Design of one-room khrushchev - interior photo

Design of a living room in a one-room Khrushchev

Despite the popularity of new buildings in almost all regions of Russia, many, if not most of us, live in the Khrushchevs in panel houses. So called in the people of small apartments from the time of Khrushchev. They are relatively small kitchens, separate bath. In this article we will talk about the design of a one-room Khrushchev. The approximate area of ​​finishing works is 30 - 32 sq. M. How to make a one-room apartment from a small apartment visually large, spacious, if the redevelopment is not available to you.

Design of one-room Khrushchev 1. Classics. A combination of tradition, solidity, high cost and quality of materials used. Furniture from a natural tree, an upholstery expensive fabrics. Tones in this style are calm, restrained. Beige, pastel, rich brown, or greenish. There are good pictures of different sizes and with a massive, expensive frame.

Living room in a one-room apartment Khrushchev 2. Ethnic direction. Apartment in the form of culture, traditions of another country. This is the choice of travelers, connoisseurs of a certain country, when you want to plunge into the original interior of other people's traditions, coming home. It can be Chinese, English, African, Egyptian. You can, of course, mix several ethnic groups in one apartment. This 1 room Khrushchev is quite exotic and original.

Studio apartment in Khrushchev 3. Modern. This includes country, art deco, minimalism, modernism, high-tech, loft. In this style there is no extra comfort. Particularly manifested contrast of adjacent shades. A lot of backlighting is applied to the main light. Clear form of furniture.

Room design в однокомнатной хрущевке

Room design

1. If several people live in one room apartment, it is convenient to make zoning of the room. Allocate at least two zones. For each option, such zones are appropriate in their own way. Zoning can be in the direct order of erecting a visually real wall or fence. For example, from foam blocks (then the wall will be real), chipboard, or gypsum board. This partition can be soundproofed and insulated, for example, glass wool.

Room in Khrushchev

Partitions made of wood are formed by shingles, plaster. To save as much as possible the area of ​​the residential part, many try to make the partition as thin as possible, or disguise it for something else. For example, to install sliding doors, they do not occupy a superfluous place, opening in both directions by expansion. Separate parts can be just a closet, shelves height from floor to ceiling, shelving or furniture.

Design of a one-bedroom apartment with a bedroom 2. Finishing can be for every taste, the color range is now varied. Of course, visually increase the area of ​​the mirror, properly selected interior of a one-room Khrushchev. It is necessary to immediately decide in the scale, since then the color of textiles and furniture can depend on this. The lighter the tone, the more space appears. The height of the ceiling can be increased by using vertical strips on the walls. And the horizontal space will seem bigger. A recent novelty is a liquid wallpaper, decorative plaster, two colors of paint. A modern design solution is a different color of the walls. For example, three walls of one decoration, and one wall is made of brick, or glued interesting wallpaper.

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redevelopment in a one-room apartment Khrushchev

Wallpapers now all kinds of colors, colors, drawings. Vinyl, paper, solid, simple. More about their choice and colors, we'll talk below. If the floor is uneven, then now there are many ways from pouring, to leveling with wooden panels and level. The floor is best done in the whole apartment of the same level, with no thresholds and a sharp change in height. Another point of the design of a residential 1 room in a one-room apartment are paintings or photographs, which in a certain order can be hung on the wall.

Studio apartment in Khrushchev

It is worthwhile to choose in advance the places where the pictures will hang, so that later you do not have to close the holes from the nail.

3. The ceiling in the room, often trim the so-called hanging ceilings, or, for example, wallpaper for painting. There is also a technology just pulling a beautiful natural cloth between self-made beams. From the beams you can make squares and varnish. It turns out something like a Swedish ceiling. Pay your attention to home textiles. You can combine for your taste, choose everything in different colors: from the curtains, to the upholstery of the sofa, from the carpet to the tablecloth. Someone prefers coarser fabrics, noble, someone lighter, more transparent. In a small space it is better to use furniture-transformer, modern walls, not heavier cabinets. Cabinet furniture leaves room for imagination in its arrangement.

Entrance hall in one-room apartment 4. For a floor use a parquet, or a cheaper variant of a laminate. As a rule, the bedroom-living room is decorated with a carpet of various sizes. On the dark floor, a light carpet of small size will look profitable. If the color is light, then the carpet, for example, in the bedroom area can be of different colors.

Design kitchens

1. The floor in the kitchen can be different. The most important thing is that it is waterproof. For example, linoleum, floor tiles. Laminate is rarely used, because when moisture gets between the joints of the boards, blisters may appear, deformation of the floor, which then is very difficult to fix.

Kitchen in Khrushchev 2. Of course, it is desirable that in the kitchen all the decoration had the property of being washed. But painting and tiling on the walls now do not satisfy the refined taste. Therefore, at the moment there is a large selection of wallpaper in the kitchen, which can be wiped.

Corner kitchen with window in Khrushchev 3. Furniture in the kitchen can now be not only comfortable, but also stylish, bright, original. On different sites you can choose furniture from the photo, and it will in reality be like that. You will be delivered and collected, this is not a big problem. In a small space it is better to maximize the use of walls, reduce the depth of cabinets, use a narrower household appliances.

Kitchen in Khrushchev в деревенском стиле 4. Kitchen "apron" can be laid out with tiles, the most diverse. Now there was a new trend: a glass photo apron.

Corner kitchen with dining table in Khrushchev 5. If the ceiling in the kitchen is even, then you can start painting without plaster.

Studio apartment in Khrushchev

Bathroom Design

Repair the bathroom is a lot of effort and time. In one-room Khrushchev you can combine a bathroom. The main problem in the design of the bathroom in a one-room apartment-Khrushchev and decorating here is a small area. It is difficult to place on such an area: a bath, a toilet bowl, a sink, a washing machine. It is better to think right from the beginning of the repair where everything will stand, and preferably up to a millimeter. Replace the sump bathtub with a shower. A barrel of a toilet bowl to hide in a wall.

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The bathroom in Khrushchev 1. The main material of wall finishing in the bathroom is the tile. Now it can be of different sizes, manufacturers come up with decorating tiles. At the moment, also use plastic panels to decorate the bathroom. They are available in various colors, with a pattern, as well as "under the tile."

Bathroom in classic style 2. Selection of furniture. Someone pays special attention to the functional part of lockers and shelves, someone tries to hide under these elements unsightly parts of pipes, someone does not use furniture in the bathroom at all. If the area is small, it will be possible to place a maximum locker with a mirror above the washbasin and under it. Plus some shelves on the walls.

Shower cabin in one-room hruschevke

Doors in a small apartment odnushke can take a lot of extra space. You can install the door-compartment, or simply leave the arch, for example, from the corridor to the kitchen.


In specialized shops and on Internet sources a large number of various chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps. They can be complementary to each other and are made in one style, from one material, sold in a set. It is possible to pick up unlike light sources, but advantageously emphasize the design. You can buy LED strips, highlight the perimeter of the ceiling. In the fashion now also cabinets, with shelves, highlighted by the same LED ribbons. In any case, the light in the apartment should be multi-level, so that you can turn off the main light, leave a more intimate.

A room in a one-room apartment Khrushchevka

Color spectrum

How to make it so that it was not only pleasant and comfortable in your apartment, but also she would give strength, vivacity? Psychologists asked this question. They studied the influence on the state of a person, making decisions on such design components as colors, shapes, textures, images. The color of design can significantly change both attitudes, skills, and habits.

Black and white room in Khrushchev Red gives vivacity, activity, contributes to making the right decision. It's like a call to action. If the walls are painted in red, then the person will have a feeling of warmth in the room. But red can reduce visual space. Since it promotes digestion, it is better to use it in the kitchen. Orange lifts the mood, and also rallies people in the orange room, so it's better to decorate with orange the room where you spend more time together. Yellow can create a feeling of sunshine in the room. He promotes creativity. It is an image of harmony and joy. If you have windows on the north side or in your climate there is not enough sun, then you can take the yellow color as the basis of your room. Green is a symbol of nature, tranquility, contemplation, pacification. This is a gentle image that calls for mental equilibrium.

Green room in Khrushchev Blue calms the feelings of a person, a little suppresses activity. Like green, it's a passive color. It promotes a sense of coolness removes emotional and physical stress. Blue is the form of dreamers. As with the blue, on a hot day in the room you will feel the coolness. Violet looks rather mysterious, original. But with his choice in the room, he can reduce efficiency, vitality, some passivity.

One room apartment in Khrushchev Pink is a symbol of romance, can quickly tire, does not fit the classic image of the apartment. Brown is a style of reliability, security. Causes a mild mood. White so-called hospital background. Can cause a feeling of cold, and also an impression of modesty. When choosing a design, you should clearly understand the functionality of the room and the color characteristics that you want to use in the basic finish. It is possible to combine shades to achieve optimality in the impact on all family members.

Select wallpaper

Picking up the wallpaper should understand what is closer: monophonic canvases or decoration of walls with ornaments. Solid wallpaper has the following advantages. They visually expand the space. Allow to combine light and brighter tones. Excellent for zoning rooms. Profitable furniture, curtains, interior room one-room Khrushchev.

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Living room in a one-room apartmentUnder them it is easier to choose curtains. They do not overload the visual perception of a person, cause pacification. Such wallpapers are well suited for minimalist style and hi-tech style. By combining the wallpaper, you can emphasize the features of the layout, accentuate, change the proportions. The truth on the wallpaper can be very prominent all the irregularities of the surface. Therefore, you should ideally prepare the walls for gluing. Wallpaper can be divided into:

  • by material of manufacture (paper, flesilinovye, vinyl, fabric, etc.)
  • on the structure of the canvas (duplex and single)
  • in texture (for natural materials, for cloth or without texture)
  • by texture (smooth and relief)

Wallpaper with a picture can reflect all the basic colors of the interior and advantageously finish the basic style of the room.

There are several types of wallpaper with a picture:

  • with a monophonic pattern. This wallpaper, when drawing and the basis of a single color. A drawing can be distinguished simply by a certain contour or, simply stand out, be more voluminous.
  • abstract illustration. Characteristics of such wallpapers are spots, wide brush strokes, points, and divorces. Thanks to such a pattern, a joint or seam is practically invisible on them.
  • geometric pattern. On such wallpaper there are different lines, geometric figures. They fit well in a neutral interior.
  • striped. These wallpapers can fit well not only in modern, but also classic style. As we have already said, such wallpapers expand the space or lift it.
  • classical drawing. Here are the weaves that form a single pattern. Different sputtering can be used. Such wallpaper will fit better in the classic style of the interior.
  • with a natural pattern. Can be from the weave of leaves, flowers, stems. In this case, you need to dock the canvas.

White entrance hall in a one-room apartment


Let's expand on the topic of modern floor coverings. After all, this is also very important issue, which is paid much attention. Finish the white key is better to start after the walls and the floor. Materials are divided into: natural and artificial.

Parquet. The parquet floor has the highest wear resistance, practically does not deform. Piece parquet is more prone to external influences, for example, moisture than all other species. Parquet is durable, but it is better to use it in non-popular premises in terms of patency. Cork floor. Environmentally friendly material. Cork is available in the form of tiles, which consist of pressed layers. The outer layer is the veneer, the top is varnished. In this case, very good sound and heat insulation. Even with a slight deformation, such material is again leveled. It has antibacterial properties.

Corridor in one-room apartment Marmoleum is made of natural ingredients. These tiles are glued. Pretty resistant to fire. The laminate has several layers. The basis is MDF, using plastic, and on top is a decorative layer. Linoleum is durable and wear-resistant, not afraid of moisture and simple in the process of flooring. Carpeting is best used in bedrooms, living rooms, in rooms where a cozy, soft atmosphere looks better.

living room with balcony in one-room Khrushchev In conclusion, I want to say that even the process of repair and finishing can bring real pleasure, because this is a change. Repair means everything new, change of scenery, color. Of course, this will not give your one-room apartment a new life, but it will significantly change it, you will see how happier you will be at home. This is the new breath of your home, and it depends on you, whether it will bring you true pleasure. Successful to you result.