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Interior of a bright studio apartment

Today we have prepared for our readers an article on effective design techniques that allow you to make cozy stylish apartments from a miniature dwelling.

To create an original arrangement of a small studio apartment, a huge assortment of finishing materials was used, as well as furniture and decor.

So, in the interior harmoniously blended comfortable elegant and, at the same time, a budget sofa from IKEA. A floor lamp of the same manufacturer was a wonderful addition to the idea of ​​the author.

Designers tried to save space as much as possible, giving it a chic and functionality. Original storage systems under Florence's TV zone, cabinets, as well as the unique soft bar stool of Mira were excellent proof of the effective work of specialists.

Pink accents in a white studio apartment

To visually increase the area of ​​the studio, the designers took the typical decision to use a snow-white tone in the decoration and mirrors in the decoration of the walls.

The smooth white base was diluted a little by the lilac tint, which brought a special note of tenderness and femininity to the interior. Many pieces of furniture were made to order, so they fit perfectly into the environment.

Living room of a bright studio apartment

In twenty square meters of a small apartment free space is extremely small. Therefore, designers used a variety of tricks to increase the free area.

The most original and multifunctional object of the interior was a unique white worktop that serves not only as a work surface, but as a stand for a synthesizer. It was created by experts of the company Corian from a noble decorative stone.

Fixed this rack slightly above the level of the windowsill, and for maximum convenience, slightly changed the window structure, and the frames began to open onto the street. This reception filled the stop with an unusual charm, and also allowed to organize an additional zone for flower pots.

Workplace in a bright studio apartment

In order to visually increase the space of the dwelling, a huge number of lighting devices were used in the apartments.

Recessed halogen lamps on the snow-white background of the suspended ceiling visually expand the room volume. A floor model of floor lamps in combination with an elusive hidden illumination brings to the interior a note of romance and charm.

Mirror cabinet in a bright studio apartment

To impart an exquisite unique look to the environment, it is not necessary to use only exclusive pieces of furniture and decor, it's enough to add some original details characterizing the owner to the interior.

The owner of these apartments is a long-time fan of the Finnish epic. To reflect the design of her passion on the walls was inscribed from the "Kalevala" in the language of the original source. It turned out effectively, unordinary and very attractive.

Closet in a bright studio apartment

Registration would be incomplete without competent arrangement of the zone of preparation and reception of food. The main background of this room was also white, but more dynamic. Magnificent harmony of light and lilac shades is presently supplemented with beautiful photo wallpapers that help to lengthen the space and give the room a special rhythm.

The correct arrangement of furniture has allowed not only to organize a comfortable original kitchen area, but even to install in it an oven and a dishwasher. The set is created by Florence, bar stools from Mira, and lighting devices from Artemide Castore Sospensione.

Light studio apartment