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By the next holiday or arrival of guests, I always want to update my house. Most often, radical changes are expected by the kitchen. The facades quickly get dirty and lose a new look, the surfaces are rubbed off from frequent cleaning, the curtains are dilapidated, a lot of trash accumulates in the cupboards.


And if in the near future to make repairs in the kitchen does not allow a well-planned budget, you can plan a modern kitchen design yourself. This is a less expensive option, because it will take what is at hand, plus a few times and patience, and excellent ideas are offered by our specialists.

10 ideas for kitchen interior renovation

First we conduct a revision of the kitchen - to fill it with new content, get rid of the old rubbish. In the kitchen, for years, old utensils, unnecessary cans, boxes and bottles, forgotten mousetraps and traps for cockroaches, holey screens and broken home appliances have been stored for years.


After a thorough audit, throw away all the trash without regret, the rest should be put in order. Interesting "exhibits" should be used as a decoration. For example, beautiful plates and scattered cups from old sets should be put behind a glass door as a collection.


Changing the style in the design of the kitchen is a great way to update the boring environment. If the room did not have a pronounced stylistics, but was formed according to the averaged principle, then it is worth giving the kitchen a more vivid personality. The most suitable styles for this are:

  • Country and Provence (provincial or rural setting);
  • retro, cheby-chic or vintage (with a clear touch of antiquity);
  • classics (as a standard of taste and generally accepted aesthetics);
  • modernism and postmodernism (a model of a new vision of the beautiful twentieth century);
  • Historical styles (imitation of the exquisite beauty of past centuries);
  • Oriental styles (Arabic, Moroccan, Turkish);
  • urban style (tech, high-tech, loft);
  • English classics (Victorian and conservative style);
  • art deco (emphasis on modern artistic decorativeness);
  • a mixture of styles (fusion, eclectic, kitsch - as an extreme manifestation).


Each style has its own bright recognizable face, but this does not mean that you have to change the whole stop. Take a closer look at what is already available, it is worth changing the facades of the furniture if it was planned for a long time, and all the internal shelves will remain the same. Add the decor of the walls, typical for the chosen style, hang new curtains.

The best way to fix a dull situation is to change the color scheme of the kitchen. The ideal option - painting, at the same time you can update everything from walls to bored furniture. If the kitchen already has wallpaper for painting, then you can repaint the wall several times, but that each subsequent layer is darker than the previous one.


Do not necessarily paint the entire wall, it is better to do in the form of panels and color zones. This will visibly enliven the interior.


Decoration of walls by any means is a favorite technique of eminent designers and ordinary craftsmen. Any technique is used, and in order to master new techniques, it is necessary to thoroughly study some master class.


Then even a hand-crafted decorative panel made of broken tiles and glass on an apron near the stove

does not take much time. But the kitchen is noticeably transformed, as in the photo design of the kitchen.


Original curtains are able to transform the kitchen so much that guests will not even pay attention to other details. Curtains for the kitchen should match the chosen style. It is important to pay attention to the fabrics, length and style of curtains. Many varieties of curtains are easy to make or sew on their own, especially when there is a stock of fabrics in the house, and I wanted to attach them somewhere.


In many apartments there are remains of old wallpaper, from which you can make an interesting collage for the design of the kitchen. This way you can close the grease spots on the kitchen wallpaper or make an interesting decor in the place that is empty.


From pieces of textured wallpaper (under wood) it's easy to make frames for pictures and original installations. It is enough to fasten 4 rulers in the form of a rectangle, cover with paper with wood decor and cover with a colorless varnish. Frames from the rulers can also be made of a different kind.


In the format of the self-made framework, you can insert any pictures or even photocopies of still lifes of famous artists, for example, "Sunflowers" (Van Gogh). Such decor is appropriate not only for the kitchen in the classical style, but also for many others. Pictures also refer to a simple way of transforming the kitchen. For a budgetary option, it is enough to print an illustration from the Internet on a color printer (sheets A3 and A4) and put in a frame. To make the painting easy to clean, it is placed behind a glass or laminated.


You can transform walls in any way, starting with changing wallpaper and painting color and finishing with artistic painting of walls. This method is applicable not only for people with an art education, but also with artistic taste and ingenuity. Many painting techniques are easy to master by master class or use stencil technique. For example, applying a stencil of a maple leaf or a snowflake, around the paint is sprayed, forming silhouette outlines.


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Photo wallpapers with the effect of 3D, perhaps, is the simplest and most effective version of the design of the kitchen. The image can be chosen to your taste, but it should match the style of the room and the overall design of the decoration.


Ideas for decorating the kitchen in the apartment are designed and offered mass, and the scale of the article does not allow to accommodate the format of the whole book. But there is an opportunity to be inspired by illustrations of the finished works proposed by us. Look, choose, be inspired and use at home.


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