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The layout of a two-room apartment

Today we will talk about the case when the problems of housing arrangements have an additional burden associated with the prohibition of redevelopment. The inconvenience is connected with the fact that the apartment is bought on credit, this, in turn, does not allow to formalize it in the property.

Mila Miyanovich

Architect Mila Miyanovich will try to help find a way out of the current situation, because she is a hereditary architect. Mila was born in Belgrade. In his 24 years studying at the Moscow Architectural Institute. My favorite business is more than 4 years.

Layout of the design

The layout of a two-room apartment

The presented apartment has a small area, just over 50 square meters. It is assumed that a family with one child, a girl, will live in it. Preliminary wishes from future hosts are such that in the end the room turned out bright and modern, of course, with the preservation of comfort. It should contain a computer desk and a guest sofa. The kitchen needs to be designed in green colors.

Here's what you can do

When redesigning, you need to take into account the limited possibilities. Before determining the available options for work, it is necessary to divide the room into the following parts: the space for the baby, the kitchen, which will also perform the functions of the dining room, the living-bedroom for adults. The living room will be combined with the kitchen.

The layout of a two-room apartment

One of the solutions found was a partition made in the form of a stand for a TV set with the ability to unfold it in the desired direction.

You also need to provide a place where things will be stored. They can be placed here abound. The wardrobe and an additional area for the dressing room. Children separate the wall in human growth.

The layout of a two-room apartment The layout of a two-room apartment The layout of a two-room apartment The layout of a two-room apartment