Design of 2-room khrushchev - redevelopment and interior

Design of a two-room Khrushchev

Repair of small rooms in 2 room Khrushchev with one window and an inconveniently located door is a real test for imagination. Nevertheless, even a room in Khrushchev can become quite cozy. The main enemy of small rooms is disorder and conglomeration. No creative chaos, minimal decor, furniture, color.

Living Room DesignThe design of the living room in 2 room Khrushchevka 42 m2

Popular colors

The choice of colors is definitely a matter of personal preference. It is also important to take into account that the environment affects the emotional and psychological state of a person even if this is not noticeable at first glance.

  • Light pastel shades, perhaps the most popular for bedrooms. They are diluted with accent details: darker furniture, bright textiles, decor.
  • Calm shades of green will perfectly match with the wooden surfaces. Green is a fairly universal solution, and its various shades are appropriate for any room. In addition, it can be combined with a large number of colors. It will be interesting to look green with yellow, orange, purple, lilac, light blue.
  • Small dimensions do not interfere with the choice of brown, plum, burgundy, if the dark color can be competently diluted, for example, light furniture, textiles.

    Entrance and living roomEntrance and living room

  • Blue, blue, their shades are considered to be cold, but fit not worse than others. The combination with gray, white will create a calming, calm environment. The creation of a warmer, more interesting atmosphere will be facilitated by dilution with yellow, green.
  • Different shades of orange, red, yellow are acceptable for the bedroom, but are more suitable for those people for whom this place is not just for sleeping.
Standard layout of the living roomStandard layout of the living room in the panel house

Ceiling Finishing Options

The most popular trim options can be identified three. All of them are suitable for low ceilings of bedrooms.

  • Aligning the surface with putty with further painting or wallpapering. Despite the external simplicity, this option is perhaps the most costly, according to materials, time. Here it is unlikely that it will just turn out to smudge some sections to achieve the most flat surface. In some places, the layers can reach up to 2 or more centimeters. In addition to the material side, there is another important nuance. Even qualitatively putty, the painted surface of prefabricated ceilings after a time can give a crack.
  • The ceiling of plasterboard is flat or figured. Gypsum boards are often used to quickly level the ceiling. Glue it is not recommended, use modern profiles of small height. The design will take only 5-7 cm. The question of figured ceilings is solved individually. There is a possibility that underestimated multilevel forms will make the situation pressive, visually reduce the space.

    Kitchen combined with living roomKitchen combined with living room

  • Stretch ceiling is an excellent option for low hruschevok. Designers are pleased with the wide palette of colors, the possibility to choose a glossy or matte surface. Ceiling mounted on a wedge or shtapikovoy technology will eat literally 3-5 cm, 5-7 cm leaves with a harpoon method of installation.

Finishing the floor

What will be floored depends on the preferences and financial opportunities of homeowners. It is better to choose a floor covering not too light. Laminate or parquet board is preferably laid diagonally or across a narrow wall. The same rule applies to linoleum. It is better to choose a heterogeneous drawing. Perhaps, it will be rhombuses or imitation of small parquet. Many mistresses ignore the carpet because of impracticality, but this option will make the situation warmer.

The idea of ​​a modern interior in a standard KhrushchevThe idea of ​​a modern interior in a standard Khrushchev

Wall decoration

The main option of finishing the bedroom is the wallpaper. Benefit to replace the paper thin "newspapers" came more modern: vinyl, textile, fleece coverings, which have excellent aesthetic and practical qualities. Wallpaper linkrust, which now return to fashion, it is better not to use.

An alternative is liquid wallpaper. They differ in the original texture, they allow creating a seamless "soft" surface, as well as interesting large drawings.

On the photo the living room combined with a hall in a two-pieceOn the photo the living room combined with a hall in a two-piece

An interesting solution will be the last word of design - luminescent wallpaper. In the dark, a light pattern appears on them, which gradually fades to the morning. During the day, the cover looks quite normal.

Painting the walls is the most budgetary, simple option of finishing with its advantages. It allows you to choose absolutely any shade of the interior. Excellent matte paint. Often they are decorated with vinyl stickers, creating a certain atmosphere.

Hall combined with kitchenHall combined with kitchen

Choosing furniture

Talk about how to choose the situation of the room for all its requirements is not necessary. It is convenient to place here the most necessary things already good luck.

A few tips:

  • The bed is best picked up with drawers. Such models are more expensive, but there is no extra space to store sleeping accessories. Moreover, a bulky chest of drawers, most likely, will not work.
  • The head of the bed in the form of a shelf-shelf will allow you to conveniently place all sorts of things and refuse from bedside tables.
  • To connoisseurs of unconventional solutions, it may be necessary to like the idea of ​​installing a bed near the window, when the bed will occupy the entire distance from the wall to the wall.
  • Sometimes it would be appropriate to install a corner double bed.
Bedroom with a wallpaper and a wooden ceilingBedroom with a wallpaper and a wooden ceiling

Advice! The bed is the only thing that can not be saved. It should be comfortable, even if the size makes you sacrifice something else.

  • All furnishings must correspond to one style, color, time period.
  • The wardrobe with high mirror doors visually make the space larger.
  • If you plan to install a TV, you should think about thin TV panels that are hung on the wall.


Often, the design of a two-bedroom apartment involves re-planning, demolition of piers, unification. Some plans allow you to increase the bedroom at the expense of the pantry, if the hostess does not mind, but more often the global adjustment is reduced to the transfer of the doorway.

Bedroom with one windowBedroom with one window

Arrangement of furniture

Any well-planned case can be considered half completed, so first of all you need to arrange furniture. To do this, you can use special computer programs that are easy to master even a novice or use the old proven method: draw a sheet of paper on a sheet of paper, cut pieces of furniture from cardboard, try to find each one's place.

Bedroom with a spacious wardrobe and mezzanine above the doorBedroom with a spacious wardrobe and mezzanine above the door

Arrangement of furniture starts from the bed. Only by determining its location go to the next subjects. In a narrow small room it is installed across, closer to one of the narrow walls, or along a long wall. Other options are impractical. It is clear that for a double bed it is desirable to provide a two-way approach.

Bathroom DesignBathroom Design

The cabinet should occupy the darkest corner. A dressing table is put along the wall perpendicular to the window. An alternative can serve as a mirror with a hinged shelf, under which a narrow pouf hides.

Designers recommend setting the headset so that there is at least 70 cm of free space between objects. Under this rule, only puffs, bedside tables do not fall, which move closely.

Original cabinet lightingOriginal cabinet lighting


Natural lighting, however paradoxical, plays a secondary role. The main question is how to organize an artificial one.

Lighting разноуровневое. Желательно устанавливать выключатели с регулятором мощности. Стоит отказаться от громоздких абажуров под потолком, торшеров, занимающих полезную площадь, множества точечных светильников. Такая иллюминация бессмысленна, она не заменит грамотного локального освещения, кроме этого лампы дневного света формируют неприятно холодную атмосферу.

The bedroom in Khrushchev

Advice! Soft diffused light, filling the entire room will create the necessary visual volume and coziness.

On an area of ​​about 10 square meters, one flat chandelier will suffice, one or two sconces are placed near the bed, another lighting device on the ceiling or wall is placed near the cupboard or dressing table. Sconces near the bed can be replaced with small high table lamps. Fans of extraordinary solutions can pick up small ceiling lights, lowered over the curbstones from the very ceiling.

Kitchen with breakfast barKitchen with breakfast bar

Furnishings and accessories

The window in the Khrushchev's bedroom is usually small. Curtains made of monophonic fabric will be more appropriate here, if the window is on a short wall - a horizontal strip will be welcome. Refuse is due to bulky curtains, canopies. In the pictures, the interiors look cozy, in practice they make the situation heavy and dusty. As for the method of fastening, it is better to give preference to traditional cornices. An original solution may be a shelf above the window. She will visually raise the walls, give a little space to collect various knickknacks.

Workplace on the balcony connected to the living roomWorkplace on the balcony connected to the living room

If you refuse the radiator under the window aperture, you can interestingly surround the space around, for example, turn it into a mini cabinet or a library. For this, not a deep built-in closet is installed around, a window-sill is converted to a table top or a small bench with cushions is erected directly under the window.

Decor, as already said, a minimum. Open shelves, it is best to leave half-empty, this will make the situation easier. Very popular was the chaotic hanging of a lot of photos of different sizes, in this case it is better to replace them with one big picture or choose a modular one.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the design of a two-room apartment in Khrushchevka is not a simple task even for professionals. For those who manage their own efforts, various computer programs will become excellent assistants, in which you can create an almost accurate picture of the future interior. But the colors, as a rule, very distorted, so it is better to look at the palette on the photo on the Internet.

Compact bathroomCompact bathroom