Chic interior of the apartment in white color

Interior of the apartment in white with large windows

Interesting interior of the apartment in white color

Recently, the designers presented the interior of a chic apartment in white, located in a red brick building, built in 1933 and renovated in 1996 and 2016.

At first glance, the rooms seem a bit "sterile", but after considering the room better, you can appreciate the bright lighting, the sunlit rooms, the amazing architecture of the building itself, the open space, the interesting interior and its amazing elements.

Apartment in white color

Living room in white

This small apartment is located on the top floor of the building, and the balcony offers a beautiful view of the surrounding houses and the ancient street of the city. Open plan, bright white walls and floor, large windows create a radiant effect, and simple furniture perfectly complements the style of rooms.

Small balcony with city view


Contrast creates black shelves and countertops in the kitchen. A deep impression is made of snow-white shelves in the living room, and a coffee table made of cork and a creamy wicker sofa create a texture.

Kitchen in black and white

Kitchen interier

Black chairs in the white dining room

Dinner Zone

Open shelves in the interior of a white apartment

White shelves in the living room

Wooden doors-sliders separate the living room and the nursery. In the office, attention is attracted by a magnificent leather armchair.

Sliding doors in the apartment

White door-sliders

Bedroom в монохроме


Stylish children's area

Children's room

Gaming зона в детской


Leather chair in the corner of the cabinet

Work zone

Leather armchair in the corner

Leather chair in the office

In the bedroom, the gray tones and wooden elements perfectly harmonize with each other. The walls are painted in a pleasant gray color, and from the room you can get to the white chic balcony.

Gray walls in the bedroom

Bedroom interior

The hidden washing machine

Bathroom in white color

Bathroom in black and white

Bathroom Interior

The layout of a small apartment

The layout of a small apartment