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Modern design studio apartment

The expensiveness of apartments in modern urban new buildings has caused the popularity of the "studio" format. This small living space is positioned as a budget option for childless families or single people. However, the possibilities of design design are able to turn small-sized space into a cozy home. The original design project of the studio is valued as highly as the exclusive repair of an ordinary apartment. Consider the layout of studio apartments in more detail.

Attention! The concept of partitions between functional zones was absent. Doorways were equipped with only an entrance to the room and a bathroom.

Over time, this type of housing conditions ceased to be considered a budget. Design development allowed to withdraw studio apartments from a non-representative segment.

Models of cars on the wall

The idea of ​​uniting kitchen and living space into one whole for a long time did not find a response in the Russian Federation. The Soviet Union disowned the capitalist fashion trends, building uncomfortable Khrushchev. Studio architectural solution became popular only in the late 90's. At the same time, redevelopment often has to be done on its own: remove interior partitions and walls. In many respects this is due to the difference in the views of designers and architects. The official standard of such a plan is still missing in the Russian Federation.

There are options for equipping studios from one-bedroom and multi-room apartments. Therefore, price categories can differ significantly. It is also important and the location of housing. A large area in the elite sector will belong to the prestigious segment. The original zoning and popularity of loft style determine the high cost of studio design.

White interior of the apartment Red and white interior of the apartment  Built-in lamps and pendant chandeliers in the interior  A bookshelf of unusual shape on the living room wall  Brickwork in the interior of the apartment  Suspended chandeliers above the table

Advantages of planning a flat without partitions

Contrary to popular belief, the removal of partitions or walls is not only to save usable space. The integration of functional areas can be carried out in order to make the home stylish. Fashionable layout allows a person with a good imagination to demonstrate his refined taste, make a pleasant impression on the guests. The training of studios is done by talented designers. Their design projects are popular in the architectural environment, as it differs in its individuality. Many projects are made to order. The redevelopment of housing implies great opportunities for the embodiment of imagination. In the studio room, experiments are allowed to create any style.

Table with a counter in the kitchen

If you drop to the ground, and consider the household advantages of studio apartments, they will be as follows:

  1. The disadvantage of a useful quadrature is compensated by the elimination of partitions and interior walls. The open space gives the owners the opportunity to place the attributes of the furniture set as efficiently as possible;
  2. Space without limits is perfect for single people or a childless family. A bachelor can organize great parties to meet people of the opposite sex;
  3. The absence of many rooms allows you to arrange the interior of the whole apartment in one particular style. Also, architectural eclecticism is allowed: when several stylistics successfully harmonize, dividing the space into zones;
  4. Freedom of movement is supplemented by fewer steps to the desired elements. From the chair to the refrigerator can be quickly reached, without the need to open / close interior doors;
  5. The colossal advantage of the studio is ideal acoustics. This is enjoyed by music lovers, placing their favorite audio equipment. Similarly you can say about home theaters.
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To the acquisition of studio apartments are often inclined to creative individuals. The possibility of redevelopment for themselves inspires them to create a workshop in a residential space.

The layout of the studio apartment White sofa in the living room  Lamps in the steps  White table on the black carpet in the living room  Bar stools in the kitchen  Design studio apartment with dark floor and light walls

Disadvantages of the layout

Like any other design project, the studio version of the apartment arrangement has its drawbacks. Before you begin the overhaul and redevelopment of the apartment, you should carefully weigh everything. Opponents of demolition of partitions call the following reasons:

  • Not all houses suggest the possibility of redevelopment. Reinforced concrete construction of some panel buildings is strongly discouraged, since the interior walls can be carriers. Therefore, it is important to study the plan of the building before taking destructive actions in relation to it.
  • But even if the plan of the building allows demolishing internal walls, the owner of the apartment will still need permission from the local housing office. In this instance, they rarely agree to capital changes in the house, since no one wants to take responsibility for the strength of the building's construction. Especially it concerns old houses, which are in a deplorable state. Solve the issue in a new building a bit easier. Monolithic houses generally do not need permits.
  • An important issue is the economic issue. Expensive repair includes not only the dismantling of internal structures, but also a complete replacement of electrical wiring. It will require a new lighting organization. The masters will have to adapt to existing engineering communications. Therefore, the question of finance often comes first.

The layout of the studio apartment с рабочей зоной

Attention! The cost of replanning housing in the studio space often exceed the expectations of the owners. Sometimes it's easier to buy a two-room apartment than to try and save a useful area.

  • The studio is ideal for a childless couple or a single person. However, it is not intended for those guys who want to have a baby. Because the open space does not imply the presence of a children's room. A finding in one place of several people of different sex and age is fraught with the appearance of irritation. Most of us need periodic seclusion. And in a room with a studio layout, it's hardly possible.
  • Redevelopment implies a serious attitude to the issue of air ventilation. The lack of a balcony forces you to give up cigarettes, and combining kitchen with a room - think about a powerful hood. Convection of air plays a big role for the bathroom, as all the flavors will flow directly into the room. Also, a new heating scheme will be required, since drafts are frequent visitors in the open space. Optimal option is a warm floor with a good thermal insulation of the window opening.
  • We will also have to give up large representatives of the animal world. A domestic pet simply has nowhere to hide in case of arrival of guests. Not to mention that he a priori needs his own angle.

Wallpaper with a texture for a brick in the interior of the studio apartment Lamps of unusual shape on the ceiling  White furniture and a table of wood in the studio apartment  Bedroom behind the partition  Mirror on the dresser in the living room  A picture above the fireplace

Rectangular studio apartment

New buildings often sin that for arrangement of an apartment-studio they offer an inconvenient rectangular shape. Narrow and tight space is distinguished by its long length. Therefore, competent interior design is extremely necessary to provide residents with comfort. The key issue is the insolation of the room, enough light. Experienced designers know how to cope with this. They use the features of a rectangular studio apartment as follows:

  • Functional areas are placed as close to the walls as possible;
  • The living room is located near the window;
  • A kitchen set occupies one wall;
  • The bathroom is maximally divorced from the sleeping area. It is arranged near the front door;
  • For visual expansion of space, reflective surfaces are used. This can be as a kitchen set, as well as various partitions made of impact-resistant glass. In the hall area, mirrors opposite to each other are welcomed.

Design of a rectangular studio apartment

Since the window opening in such rooms is only one, the illumination of most functional areas leaves much to be desired. Therefore, the organization of good lighting should be complemented by the correct selection of finishing materials. The classical option is the use of white in all its shades. The predominance of light tones also creates the illusion of greater space. Strengthen this effect by using a combined system of fixtures. The intensity of their light should increase with distance from the window with daylight.

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Roman curtains in the living room

As for the style of elongated space, there are no strict limitations. Is it worth to abandon the pompous classics in the Rococo style, as it involves a lot of pretentious elements of the interior. Preference should be given to minimalist styles: high-tech, Provence, Scandinavian country. The furniture set should be characterized by mobility and functionality in order to occupy as little space as possible. It is necessary to give up everything that clutters the area of ​​housing. Heavy curtains are also inappropriate in a narrow rectangular space. The amount of decor should be kept to a minimum.

Stone and wooden beams in the interior of the living room

Council. Before ordering a design project in an architectural bureau, you should look at the existing options on the Internet. This will allow you to determine in advance your own vision of the future interior.

Sofa bed in living room Ceiling with red light  Mirror cabinet in the bedroom  Clock in the form of a mechanism on the living room wall  Carpet in the form of a skin next to the sofa  Photo walls in the interior of studio apartments

Studio design with one window

One window opening in the studio housing imposes a certain responsibility on the designer. His project should so have all the decor items, so that the interior does not seem dark and cluttered. Since even the absence of interior partitions does not save us from a sense of tightness with a lack of light. The functional furniture set should be placed as compactly as possible.

Design-project apartments with a single window opening often contains an indication of the abundant use of mirrors. Reflective surfaces cover different planes. Welcome glossy texture of the furniture set, various elements of kitchen ware. The mirror itself is opposite the light source. This greatly brightens the space.

Modern design studio apartment with one window

Zoning of studio apartments with one window is carried out according to the principle of importance. The most significant zones are located closer to the light source. Usually it is a living room or a study. To save usable space and financial resources, a wide window sill is used instead of a desk. The guest area is separated from the kitchen space by a bar counter or an oblong table. The kitchen island is used only with a sufficient number of square meters.

Attention! A compact apartment means a combination of a guest and a sleeping area.

Kitchen-studio with a bar rack

Since there is no place for the hallway in the studio apartment, its functions are performed by a universal closet. In his device, clothes and shoes are hidden. This giant is located right at the entrance.

A variety of design projects suggests the possibility of arranging a sleeping area, if the window opening is not in the center of the wall. In this case, the bed is placed in the corner, which is more darkened. It is separated from the rest of the space by lightweight textiles of an opaque type. As a rest area, you can also operate a sturdy window sill.

Built-in microwave in the kitchen TV on the partition opposite the couch  Brick wall in the interior of the studio apartment  Glass table by the couch  Painting on chests  Chandeliers and lamps with the same design in the interior

Design studio with two windows

Two windows allow the designer to clear up. With their help zoning is carried out:

  • Near the first window there is a kitchen area;
  • Near the second - guest;
  • The sleeping area goes after the dining room.

Laminate flooring under the tree on the living room floor

Such a functional version of the interior is possible with two windows on a wide wall. To distinguish the guest area and work site, they are separated by small glass partitions. These partitions are used as racks for storing decorative accessories or books.

Design studio apartment with two windows

However, partitions are not the only option for decor. Some designers do without them at all. They use two sources of daylight for a competent arrangement of the furniture set. On the contrary, a kitchen set is grouped in one window, and furniture items for a sleeping area opposite the other. The hall area remains at the entrance.

You can often find the location of the TV between the windows, and the sleeping area opposite. This allows you to create a home theater with a starry sky. Functional areas are located at the sides, near the walls.

Lamp in the form of a spotlight in the living room Tile and laminate floor studio apartments  Decorative fireplace in the interior  Black and gray studio apartment interior  Yellow furniture in a gray interior  Chic chandelier in the living room


Beginning zoning of the studio apartment follows from the premises of the bathroom. Open plan implies that engineering communications have already been carried out in the bathroom and toilet. Therefore, they are fenced off from the rest of the room. After that, they begin to arrange the interior of the studio.

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Since open planning implies the location of zones at their own discretion, common sense must be guided. For example, do not place a sleeping area near the bathroom. The same can be said about the work site. It is better to provide a kitchen area in this place. And take a sleeper away from the toilet and the entrance. It is also recommended to close it with a headset or a dense partition to create the illusion of another room.

Zoning квартиры-студии

The dining area is decorated with the latter. The original layout can squeeze it into any place. However, a suitable site is considered near the wall, which is opposite the windows.

In addition to standard partitions, you can use more interesting methods of zoning. These include glass aquariums, differences in the height of the floor covering or the ceiling surface, local lamps, decor elements. With the proper level of imagination, it is possible to provide even a playground for the child.

Living room and dining room with partition Mirror cabinet in the bedroom  The combination of light green and wood in the interior  Orange furniture in the interior  Red furniture in the kitchen  Studio apartment in Art Nouveau style

Design studio from 14 to 25 square meters. m.

A very small area contained a living room, a mini-dressing room and a kitchen. The entrance area is separated from the rest of the room by a curtain and wardrobe. The living room corner also covers the refrigerator. The dining table in the room performs several functions at once: it can be folded and turned into a couch for guests. Armchairs on both sides are hollow inside for the possibility of storing things. The bed-sofa is also equipped with a sliding shelf. All parts are made of natural wood. They blend perfectly with the achromatic finish of the studio. Designer impregnations of turquoise and lemon color liven up the decor. And the mirror surface of the cabinet visually expands the tiny space of the apartment.

  Plan apartment-studio from 14 to 25 square meters. m. TV on the wall in the dining area  Dining area with a brick wall  Spotlights in the hallway

Marble countertop in the kitchen  Photo wallpapers in the interior  Picture on the wall

Design studio from 25 to 30 square meters. m.

Rectangular layout with one window is fraught with certain difficulties. However, the designer found a suitable solution. A key element of the design project was a semi-transparent partition between the guest and sleeping area. Insolation softened the achromatic decor of the interior. In the living room area there was a place for a sofa, a dressing table and a TV-panel. In the same sleeping area there is a large bed and an ottoman. The kitchen area was separated by a compact bar counter. The bathroom is right next to the entrance, and the closet is located along the wall of the hallway and kitchen. Pastel colors mask the built-in appliances.

Plan apartment-studio from 25 to 30 square meters. m. Partition in the interior of the apartment  Black and white furniture in the kitchen  Laminate flooring studio apartment

Bedroom behind the partition  Ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Design studio from 30 to 35 square meters. m.

Since the window opening of this apartment did not differ in size, the designers neatly disguised his blinds. And the illumination was increased by means of local illumination under the ceiling. Glossy and mirror surfaces were also used to expand the visible space. With regard to the layout, then here were found just a few successful solutions: the protrusion of the wall became the working area, and the furniture set - a multifunctional partition.

  Table-peninsula in the kitchen Design of studio apartments from 30 to 35 square meters. m. Shelves on the wall above the table  Table with an armchair behind a partition

Shelves in the partition near the bed  Design studio apartments from 30 to 35 square meters. m.  Blinds on the window in the living room

Design studio from 35 to 42 square meters. m.

Zoning этой квартиры-студии было проведено с помощью цветового решения. Контрастный черный цвет в интерьере гармонично сочетается со светлыми оттенками деревянной и керамогранитной отделки. Напольное покрытие необычно дублируется на стене, а вместо кресла используется мягкий пуфик. Чтобы отделить приватную зону, был использован колоритный черный занавес. Грамотная организация освещения в виде стильных светильников выгодно подчеркивает цветовую гамму декора. Компактное кухонное помещение от гостевой зоны отделила традиционная барная стойка. Шкафы располагаются лишь с одной стороны.

  The plan of the studio apartment is from 35 to 42 square meters. m. Lamps near the bed  Floor with illumination  Wooden countertop in the kitchen  Laminate in the interior of studio apartments

Wall for concrete in the kitchen  Round table in front of the sofa  TV on the wall  Bed on the podium


The acquisition of a studio apartment is suitable for a creative person who is not burdened by family life. Open planning contributes to the creation of an original interior, allowing you to equip a representative apartment in a confined space. The lack of internal walls also allows you to save useful meters of living space. Ordering an individual design project from professionals can turn a compact room into a real masterpiece of architectural planning and design art.