Lovely little kitchens - do not rush to complain about the

Kitchen and dining room in country style

Country style in kitchen design

Some people like small kitchens, and some prefer space. Is there a possibility of a compromise?

So, how can a person who has a small space for cooking learn to turn around comfortably there? And how not to stop loving cooking in such conditions?

In this article, readers of the site about small interiors will get a great opportunity to get acquainted with the ways of beautiful and functional design of a small kitchen.

Small kitchen in white color

Small compartment for cooking in light colors

A small dining room consists of several components. It seems that there simply is no place, but just the right distribution and gives the opportunity to fit everything.

Below there is a mass of multi-functional lockers, and on the top - small shelves, on which you can put a variety of items. All kinds of jars and jars look beautiful and stylish when properly positioned.

Home appliances for kitchen in retro style

Accent on retrograde in white

White vintage furniture and appliances will give the kitchen a kind of charm and luxury. Even the refrigerator looks like a couple of decades into the past.

Kitchen in black and white

Cozy black and white kitchenette

The interior stylistics of this room in black and white are very attractive. Conveniently located and shelves at the top. They are easy to get to, and their width allows you to put dishes.

A comfortable table top stands close to the window and does not cause inconvenience during cooking. And the location of the lamps well illuminates the place for cooking, which is very important during work.

Black board on kitchen wall

Unusual design idea

Perhaps one of the most original variations. There is modernism. Carefully located lockers and perfect furniture finish pleases the eye.

But one of the walls of the room will terrify any perfectionist: it is more like a painted school board. This detail makes the kitchen unlike the others. The table with chairs in the center is perfectly in harmony with the overall interior.

The interior of the kitchen is antique

Different styles in one room

The premise is maximally modernized, but at the same time there are details of the rustic style. Storage systems are hidden as much as possible. The main attention is drawn to the table.

Against the backdrop of modern furniture, dishes and a general color scheme, it seems that this table inherited from the great-grandmother. But since the same style is made and the door, these two elements successfully complement each other.

Kitchen in a modern style

Fashionable design is a distinctive feature

The place for cooking has an original design. The table in the center fits perfectly to the whole interior. The ceilings are made very high and ideally white. They are great for walls of the same color.

For any housewife in the preparation of a very important role plays hood. It not only compactly placed above the stove, but without any problems fit into the overall picture.

The interior of the kitchen in a rustic style

Country style

If you have a modern country house, then you are very lucky. But to give it the right kind, it is necessary to try. Kitchen can be designed as shown in the photo.

To create such an unusual interior, you will need several plants in pots and style chairs that match the style. And everything else can remain as it was originally. After all, a few details are enough to create a pleasant image.

Steel appliances in white kitchen

Combination of steel and white

A compact room successfully accommodates large enough furniture. At the heart of the color scheme is a steel shade, which is excellent for plate and hood.

Small countertops correspond to this shade, and all the rest of the furniture is decorated in white tones. The window over the sink looks out on a beautiful landscape, and the orange flowers on the windowsill add beauty and warmth to this rather cold interior.

Cozy kitchen with island

A variety of decorating

But here everything is literally collected: both the dark colors of the floor, and the light walls, and the original island, and the old bedside tables, the decoration of which resembles part of the masonry. In the center of the working area hangs a chandelier, similar to a branched branch.

The island is made compact and at the same time practical. The main feature of the design is that a significant part of one of the walls is decorated with beautiful glasses. It seems that all ages are collected here, because the glasses are very different.

Kitchen in pastel colors

Relaxing calm tones

The room seemed to be saturated with freshness. A small window so brightly illuminates the entire kitchen that it just shines. Part of the wall, where the dishes are neatly arranged, is decorated in the form of brickwork.

But most of all the attention is attracted by the chandelier over the island. It is made in medieval style and therefore looks like a precious product. Among the dishes and furniture here there are objects of a faded, murky color, but here they are quite appropriate.

Bronze ware in the kitchen


This unusual room is more like a ladies' corner. It is very unusual to see a mirror here. Even more surprising is that it is located above the stove. The designer did not dwell on this feature.

A significant part of the dishes, located on the side, looks like a bronze one. And some elements are made "golden".

Dining area in the kitchen

As on the farm

In this place you will find everything your creative nature will want: an unusual picture on the wall, painted plates over the door, beautiful books in the table and a lot of extraordinarily beautiful flowers. Everything here looks so home-like that you just do not want to leave.

In the center there is a wooden table, behind which the whole family will sit, and cabinets with glass inserts demonstrate the original dishes. The decoration of the room is done so well that different parts of the interior necessarily resonate with each other.