How to make a small beach house cozy and beautiful

A small beach house

Did you happen to have a beach house? Paint it in white, give the facade an originality, focusing on the shutters of bright color. Solar-yellow, ultramarine, turquoise or dark blue very much contribute to the maintenance of coastal themes.

A small beach house of white color

Beach house exteriors: use unique, saturated colors

Traditional staircases on strings or strips take up a lot of space. While the stairs of the attic type are more steep, compact and open, they perfectly save space and give the interior of the beach house the charm of the ship's cabin.

Staircase in the interior of the beach house

Install the attic instead of the traditional

The better the view, the more spacious the room looks. Therefore, expand the windows, if you want your beach house does not seem tight and dark.

Large windows in the beach house

Panoramic windows and glazed doors will help improve the overview

There will be more people on a broad couch than on a whole row of chairs. In addition, chairs with backs clutter up space, and low compact puffs do not have this negative property. If you need to equip additional seats, install a bench in the window opening.

Large and small furniture in the beach house

More seats, fewer tables

If the attic of your house is at least partially free, increase the height of the ceiling at his expense. High ceilings contribute to the visual expansion of space. Wall the walls with a white lining, reminiscent of the ship's lining. This is an excellent option for a beach house: it supports a marine theme and creates the illusion of volume. 

White furniture in the beach house

Increase the ceiling height of the main rooms

In small houses in the account every centimeter. The presence of an attic in such situations is seen as a huge advantage. The attic room can become a guest bedroom or a nursery.

Two-level beach house

Use any opportunity to increase the area of ​​the house

A very difficult task may be to divide a single room into the necessary functional rooms: a kitchen, a living room and a dining room. A low partition can help solve the problem by acting as a delicately marked border between the two zones.

Partitions in the beach house

Mark the boundaries of the zones with a low partition

Round tables to a lesser extent prevent free movement around the room than rectangular and square, and this is a very valuable property when it comes to a compact room. Choosing a model with a glass, virtually invisible countertop, you solve the problem of congested interior!

Round dining table in a beach house

It is better if the dining table is round

Benches, chaise lounges and other objects from the category of garden furniture are necessary for arrangement of the adjacent territory, which will be especially in demand in good weather. Realizing this idea, you with minimal expenses will have a comfortable rest zone.

Benches near the beach house

Spend more time outside the home

As it turns out, just turn a small beach house into a resting place adored by all family members and friends! And what, in your opinion, should there be a cottage on the coast? Share your ideas with us!