Bohemian stylistics in scandinavian design - an impressive

Living room in Scandinavian style

Warm and cozy atmosphere in the apartment is amazing

Today we will introduce you to the marvelous decoration of the apartments, sustained in the Scandinavian style with vintage elements and details of aristocratic gloss. It is located in a multi-story unusual house, which is located in Sweden. The main feature of the dwelling is a refined and serene atmosphere, perfectly suitable for living and recreation.

The design of the modest apartments was designed in an elegant style with the predominance of a neutral shade palette and original French elements such as the colorful Persian palace, an old oak chest, unusual Polish dishes and an artwork from an Asian author.

In the XV century, such a house belonged to an important British merchant who brings to decor their apartments from different countries amazing interior items and accessories. However, his master is a young man who appreciates the color in the decoration, comfort and warm atmosphere.

Combines all these eclectic decorations and details with a common monochrome brown palette.

Interior of the living room in Scandinavian style

The huge window of the arched form becomes the epicenter of attention in this apartment

Large window in the living room

Marble dark brown table top on the windowsill perfectly in harmony with the overall stylistics

Original decorative elements are present in the design of not only the guest cabin, but also the corridor. In this small room were collected a variety of things from France, India and Sweden. All of them give the apartment incredible brightness and expressiveness, and also fill the atmosphere with cordiality and warmth.

In the next photo you can see the snow-white interior of a small hallway. It was supported by a light wooden cabinet with carved facades, as well as a comfortable couch and colorful decorations. There are French chandeliers, a charming mirror and a scarlet Indian shirt.

Corridor in white color

Eclectic hall design amazes imagination with its brightness and dynamism

Wicker on the floor

Knitted door mat looks great against the snow-white wood floor

A small closet in the hallway

An elegant candlestick next to the mirror creates an amazing visual effect in the room

The cozy boudoir contrasts markedly with the white execution of the rest of the space. To finish the walls in this room, bright colorful wallpaper with a landscape pink drawing of Tual de Jouy was picked up. They were developed by talented craftsmen in the XVII century in the city of Jouy-en-Jos.

The floor and ceiling are decorated with white paint. As a result, specialists managed to balance the space and create an incredible harmony. The epicenter of attention in the bedroom is a large bed without a headboard, decorated designer bed linen and decorative pads.

Bedroom in French style

The modern interior of the boudoir can boast a bright tinted palette and an elegant suite

Interior of a bedroom in the French style

Luxurious linen and textiles fill the atmosphere with charm and grace

The guest cabin was combined with an open plan with a dining room. The decoration of this room is distinguished by a touch of provincial chic, which creates wonderful conditions for a quiet and serene rest and pleasant pastime for family members.

This is dominated by delicate monochrome shades, as well as peach tones in the upholstery of exquisite chairs with a semicircular back and figured legs.

Small dining room in the living room

The laconic dining room is accented by indoor plants and an unusual mirror

A shelf in the living room

The empty wall is decorated with a metal book shelf with wooden shelves

Children's room is sustained in a brighter and cheerful style. It is designed in accordance with the preferences and tastes of a little girl. A saturated color in the interior, a modern set, an unusual work of art and interesting accessories - everything in this boudoir excites the imagination.

Teenager's baby in colorful flowers

The picture with a flower gives the room a twist

Design kitchens in the apartments is fully in the style of Scandinavia. It represents the ideal embodiment of Swedish heat and economic life. Masters refused to install the upper lockers in order not to clutter them with a limited area, and also used a monochrome palette in the finishes of the headset, walls and floor.

The wooden table and the working surface of the furniture dilute and refresh the neutral space and give it brightness and incredible expressiveness. At the same time, for protection of the wall, the apron was lined with white ceramic tiles metro with a glossy coating. Stylish, beautiful and fashionable!

In the decor of the bathroom dominates the exquisite French bohemian chic. Classical milk tiles were supplemented by an original mirror in a frame-like golden frame, a variegated shower curtain and luxurious textiles.

Kitchen in white color

Cozy kitchen in white monochrome with stylish furnishings

Kitchen in Scandinavian style

Laconic and rational layout with functional zone separation

Interior of a narrow kitchen

Blue accents and ornaments in the marine theme dilute this quiet space

Bohemian style bathroom

Chic chic design makes an indelible impression on the guests

This dream House strikes the imagination with its stylistic execution and original layout.