Eco-friendly interior of a small country house from the

Interior of a small country house from GreenPod

Exterior and interior of a small country house

External performance and interior of a small country house, which our article tells, largely characterize one of the most important global trends in recent years. Surprisingly, modular residential buildings have managed to become something more than just fun and forced choice of the poor.

There was a huge number of people interested in the construction of eco-friendly houses, and modular or prefabricated structures are able to fully satisfy their requests. The Washington-based GreenPod Development Company considers its goal to be the creation of energy-efficient and cheap houses.

One of her projects is a series of very small but cute houses, the components of which are manufactured in the factory and are assembled on site. The construction of a cozy mini-cottage with an area of ​​only 40 m 2 takes only 6 weeks (not months!).

Exterior of a small country house from GreenPod

The following photos show the interior of the house, called Waterhaus. It itself consists of structurally-insulated panels, which are cut beforehand to the desired size. Already on the site, just a couple of days, of them erect the walls of the object.

Although these panels are somewhat more expensive than the traditional wooden paneling, they pay off relatively quickly - for two and a half years. This is due to their ability to retain heat through effective insulation. Get acquainted with the video, telling about some of the company's projects.

The presence of side windows and transoms is designed to maximize the amount of daylight penetrating into the house, while maintaining the necessary level of privacy. Each client can count on the fact that his house will be unique, designed taking into account the location on the site and the personal preferences of the owners. 

The interior of the house is minimal, far from sterility. Foldable and transformable furniture provides efficient use of space. Mixers with automatically adjustable head allow you to save water.

For finishing only environmentally friendly and non-polluting materials are involved. The walls are covered with a special clay, which is ideal for customers looking for a "healthy" alternative to varnishes and paints.

Textile components are made of fibers of vegetable origin, resistant to mold and fungus. 

Impressive and thoughtful layout of the house. The bathroom has a compact size and an unusual configuration, making it possible to equip a large storage system around it, in the adjacent bedroom and living room.

Rest zone in a small country house from GreenPod

Workplace in a small country house from GreenPod

Corridor in a small country house from GreenPod

Bathroom in a small country house from GreenPod

The layout of a small country house from GreenPod

A special contribution to energy saving is made by special switches that prevent power consumption by devices in the standby mode and reduce the level of electromagnetic pollution.

Kitchen with island of a small country house from GreenPod

The kitchen of a small country house from GreenPod

Of course, these modern and eco-friendly prefabricated houses have a lot of advantages. One of them is price. Enterprising home masters can order the fabrication of a skeleton for 65 thousand dollars, and then organize its interior space to your liking and understanding.

The project "turnkey", similar to what was presented in the photo, will cost 135 thousand dollars. This is an excellent choice for people who promote a conscious attitude to the environment and know how to calculate the benefits in advance. Do you agree?