Mediterranean style in the interior of the house

Mediterranean style in the interior of the house is the sea, the sun and sand ... The name of the style speaks for itself. Getting into such an interior, a person mentally carries over to the seaside, feels calm and peaceful, like on vacation. After all, thanks to the naturalness of materials and decoration, characteristic of this style, it is possible to create a very warm and cozy atmosphere in the house.

Mediterranean style

In this article, read:

  • 1 Historical Background
  • 2 Three stylistic features
  • 3 Color and light
  • 4 Finishing
  • 5 Furniture

Historical reference

Altogether on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea there are about 22 states, among them Spain, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Algeria, Turkey and others. Each of these states played a role in the development of the Mediterranean style. In its formation the East, namely the Moroccan style, had its influence. A significant contribution was also made in the design directions of French and Spanish. But the founding style is rightly considered to be Italy and Greece ...

The origin of this style occurred in the postwar years of the twentieth century, when many villagers in Italy were forced to travel to cities. In their new urban dwellings, they partially reproduced the familiar and cozy rural interior. At the same time, the urban residents of Greece moved to the rural houses left by the Italians, who brought with them urban decorations. Thanks to this historic cocktail of urban and rural trends, the interior design has a Mediterranean style. And now, for more than 60 years, this style is very popular all over the world.

Three stylistic features

Mediterranean style in the interior of the house is something big, native and hospitable. The interior is created for life: here they meet guests, communicate, eat, quarrel and make up. Here are three features of the style that can accurately determine it.

  • Archaic simplicity. All elements of the interior carry only practicality and functionality. No object appears here just like that. No luxury!
  • Minimum overload with furniture and decor items. The interior is light, light and calm.
  • Maximum comfort and convenience! If we are talking about a bed, then it should be big and necessarily with a veil. If we are talking about an armchair, it will be soft, cozy, always near the fireplace and next to the wine cabinet. Everything should be at hand.

Mediterranean style в интерьере дома

Color and light

Light in the room should be a lot, because it is due to it creates the lightness of the interior. Therefore, windows are never covered with heavy, thick curtains. As a rule, windows are made using wooden blinds or light light curtains.

Mediterranean style in the interior of the house with respect to the range of colors is clearly divided into the following areas.

  1. Greek - this style is characterized by cold tones, such as white, lemon-yellow, as well as shades of blue. As an accent, red-pink is quite common. The classic combination is white + blue.
  2. Italian - warm shades, more saturated. The main color is cream. And also all shades of golden-orange, terracotta, olive, bottle green and brown.

Mediterranean style в интерьере дома

It should be noted that the colors of both directions are perfectly combined with each other.


Finish, так же как и сам стиль простая и неброская. Более того, это один из самых недорогих для реализации стилей.

The walls are monochrome, smooth, painted in one of the selected shades. Wallpapers are used extremely rarely. Just like open brickwork. In general, the brick is used exclusively for the purpose: for decorating the fireplace. Quite often you can find ceramic tiles and mosaics on the walls, which was transferred from the Moroccan style. Mosaic panels are used to decorate the hallway, living room, terrace, kitchen apron and even countertops.

The ceiling can be perfectly flat, modern with sophisticated backlighting. It is also possible to use rough beams in a rustic style. But one is always the same: the color of the ceiling is only white.

The floor in all rooms must be the same. There are no transitions, zoning with different floor material or color, there are no rapids and podiums. As it was customary, the floor is lined with ceramic unglazed tiles. However, given our cold climate, it is possible to replace pottery or marble with a tree. The wooden floor must not be catchy, matched to the color scheme of the whole room. On the floors you can lay carpets: simple, monochrome. Often, reed mats and homespun stripes are used.



When choosing furniture of Mediterranean style it is necessary to take into account that it should be simple, reliable, natural, a bit like a garden one. Most often, the basis of furniture is an array of wood. The furniture itself is squat. Tables, armchairs and beds are often made with forging elements.

In the interior, the central place is occupied by a wooden table. If the dimensions of the room allow, do not skimp on the size of the table, which once again emphasizes the stylized room. If you design a small apartment in this style, then the table simply must be. While the legs of the table are wooden, the table top is made in any combination: glass, ceramic or simply painted.

Another major place in the house is ceramics. It is not customary to hide it. Therefore, there is a need for open shelves or niches in the walls. The dishes can also be placed in a massive cupboard with transparent doors.

I must say that in the Mediterranean interior can be inscribed absolute any furniture in the style of classics with carvings, as well as other pieces of furniture in the style of minimalism.

If you decide to decorate your interior in the Mediterranean style, consider the following important nuance: fresh flowers and plants are an obligatory attribute of style. Citrus trees and palms in ceramic pots and tubs - this is what you need to complete the image!