Boho style in the interior, its features and function

Bohho is a combination of incongruous, at the same time the possibility of self-expression, chaos, excess of ingredients and warm comfort of a home that will warm in all weathers. Today, this is one of the most popular and often used directions in interior design. The modern interior in the style of the Boho is a mix of different styles: hippies, ethnics, military, folklore and gypsy traditions. It is rich, bright, extravagant, bold, filled with a bunch of different trifles and at the same time is the pinnacle of taste and creative ingenuity.

Bohemian style in the interior

When and how did the Boho style come about?

Style Boho began to apply in the design of interiors in the 19th century in the apartments of the French, but quickly moved to other countries in Europe and the world as a whole. The very term "boho" resembles the French "boheme" - bohemia. That is how people of small incomes, as well as creative personalities were called at that time: artists, writers, students and other representatives of the intelligentsia. They led a carefree, cheerful way of life, which brightly reflected on the design of their homes.

Boho style in the interior of the living room

Bohemian society for many years grew, developed and gradually from an insignificant and uninteresting layer of society transformed into a huge social class, to be a member of which is not only not ashamed, but even prestigious and honorable.

It is interesting that the origin of the deity is associated with the Roma nation. The fact is that the French gypsies who migrated from the Czech Republic (at the time it was Bohemia) were called "bohemies". If this is so, then this fact explains the presence in the style of many bright, brilliant and sometimes too variegated components.

Features of the Boho style in the interior

The main features of the Bohho style

Bohho style differs from all other styles precisely in that it can not be described. There are no rules, techniques, restrictions or requirements for the availability of certain parts, furniture or decorative accessories. However, several key points were made.

  1. If you connect different styles of design, then stick to one color scheme.
  2. If the style of the interior is one, then you need to create an absolute color chaos, you can not dwell on one color in products made from fabrics: pillows, necessarily sewn from several kinds of colored fabrics, curtains with different elements of decors, and more.
  3. Option for the master of the highest class - an absolute mix of styles and colors. It should be an interior, which in the understanding of an ordinary person will be considered a model of total chaos and bad taste.
  4. Interior in the style of the Boho is always overloaded with details. The eyes should run away at the sight of many different small and large gizmos, but their arrangement should be thought through and shaped according to your idea, character and worldview.
  5. It is very difficult to find a line where fun and interesting becomes meaningless, tasteless and even stupid. Truly, in order to create in the style of boho, one must have the talent and ability to see the unusual in ordinary things. This will not be taught anywhere, it's in the soul. Thanks to this, the vintage sofa fits perfectly with a lot of pillows made in oriental style, and a low coffee table gets on with the hanging chairs.
  6. We do not hide anything in the closet. All your favorite things, reminiscent of beautiful days or exciting events, should be in sight, in time to remind about something important or inspire. In general, the goal of Boho is to make one think creatively, fantasize, induce to unthinkable actions and actions.
  7. Using the products of hand-made. Nowhere is the author's doll, the dream catcher, the chair from the vine or the cushions embroidered with beads and beads will not be as relevant as in the interior of the Boho.
  8. A kind of creative disorder, different style and color of things, slightly crazy design does not mean at all that decoration in the style of a boho is cheap. Quite the opposite, many things can be quite expensive, this primarily applies to exclusive and rare furniture. In addition, those who choose Boho, prefer only natural materials, and this is not cheap.

Boho style in the interior of a country house

Boho style: to be or not to be?

Thinking over whether to choose a Boho style for decorating your apartment, house or a separate room, you need to remember that the Boho is not just a style of interior design, it is a state of mind and a certain lifestyle that is not always intelligible to others. Bohemian dwelling chooses a person who lives outside the framework, in his own life rhythm, often inconsistent with the generally accepted.

Boho is a shock for purity and accuracy. It is not suitable for those people who do not understand and feel colors and proportions, and also depend on a clear division of rooms according to their functional purpose.

Bohemian dwelling will be a bad choice for allergy sufferers. The presence of a large number of different objects, including tissue, leads to a large accumulation of dust.

Boho style in the interior of a small living room

Interior in the style of the boho can be anything, but not a museum, where nothing can be touched. They live here, and live actively and with pleasure.