Design of a three-room apartment p-44t on the photo

The family becomes cohesive when its members conduct joint discussions and the implementation of the design of rooms in the process of the forthcoming renovation of the apartment.

The layout of a 3-room apartment p-44t

But tenants say that there are two main disadvantages of apartments in this series of houses P-44T, experts agree with them:

  1. That housing has a large, dark and therefore little for which the applicable corridor.
  2. That in the panel houses walls and partitions are bearing, because of what it is impossible to make the dismantling and transfer of the wall to optimize the space or to dismantle a part of the wall to make a doorway.

Therefore, in order to obtain permission to rebuild the living space, you need to apply the maximum patience in order to carry out the reconciliation, but you can get a refusal.

In addition, tenants note a lack of natural light in the rooms, although they are spacious and equipped with windows. Therefore, when decorating the interior should be well organized lighting.

Bedroom in the house of the p-44t series

Updating the trash can be done taking into account the elimination of the above shortcomings, as well as building restrictions. In addition, the reconstruction of the living space should take into account the number of family members, taking into account their personal opinions, as well as preferences. The order of registration can be carried out either in the same design solution relative to all rooms, or in a solution that is different for each living space. Or even a separate functional area inside the room. In this case, it is necessary to observe the harmony of the general style.

Entrance hall, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom

Experts recommend that when implementing a room renovation project, they should take advantage of them, as well as positive aspects, hiding the shortcomings and shortcomings.

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The plus of the P44T trilogy is that its rooms are insulated, which makes it possible for them to be decorated differently. A large kitchen, as well as a loggia provide an opportunity to realize ideas and cardinal solutions.

Hallway in bright colors

A cardinal, complex solution is the use of little-used hall areas and corridors, installing sliding-door wardrobes with mirrored doors, which makes it possible to visually enlarge the areas of the hallway and corridor.

Now the designers are far from the classics previously used by them in the design of the living space in the form of stucco, columns, massive furniture. Experts refuse objects that make housing uncomfortable, difficult to perceive, which resembles the premises of museums. Now the preference is given to projects of modern types of design, as well as new types of finishing of living quarters.

Corridor in the apartment

We decorate the living room

The guest room is decorated in bright colors. The place where the general gathering of family members is taking place, and receive guests, is decorated with bright colors. In the living room there are several different zones for recreation, according to the tastes and preferences of the residents. In addition to the sofa, there are several armchairs, put a table for a computer or press, place a TV.

Living room in the house of the series p-44t

Sometimes it is combined with a loggia, equipped with a bar counter, making it like a cafe.

Originally it looks like a living room, which is made in the Scandinavian type, which involves the use of natural materials predominantly white. But the American type assumes the presence of a fireplace, and opposite the sofa. For admirers of exotics, there are variants of Oriental, Latin American or African style. By making the living room the center of the interior, you can also decorate the hallway, as well as the corridors and kitchen.

Living room with fireplace and bay window

If you risk and make a redevelopment, the best solution is to combine the living room with the kitchen with a doorway or arch from the hall into the kitchen, which will allow the whole family to gather in one large guest room.


Determining in the renovation of bedrooms is the availability, as well as the gender of the children. If, for example, the family has two descendants of the same sex, then the design of the children's bedroom is the same, if they are of different sex, the parents will have to give them both bedrooms, and themselves to move into the living room.

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Bedroom combined with balcony

Children's bedrooms are made depending on the age and sex of children, as well as their nature and temperament. For kids, the type of update is chosen by parents in accordance with their own preferences.

Teenagers are finicky, they make claims and put forward their demands for their own premises. Therefore, in the process of discussing the design of bedrooms for adolescents should always take into account their opinion. Most likely they insist on updating their bedrooms in the form of minimalism, pop art or software.

A bedroom for a child

Girls attractive rooms at night - it's decorated in French and Chebky style.

Bedrooms малышам должны иметь многофункциональную, а также безопасную мебель с коробками и ящиками для хранения игрушек.

If there is one children's room and one adult bedroom, the constant rule for the design of these dormitories is that their type should differ from the general solution of the whole apartment.

Children's room in a 3-room apartment

The current trend for professionals is the design of bedrooms with Arab type, where the material of the finish is textiles, which in itself makes this room unusual. And if this material is natural, and the bedroom is furnished with furniture from natural wood, then the eco-type is the same project that is necessary for the inhabitants of megacities.

Bedroom with TV

Kitchen in treshke P-44T

As for the kitchen of this series of houses, it is combined with a loggia or a glazed ledge from the outer wall, which is called the bay window. It gives an opportunity to realize the ideas of its use either as a recreation area or by placing a washing zone there. To do this, it is not necessary to dismantle the heating battery, but to place it in the trellis box. Otherwise, additional heating devices will have to be installed, equipping the kitchen with a warm floor or a convector.

Kitchen with bay window

Concerning the transfer of the sink to the bay window, it will be necessary to undergo the coordination procedure, since such modernization will require changes in the engineering communications and for raising the slope of the drainage canal it will be necessary to raise the floor.

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Kitchen with a stone wall

In this case, you should use furniture that repeats the outline of the bay window. True, if you equip it with a solid table top, then with its smooth outer edge it smoothes the bay window inside the kitchen.

Corner kitchen

Some designers recommend in kitchens with ledges to use them as an additional area to increase the dining area, equipping the so-called banquet.

Dining area in the bay window

Regarding the visual design of the kitchen, it is often combined with styles around a single color solution of the interior. Therefore, you can combine both classical and modern high-tech types, both French and Proven, as well as Dutch and Scandinavian types.

Bathroom design

In the series of houses P-44T two and three-roomed housing is equipped with separated bathrooms, therefore, when implementing the design of the bathroom, experts recommend making the bathroom and toilet unit a transparent partition and in one corner to install a shower booth, and in the second - a corner tabletop with a sink and a storage table means of hygiene.

Design of a combined bathroom

In this case, a shower cabin with a pallet will be preferable to without it, since this eliminates the installation of a drainage system in the floor of the bathroom, which will require a negotiation procedure.

Bathroom Design

For those who are not afraid of the long procedure of redevelopment, the finished interior design of apartment P-44T, relative to the bathroom, recommends the installation of a booth at the place where the toilet is located to get the space in the opposite corner of the bathroom.

Housing in the houses of the P-44T series among professionals is well known for being able to implement the most daring solutions, both by residents themselves and in the ready-made projects, offered by specialists, for the renovation of the 3-room apartment P-44T.

Bathroom Design с душевой кабиной

As a result of the renovation of the apartment, it becomes not only comfortable housing itself, but also a trusting, comfortable relationship between family members. In other words, joint creative work strengthens the family.