10 unusual and creative ways to bring colors to your home

10 unusual and creative ways to bring colors to your home

We all need a little color in our life. Color creates the mood and tone of the house - some colors are lively and energetic, while others are much more soothing and relaxing by nature. If you want to add a riot of colors to your boring house, then we are happy to share some creative and unexpected tips on how to add a little color to your life!

Design of the entrance door

1. Paint the front door

Why not impress the guests even before they made at least one step in your house. Nothing can be as welcoming as a warm welcome. Your front door is a "portal" for your home. It should be attractive and reflect the mood of your home. Dark doors, such as black or dark brown, can indicate your sophisticated style. Red or yellow unexpected colors say that you like to surprise. Painting your front door is an easy and simple way to add color to your home.

Interior design of the living room

2. Paint the inside of the bookshelves

Maybe you rent an apartment, and maybe you try to keep neutral colors on your walls, but you want to add colors to the house, then it will suit you. After all, when you buy new furniture, you try to emphasize your personality, your style, that's why it's worth paying attention to the little things. Such a trifle can be considered and the inner color of your closet or bookshelves, which is not so noticeable, but it is also a means of self-expression and the introduction of life and color into the house.

Design of dining room

3. Paint the floor

Painting the floor is becoming quite popular and is increasingly a big surprise for new guests in the house. In addition to having a pleasant effect on guests, floor painting is also an excellent means of hiding the disadvantages of flooring, which could be caused by aging or accidental mechanical influences. This is the cheapest, hence the popularity, a means of combating the elimination of shortcomings of this kind. Adding color to the floor will breathe new life not only into the floor itself, but to your entire room.

Living room design in bright colors

4. Try painting the ceiling

Add an unexpected burst of color and riot of colors to your room, painting the ceiling. Are worried about the old saying that a dark ceiling will make your room seem smaller than it really is? Do not worry, it was long ago dispelled. If you still bother, you can easily pick up shades of blue or light gray colors, to give tenderness and style to the design of your living room or kitchen.

Design kitchens

5. Add colorful appliances to the kitchen

This trend began in Europe. Europeans are more playful, courageous and enterprising than we are. Colorful appliances have not only become fashionable, but have become common in many European cuisines. Blue or red or bright orange stoves are not only bold colors for your kitchen, but also add energy, character, style. But be careful, change the color of the existing technology - it's difficult, do better paint the cabinets or walls!

Interior of living room

6. Add colors to your kitchen cabinets and walls

The kitchen does not have to be white, dark or wooden, although we have already got used to it. However, kitchen cabinets are easy to repaint and, perhaps, bring colors and life. To be brave or more reserved, when choosing flowers - it's your thing. If you are still afraid to break the idyll in your kitchen, start with the insides of the cupboards, if you feel courage, then boldly paint and outside! Most importantly, do not forget to ventilate the room well when carrying out painting.

Wall design in the dining room

7. Repair or color the furniture

To paint vintage furniture is a great way to breathe life into something old, to save part of the story. Indeed, saving old things is a great way to revitalize a house as a whole. An old sofa or sofa that has survived its best days, having earned a couple of spots, can easily be updated with a new cover - it's much cheaper than buying a new sofa entirely. Adding color even to old chairs will help to transform the space.

The role of painting in the interior

8. Hang pictures

It is not necessary to have a large collection of expensive paintings, it is enough to have a couple of beautiful posters or photographs. Hanging on the wall picture add not only colors, but also the same size, texture and life. The picture is also an excellent element that emphasizes your style. The house really looks and feels habitable when there is a good collection of works of art on the walls. If you have just moved and you do not have your own pictures, but for example there are favorite photos, you can easily use the services of the sites involved in framing photos as well as printing them, or you can just go and buy a couple of simple pictures you like .

Example of bedroom interior design

9. Accessories are also important

You can instantly add colors and change the tone of your apartment by simply adding or changing the small accessories of your interior. Try periodically changing the cushions on your sofa in the living room - this will surprise your guests from time to time and change the mood of the room. Try to make something with your own hands, for example an interesting suspension on a chandelier of autumn leaves and grasses - it will not only add freshness, but will also emphasize your personality.

Important role of colors in the interior

10. Add colors

Perhaps the easiest and most versatile way to add color to your room is to add bright and colorful colors. Whether it's an expensive arrangement or a simple grouping of several favorite flowers, or even just a beautiful vase with fresh roses, it will all breathe into the room of color, life and freshness. It's very cool to have flowers in the room all the time and change them depending on the season.