different shaped configurations.

At the base of this table top is plywood. It is stuck on an artificial stone. Its thickness is basically 12 mm. Such countertops have proven themselves from an ecological point of view. The sink made of artificial stone is resistant to moisture. On such table tops there are no stains from:

. coffee;

. jam;

. of wine.

On the countertops of artificial stone reviews are only positive, thanks to their inherent qualities. These include:

. impossibility of mold formation;

. unreality of ignition.

A sharp change in temperature does not lead to deformation of the countertops, because the melting temperature of the stone is very high.

This kitchen equipment is amenable to repair in the event of a crack from a strong impact or a chip. The top and sink made of artificial stone is easy to clean with a non-abrasive agent intended for washing dishes.

To give beauty to the appearance of the kitchen can be with the help of lighting. In some types of artificial stone there are light-passing stones with colorful colors. Thus, the table top is illuminated from the inside. For their manufacture, different types of artificial stone are used.

Table tops made of artificial stone (comparison). Video

Table top made of acrylate

The acrylic material used to make this kitchen equipment is a composite. It includes:

. acrylic resin;

. polymeric synthetic pigments;

. natural mineral fillers.

This composite has significant differences from natural stone. He has special properties, thanks to which the table tops from it easily endure difficult tests in the kitchen. This material does not have micropores, so it can not penetrate the liquid. Such countertops are not subject to spoilage, not available for bacteria. Acrylate is completely safe, does not emit any harmful substances. The stone has a high resistance to stress.

A sink made of artificial stone can be combined with a table top of any shape, color and thickness. Under the color of the tabletop can be an apron, which gently flows onto the wall. Such integrity, a sense of indivisibility is achieved only by using an artificial stone made of acrylic.

The value of the made product can be completely different. Each other elements are glued together with a special adhesive composition. The seams obtained are flawlessly treated and become invisible.

The table top appears to be carved from a single stone block.

It weighs a little, its surface is pleasant to the touch, warm. To the designer the artificial material gives a rare opportunity to embody various ideas. The fact is that he can:

. to acquire skilful configurations;

. to be painted in strict, and also extraordinary colors.

Acrylate has some disadvantages, which include fear:

. extremely high temperature;

. polishing detergents;

. cutting and stabbing objects;

. very coarse rough surfaces.

Worktopиз искусственного камня

Table top made of artificial stone with integrated or "cast" sink. The use of countertops in the design of the kitchen is used for interior decoration in the style of high-tech and minimalism.

The palette of colors of countertops from an artificial stone.

The palette of colors of countertops from an artificial stone.

Worktops from agglomerate

If desired, you can choose a countertop made of agglomerate, which is an artificial cast stone.

The agglomerate has in its composition:

. crumb of marble;

. natural ingredients;

. small granite pieces and pieces of quartzite. Their number reaches 90%.

All elements in this composite are bonded by a polyester resin of natural origin of high quality. To obtain the necessary color gamut and the desired visual effect, pigments are added to the agglomerate. Some elements are fastened together by means of seamless special technology. Due to this, penetration into the water is completely excluded.

This composite has many other advantages, such as:

. resistance to various damages, abrasion, rust;

. maximum protection against bacteria;

. high abrasion resistance.

If any damage has occurred during the installation and operation, they can be removed without a trace by manual processing. There is always the opportunity, if desired and necessary, to drill a stone and cut it. This procedure does not lead to chips and cracks.

The surface of this product from agglomerate is able to withstand temperatures ranging from +80 to -50 degrees. In various situations, an irreproachable initial appearance persists for a long time. Having stopped choice on a beautiful, stylish countertop, you can continue the wonderful overall style of the kitchen interior. There is the possibility of making sinks in the same color.

Non-real stone is a plastic material. This quality makes it possible to make bended configurations from it at high temperatures. These are often needed in kitchens, where the facades are in the form of a radius. These products are manufactured in a different color palette.

If such kitchen equipment is cheap, then the material used is more fragile and plastic. Such properties do not always allow the stone to be curved. But they are great for direct kitchen facilities. All varieties of countertops made of artificial material are distinguished by simplicity, convenience and comfort of operation in everyday life.

Installation of a table top made of artificial stone. Video

Choose countertops of artificial stone

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