Succulents: beautiful natural accents for the interior

Plants bring to the space of natural beauty and vitality. With their "juicy" leaves and stems, succulents form an extensive and diverse group of plants that do not require special care and look great both singly and as companions. In this article, you will not only get to know them better, but also learn how they can serve as a beautiful and unpretentious decor for your home.

Succulents in the garden courtyard

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What is succulents?

Succulents are often characterized as plants with fleshy, juicy or thickened leaves, stems and even roots, in which water is easily retained. Many succulents come from arid regions, such as steppes, deserts and semi-deserts (the most famous plants of the desert are cacti - also refer to succulents). Other species are born offshore and dry lakes with a high content of dissolved minerals, which are deadly for many other plant species.

But the ability of succulents to survive in difficult conditions is not the only reason they are chosen to decorate a house. For residents of Ukraine and other countries with a similar climate, their exotic, bright and unusual appearance has a special appeal. Some of the succulents listed below are familiar to you, since they are found in almost every second house:

  • money tree (oyster plank);
  • pike tail or tawny tongue (sansevieria);
  • aloe vera;
  • Christmas cactus;
  • eheveriya etc.

Succulent plants on the windowsill

Succulents in your home

Light in care and beautiful in appearance, succulents nevertheless can have a significant impact on interior design. Using succulents of different heights and leaf shapes, you can give the room a visual interest and unusual structure. And thanks to the ability to survive in the most difficult conditions, these plants often decorate not only the windowsills, but also the uncomfortable corners of the rooms and even the ceiling beams. In the following photos you will see different ways of decorating the interior with succulents and hopefully find useful ideas for your home!

Beautiful pots with their own hands Bathroom with plants on the table top Rectangular pots with plants in the interior Composition of succulents in a rectangular box A plant for a bathroom Indoor plants in the aquarium Sucursons in the cups Large pot with many plants Rectangular pot for several plants Teschin language in bedroom design Vertical grid with succulents Bird cage with plants Bathroom with brown and green accents Plants under the ceiling Cacti on the aquarium Decor - a book with plants Succulents in wine stoppers Sucursons in three-dimensional substacks Braided decor for hanging pots with plants Pendant decoration - glass pots with plants Shelves with indoor plants Unusual and cute flower pots A wooden piece with plants Indoor plants in the bathroom Plants in large glass vases Original pot for indoor plants Decorative stones and houseplants Cacti in the interior Money tree like a bonsai Idea for hanging indoor plants Wall decor with succulents A large money tree in a stylish pot Decoration of stairs by plants Exotic plants in the traditional interior Aloe vera in a modern bathroom Beautiful wooden plant pots Large aloe in the interior