Design studio apartments - from small to large (+30 photos)

Studio apartment studio

It seemed that small-sized housing has become history for a long time, but building companies are increasingly offering just a small-area studio. Low cost, compactness, the ability to create their own design studio apartments attract buyers. Indeed, to buy such a home can even a young, newly created family, to implement inexpensive, stylish, modern-standard repair. Increasingly, people are unpretentious, leading a rich lifestyle prefer the studio. A wide range of choices for a variety of interior design allows you to turn a modest apartment size into a real masterpiece.

In all cases, the acquisition of a small area is a way to save money, create a "interior design" for a small studio. Despite the fact that the scale of space is limited, here you can get a surprisingly cozy, unique environment. It is required to use creative potential, to carry out the most accurate calculation.

One-room apartment designDesigners like to work with similar apartments - there is an opportunity to show talent in full. It is small apartments that require the drawing up of a detailed design of the project, thoroughly calculating the functional of the premises. The result guarantees convenience, aesthetics of the apartment.

Small apartment

Complexities, carrying out the design of a small apartment, are trying to modernize the modest area of ​​the old housing stock. The barrier to design ideas are the excess walls, provided for the design of the apartment, non-standard location of communications.

Bright apartment studio

Modern studios were initially thought out, except for extra constructive elements. The owner of the apartment receives an ideal scope of creativity, manifestation of design abilities. Here you can create exactly what you dreamed of for a long time, to translate ideas.

Studio apartment

Basic principles of design

Making out the interior of a modern studio-type apartment, it is necessary to consider the following design principles:

  • Drawing up a design project is mandatory. Spontaneously planning a limited space is extremely difficult. Without exact calculation it is possible to miss with furniture, division of the area, etc.
  • It is worth choosing modern styles of interior design. Overloaded with unnecessary details, requiring classical spaces, baroque styles are designed to look in a compact apartment ridiculously.
  • The basic color scheme of design is exceptionally light. It is not necessary to use pure white, you can give preference to beige, pastel tones of green, yellow spectrum. Allow dilution of the interior with bright colors of local application.
  • The basis of interior design can be two colors: black-white, white-brown. Dominated by an exceptionally light hue.
  • Refuse to large decor elements in a small apartment. Large chandeliers, cumbersome floor lamps will absorb too much space.
  • Glass, glossy furniture, the presence of mirrors perfectly fit a scanty studio space.
  • Zoning an apartment can be carried out using various furniture groups, decorating partitions, podiums, textiles. To differentiate the space into zones by using different finishing materials.

Loft style studio

Drawing up a design project

Any repair, and even more so in a confined space, should start with planning and drawing up a design project. Designing the interior of a small apartment will help to calculate the area competently, will give an opportunity to evaluate the expected arrangement of furniture, visualize the elements of the finishing of the studio.

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Modern apartment

With the help of the design project, not starting the repair, you can make adjustments to the interior, and therefore save money on the materials that were bought in vain, the time spent on rework.

The simplest thing is to apply for drawing up an interior design to professionals. Additional financial costs will be required, but the result is guaranteed. The specialist will take into account all the wishes, design, possibly offer alternative design options. Professionals with work experience are well versed in the intricacies of design and repair, so the result will not disappoint you exactly.

Long studio apartment

Если есть возможность сделать дизайн-проект студии самостоятельно, не стоит пренебрегать ею. Для этого требуется чёткая, скрупулезная работа. Drawing up a design project складывается из:

  • The exact measurements of the apartment. It is important to take into account every detail: the height of walls, irregularities, the location of window openings, sockets, sewer pipes, etc.
  • Performing a detailed drawing (manually or using technology). You need to bring in every little thing. Any deviation from reality is fraught with the subsequent correction of mistakes in the course of the project, and this will bring unnecessary costs.
  • The choice of furniture, finishes, plumbing is reflected in the drawing. It is necessary to know the exact dimension of each element.
  • Any gap should be planned in passing, think through possible options for substitutions.
  • Designing a design with software, it is possible to easily visualize various options for placing furniture, decorating surfaces, applying stylistic solutions, and various techniques. Such a model significantly simplifies the problem.

Apartment with a rounded wall

Features of studio design

The design of an apartment should be based on the principles of minimalism. If these are not respected, the space will turn into a disorderly heap, chaos will rule. The apartment will lose all attractiveness, become uncomfortable, soon all the same it will require a rework.

Small flat

The main requirement for the interior design of the apartment is the observance of zonal division. It is extremely important to take into account all the needs of the residents, competently demarcate space without violating the general style of the multi-functional room.

Studio apartment with bedroom and living room-kitchen

Manifestation of ingenuity, creating an individual space, will help to get a special interior. Using the methods of visual expansion, one should take into account the interests of each member of the family, do not allow infringement of functionality, convenience, and restriction of personal range.

Apartment with a bed on the second floor

If possible, ensure compactness, free access to all elements. Here, built-in furniture, transforming space, sliding, hidden structures will come to the rescue. It is not permissible to openly store things, disorderly conglomeration.

All elements of the interior are arranged in such a way as to ensure unobstructed patency in the apartment. Freedom of movement is achieved by the absence of unnecessary components, clearly thought out placement in the studio interior.

How to plan a space

To begin with, you need to separate the space allocated to the bathroom. Since the sewer risers are difficult to transfer, it only remains to determine the scale of this important zone. Dimensions of the apartment require a limit to the spaciousness of the sanitary room. It is important to think about the number, location of the main components, their dimensions. The compactness of space does not hurt to contain the main thing, but it is worthwhile to be reasonable, rational, using a useful area.

Studio apartment with a bed

Determined with the size of the bathroom, the most interesting begins - work on interior design. The location of the kitchen area is also difficult to bear. Kitchen in the studio does not presume to be in it for hours in order to create all sorts of culinary delights. Persons who choose a studio, as a rule, are not inclined to spend precious time on the everyday part of life's issues.

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Stretched apartment

Given this, the kitchen is usually made compact. It takes up little space, meets basic needs. Often use built-in options for furniture, appliances. Kitchen utensils are preferred to a limited number: only the most necessary items, nothing superfluous.

Studio apartment with a glass partition

The dining area is trying to accommodate in a bar counter format. So at the same time, two design tasks are solved: the place of food intake is obtained plus the zonal division of the room. Bar rack allows you to supplement the storage system, which is important.

The area of ​​the living area is usually adjacent to the kitchen. Here you can fully express your imagination, play with textures, objects, design techniques. Depending on how much useful space is available, the living room includes: a place for rest, a work unit, a children's department.

White one-room apartment

Most often remove the rest area from the kitchen. Separate from the rest of the area it can be a partition, screen, furniture composition. This technique allows you to hide the intimate space from prying eyes, creates a sense of solitude, peace.

In the presence of a balcony, it is most often turned into an office or a kind of lounge area for guests. Modern technologies that allow to achieve an ideal climate, give space for imagination of the embodiment of any ideas.

White and bright apartment

Selection, arrangement of furniture

Furniture in the interior of a small apartment is of particular importance. It will be necessary to abandon any large-sized items in favor of compact, easily transformed. It is better to pay attention to the built-in furniture, placed along the perimeter of the walls.

One-room apartment design

Kitchen furniture should only choose the most necessary. Try to maximize the use of the height, since the width does not work. Lockers must be preferred with a modern filling, so that the ergonomics of the storage system does not suffer. From the kitchen dining group you can refuse, or replace it with a bar counter, a folding table option. The chairs are desirable folding. Possible a small sofa, used as a kitchenette, and at the same time instead of a seating area in the living room. If possible, do not load room space with storage systems for clothing, other things. To do this, it is better to take a little space in the corridor, on the balcony.

Spacious apartment

The presence of a full bed significantly hides scarce space. A perfect choice will be a complete rejection of it. If this is not possible, it is advisable to choose small-sized models. Folding sofa, used for sleep, will become a universal solution. It will turn out simultaneously to equip a drawing room, a bedroom.

Studio apartment with balcony

The working area of ​​a one-room studio apartment is usually decorated with furniture with tilting modules, high shelving. So it turns out to transform the space as necessary, to provide a storage system for necessary things. On the balcony it is desirable to put a part of the cabinets, a small lounge area. A miniature sofa will create a cosiness, compact high chairs will allow you to enjoy the panorama of the balcony showcase.

Design techniques that expand the space

The fundamental principle of finishing the room in the studio is the predominance of light colors. This applies to the color scheme of furniture. Bright range allows you to visually increase space. Preference is given to the warm color temperature.

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Refusal of materials that conceal space will give a sense of spaciousness. You need to think carefully before you perform suspended ceilings, self-leveling floors, decoration of walls with decorative bricks, massive gypsum plasterboard racks.

Apartment with parquet floor

The lack of high, large furniture will relieve the interior. Compensate for space with reflective, mirrored surfaces. It is permissible to use locally located tall cabinets-columns.

Particular attention is paid to the distribution of light. Large, open windows will improve illumination. The use of tight, dark curtains is highly undesirable. Artificial light should also be given attention. Preferred illumination, located around the perimeter of the studio apartment. Grouping by zone will be an ideal choice.

Style Selection

Support for the ideas of minimalism can be called an obligatory circumstance of the studio apartment. Refusal of excess interior items, decor elements, filling with light, air, bright, calm atmosphere will allow to open space, visually expand the area of ​​the apartment. The following styles are most applicable: minimalism, high-tech, Scandinavian, pop art, eco, Japanese.

Flat with brickwork

Mixing similar in spirit styles will allow you to diversify the overall picture. The main area of ​​the apartment can be decorated in the style of classical minimalism. Kitchen, for example, perform in the style of high-tech. Balcony - in the style of eco, disco. For the bathroom you can choose ethnic minimalism. The main thing is that the transition was carried out exceptionally smoothly, the color gamma was chosen the equivalent.

Studio apartment22 кв

Applying a single style for the entire room space is possible, but this option is quickly boring, will not allow you to switch a little if necessary. The only possible option in this case can be called a loft. Unconventional style, its performance will give dynamics, diversify the interior. It is necessary only to abandon the excessively large finishing elements, so as not to overload a small room.

Design of a very small studio

In the real estate market, apart from standard studio apartments, there are extremely small options with an area of ​​less than 25 m2. Such premises are able to accommodate for a relatively comfortable stay exclusively alone. The family simply can not be accommodated in such a square.

Design studio apartment 25m2

Despite this, these apartment options are in demand. Having even such an option of living space would be desirable to create a comfortable, cozy environment. Strange as it may seem.

It is worth immediately abandoning the standard kitchen. Excessively truncated variants are applicable here. A dining room consisting of transformable furniture, or combined with a living room lounge area.

From the classic bed is also better to give up, the ideal option - a folding sofa, serving as a place for a night, day rest.

Apartment with large windows

Built-in compact cabinet containing mirrored surfaces is the best storage solution. There is no place for other large objects here.

If there is a loggia (usually it is simply absent in this area), it is better to use it as an additional storage area plus a cabinet.

Backlit apartment

Do not despair, modern and ergonomic design of a small apartment is possible. Even for the smallest space there are fresh ideas. It is worth noting that the functionality and practicality of the interior design studio comes to the fore. A competent calculation will help to make from a limited space a stylish, uncommon place where you want to be.