17 ideas for decorating a bachelor apartment and practical

Modern bedroom in the penthouse

There is nothing easier than decorating your bachelor apartment, is not it, dear unmarried men? For this, you just have to try to please yourself. You can afford to have everything in your home that your heart desires. There are no rules, no limits of imagination. What I want, I turn back. If you like to play billiards and at the same time have dinner, then you can easily buy an exclusive set for the dining room and turn it into a billiard room. And no one will forbid this!

Modern bachelor's design

Flat unmarried gentleman with unusual furniture

This may be the man's design of the home, but still we want to offer you some tips to make the house more comfortable and comfortable. We promise that you will not be bored!

Recommendations for a dedicated bachelor

1. Leave everything that you really need and most of all. All the rest is in the trash. Do not spend money on household appliances, if you do not cook at home. In case you are a real chef or simply a gourmet, you still need to allocate funds for at least a shelf with pots and a cutting board.

2. If there is no one else to clean the room, try simply to keep the purity as far as possible. Hide items that have a habit of accumulating dust. Curtains, decorative elements of the interior and various trinkets only complicate our lives, forcing us to do extra cleaning.

3. Always get the simplest option. If the choice becomes between a complex design product or the simplest model of the object you need in the decoration of an apartment - refuse to use the simple. Such things, as a rule, are much more convenient to install, use and do not burden with care. This applies primarily to modern curtains for windows. The less they have ruches and flounces, which quickly get dirty, they look untidy, the easier it will be for you to cope with them. In addition, a simple curtain, contaminated with time, you can safely scroll in the washing machine or at the worst, throw out without much regret about it.

4. Choose items of furniture that have several purposes. For example, a chest of drawers, which is suitable and as a coffee table. Place frequently used things near the resting place, then you will use them at any time.

5. Buy only what suits your inclinations and lifestyle. Unfortunately, garbage containers are not always able to accommodate something unnecessary, which is often found in the bachelor's flat. Therefore, think carefully about the pros and cons when you are going to buy something. It's hard to imagine that your friends are dreaming of spending the night in a pink cozy bedroom or in a four-poster bed. We hope that you will not have it, either.

The interior of the room is free of men: a bedroom with a stunning view of the city

Luxurious decoration of a bachelor room

It can be cozy even in the apartment of a lonely gentleman

Creative approach to the design of the male lair

Game room

Club atmosphere of the living room

Luxurious living room in minimalism style

Colorful zone for gatherings in gray and tangerine tones

The pool on the roof is the dream of any!

The open space of the apartment

Ultramodern interior of the room

Large living room with stone wall

Stunning open space plan


If you have your ideas for the design of premises for men, we will gladly get acquainted with them. What are the considerations?