How to make a lamp yourself: 15+ ideas and photos

Do you want to transform your interior, adding to it the notes of originality and modernity? It's time to learn about how to make a lamp with your own hands, because thanks to this interior, your house will stand out among the rest and become unique. The very process of creativity will be very interesting and useful, so if you want, you can invite children and create your masterpiece together. Dekorin picked up for you the most beautiful lamps and lampshades, which can be made from paper and other improvised means.

1. Lamp made of paper: how to make your own hands?

From such a simple material as paper, everyone is able to make incredibly beautiful and modern lamps with their own hands. In the photo below, we presented some unusual versions of self-made lamps made of paper. Enjoy watching!

How to make a lamp yourself - 15 ideas with step-by-step photos Unusual lamp of paper with your own handsHow to make a lamp from a paper - a table lamp on a photo

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Chinese lanterns: a paper lamp with your own hands

Thanks to such a simple and at the same time interesting object of decor, like Chinese lanterns, you can add to the interior a bit of brightness, living colors and a sense of celebration.

The materials you need for this are:

  • Colored or white paper;
  • A cartridge that you can either take from an old lamp or buy;
  • LED light bulb (note that you should not use a heated light bulb, because we make a lamp from paper);
  • Pencil and ruler;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Thread;
  • Awl.

Making a lamp with your own hands (step by step with a photo)

First, on the back of the paper, it is necessary to apply lines that create the relief of the fixture. Below is a drawing on which it is proposed to make markings.

Drawing for the manufacture of a lamp from paper

Fold the paper along the marked lines, in order to get a kind of harmonica. At this stage, it's important not to rush and do everything carefully, so that the lamp comes out smooth and beautiful.

Next, connect the bulb with the cartridge. We make a small hole with an awl at the bottom and thread through it.

Now we create a lampshade around the cartridge for a paper lamp. At the junction, the sheet can be glued with a conventional PVA glue or bonded in any other way. Please note that without gluing the edges, it will be easier for you to change the light bulb in this luminaire.

Our Chinese lanterns are ready! In the photo below you see what happened in the end.

Chinese paper lantern - ceiling light with own hands Chinese lamp from paper - how to make your own hands

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2. How to make a lamp from a tree with your own hands?

From such a simple material as wood, you also have the opportunity to make a very creative lamp with your own hands. It is enough to look around: nature itself inspires us with its extraordinary forms of creativity. Each of us at least once in his life noted the beautiful form of any branch or driftwood. Dekorin offers to reflect their beauty in interior design as an original and functional lamp.

Using a branch, you can make a lamp yourself from a tree without using special tools and skills. You can easily find the material you need in the forest or near the house. The main thing is that this snag is already dried, but not too rotten, because it will have to keep the weight of the bubbles and at the same time serve you as long as possible.

Homemade table lamp made of wood - photo

Floor lamp with your hands from a wooden branch (photo)

In fact, depending on your wishes, you can make from a branch floor, table or ceiling lamp. Here we will consider the production of a floor lamp.

First of all, you need to make a solid base for the floor lamp (for example, pour the cement slurry into any container and insert our branch into it for the wooden lamp). After a while, the container can be removed, after which there will remain a reliable and stylish cement base and the leg of the lamp. Also read how you can make a home decor in ultra-modern style from a simple cement mortar.

At the next stage, it is necessary, with the help of improvised means, to attach a cord to the snag with a cartridge and a bulb. Our floor lamp is ready!

Floor lamp with own hands - photo of floor lamp

Also very beautiful in the interior will look ceiling and even wall lamps from the branch. You can decorate them both with ordinary bulbs, and with antique shades or lampshades. Examples - in the photo below.

How to make a ceiling lamp from a tree with your own handsHow to make a lamp from a tree branch with your own hands

3. How else can I make a lamp with my own hands from improvised materials?

Do you have a favorite lamp that you do not want to part with, but the appearance of its plafond leaves much to be desired? Do not worry, because everything is fixable! Dekorin will tell you how to make a lampshade for the lamp with your own hands. Just look at the photos: what original and even intricate lampshades for lamps can be made by yourself!

How to make a lamp with your hands from lace napkinsStylish lamps with your hands from plastic bottles Unusual lampshade for the lamp with your own hands How to make a lamp with your own hands from improvised materials - to tie a shade How can you connect the lamp shade for your lamp yourself?How to make a lamp with your own hands from glass bottles

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How to make a lamp shade from a thread with your own hands

Such a lamp will become a creative and unique decoration of your interior. It can easily fit in both the kitchen and the bedroom with the living room.

How to make a lamp yourself with threads

So, what you need: a balloon (you need to take into account the size and shape of the inflated ball, because this will depend on the shape of the shade), thick cotton threads (better twine), PVA glue about 250 gr., Cord-suspension that will hold the lampshade, energy saving lamp, scissors, a needle, any cream, a brush, a cotton disc, and a cotton swab.

Materials to make a lamp yourself

Step 1. Blow the ball to the desired size and securely tie it.

Step 2. Use a cotton ball to grease the ball with any cream, so that later the threads will be easier to detach from the base.

Lampshade for the lamp with your own hands - on the photo step 1

Step 3. Thread the thread into the needle and thoroughly pierce the bottle with the glue. Wind the threads around the ball as you see fit, but do not pull them too tight.

How to make a lamp yourself - on the photo step 2 Beautiful lamp with your hands - photo step 3

Step 4. When all the threads are wound up, glue a little over those places where it is not enough. Now the lampshade is almost ready and it should be removed to dry at night.

How to make a lamp yourself - photo step 4

Step 5. In the morning take a dried shade and start pressing with a cotton swab on the ball, help him to separate from the thread. Carefully and most importantly, slowly blow off the ball, because doing this quickly, you risk your own hands to create a dent in the lampshade.

Create a lamp from a balloon and threads with your own hands step by step with the photoLamp of threads with your hands - step by step photos

Step 5. Mark the future hole and make 4 notches in all directions so that the bulb with the cartridge can enter the lampshade.

The final stage of creating a lamp yourself

Finally, you need to insert a cartridge with a light bulb, and carefully attach a lamp holder between the thread. The lampshade is completely ready, now it remains only to hang it in the room that you have chosen and enjoy the results of creativity.

How can you beautifully make a lamp with your own hands from improvised materials How to make your own hands a lamp shade for a thread of thread