Design studio area of ​​22 square meters. m

Design studio apartment 22 sq m

The area of ​​20-22 "square" usually has only one room, with the zoning of which receive a small kitchen, bedroom-living room, a tiny corridor, a bathroom. This is an undoubted "hit" of the last ten years in the primary housing market both in Russia and in the countries of the near abroad. The original design studio apartment 22 square. m. It is executed with use of the advanced materials, the newest, the most interesting design ideas.

There will not be anything superfluous that collects dust on itself - it simply will not fit here. It is important to make maximum use of each ledge, niche, free angle. The window in this apartment is one, less often two - this is enough to make the room light. Doors are also two - the entrance and the bathroom, sometimes three, if the toilet with a bathroom is separate.

TV on the wall  Shelves on the wall  Skin on the floor  Blue furniture in the kitchen  LED Ceiling Light

Development of a design project

Design studio project is quite suitable for the design of a small room in the hostel, redevelopment of a small one-room apartment. The living room joins together with the kitchen, and with a balcony - with it, too. In a separate room there is only a compact bathroom.

Here provide:

  • the most compact, comfortable, ergonomic furniture;
  • light, thin elements of zoning;
  • set of mirrors;
  • light decoration;
  • lack of volumetric decor.

Design-studio apartment 22 sq. M

In a room with a ceiling height of three meters or more, it is easy to organize a second "floor", where you place a bedroom, storage space and even an office. A heated balcony is also used for these purposes.

With the help of mirrors, correct illumination, monophonic light design space expands visually.

Interior in Scandinavian style  Striped curtains on the window  Mirror cabinet in the interior  Semi-laminate  Gray sofa in white interior

Color scheme for a small apartment

Colors for a small room are selected as light as possible. If it is an apartment with a high ceiling, windows to the south or south-east, colors are allowed cold. When the height of the ceiling is normal, and the windows face north, north-west, the space is made exclusively in warm colors. It is advisable to choose one or two basic colors, a maximum of three. The main, preferably light, form at least 60% of the entire room.

Studio apartment 22 sq m in white color

The most suitable color combinations:

  • beige with blue;
  • pale yellow with gray;
  • pink with light brown;
  • apricot with beige-silver;
  • snow-white with salad;
  • tender-purple with beaver;
  • quartz with creamy;
  • marsh with tarpaulin;
  • vertepeshevy with heliotrope;
  • mustard with smoky white;
  • pearl with white-emerald;
  • canary with stone gray;
  • cream with brass;
  • linseed with lemon;
  • honey with mint.

Numerous sharp contrasts in a small apartment are acceptable, but undesirable, because they narrow space visually.

Red sofa in the living room  Orchid on the table in the living room  Kitchen with red fridge  TV on the mast  Mirror in the living room

Modern finishing materials

Materials are used classical and modern. Economy-option means paper wallpaper on the walls, linoleum on the floor, whitewash or PVC tile on the ceiling, paint on the walls, floor, ceiling of the bathroom. For the class "premium" or simply more expensive finishing, parquet, floor board, decorative plaster for walls, stretch ceiling, ceramic tile in bathroom, toilet are suitable. Less commonly used natural, artificial stone, brick, designer 3D wallpaper. The wallpaper with vertical stripes visually draws the wall upwards, with horizontal stripes - to the sides.

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As the material of the partitions, plasterboard, plywood, transparent or frosted glass, fiberboard, chipboard are used. Doors are made of MDF, metal, solid wood, window frames - made of metal or wood. The materials of furniture manufacture are chosen according to the chosen style: for a classical style it will be a tree, a stone, in the style of a tek-metal, glass, minimalism will be formed with plastic, MDF.

White wallpaper in the interior studio apartment 22 sq. M

Do not use small tiles, wallpaper with an abundance of drawings, voluminous stucco molding, columns, textured stone - this decoration is very cluttering the territory of the apartment.

Hood above the stove  Wall-papers on a wall  Lamps over the sofa  TV ceiling  Shelves in the partition

Zoning Space

The layout of the studio is open space. Real interior walls take up too much space, unlike thin screens, screens, partitions. The apartment should include the following areas:

  • sleeping;
  • for relax;
  • kitchen;
  • dining;
  • for work;
  • for storage of things.

Zoning studio apartment 22 sq m

Zoning is done using:

  • different colors of walls, floor, ceiling;
  • screens, screens;
  • wall panels;
  • translucent, threaded curtains;
  • partitions with built-in shelves;
  • multi-level ceiling, podium;
  • furnishing items;
  • competent lighting;
  • carpet, "path";
  • arches.

Lighting will be required separately for each zone plus the main, upper. Ceiling chandeliers are chosen strict, compact, not cluttering the territory.

Bed by the window  Spotlight on the ceiling  Yellow door in white interior  Glass table by the couch  Column in the interior

Practicality, ergonomics of the kitchen area

The kitchen will occupy one short wall entirely, in a "two-storey" space it will easily fit under the stairs leading to the sleeping area. Many manufacturers offer compact mini-kitchens, consisting of one or two floor, suspended cabinets, which are built in a sink, horizontal refrigerator, all the necessary equipment. The working area can be placed on the extended window sill, which will be the continuation of the headset, the place of food intake - behind the folding, folding, pull-out bar that separates the kitchen space from the living room. The kitchen apron usually coincides with the coloring of the walls, contrasting with the countertop.

Kitchen area in studio apartment 22 sq m

Light emits the zone in which they eat - a lamp is used on a long cord with adjustable height. The working surface is illuminated by a lamp on a rail or bracket. As decorative lighting on the bottom, the top of the headset starts up the LED strip. The interior of the glassed cabinets, open shelves, is also highlighted.

The combination of white furniture and a green apron

When placing a kitchen set along a smaller wall, the shape of an overly extended, rectangular room is slightly adjusted. In a square apartment kitchen is placed on the side of the entrance door.

Purple accents in a light interior

Cozy living area

For the hall is preferable modular, transformable furniture. A coffee or a compact dining table with several puffs neatly rides under a sofa that is one with a wardrobe. The hinged door of the latter plays the role of a desk.

If necessary, the arrangement of the cabinet, it is placed in a corner built-in closet - from there the table top extends, on the open shelves there is a computer, various office equipment, on the sides there are boxes for writing supplies and papers. Sometimes the workplace is taken to a warmed balcony, a loggia, which saves on lighting, due to the large amount of street light.

Living room in studio apartment of 22 sq. M.

The sofa is a living room area, it is lighted separately by a pendant lamp, wall sconces. The built-in cabinet is illuminated by spotlights on the LEDs. Opposite the sofa is a narrow screen of the TV, it is suspended on the wall or placed on a narrow console, shelf. The living room is also sometimes singled out with a plain carpet - it does not fit too small, covering the floor space to the kitchen, missing up to the walls by fifteen to twenty centimeters. For a square room is chosen a round or square, for a more elongated - rectangular, oval.

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Shelf above the couch

Folding sofa may well become the only sleeping place in the apartment, then the lighting above it is preferably adjustable in brightness.

Chandelier over the table

Solution for bed: loft bed

If there is sufficient ceiling height, the bedroom is organized in the "attic". It is desirable, that under it it was possible to stand freely in full growth, and above - to sit without bending. This bed is made single, double, one and a half, equipped with bumps, a comfortable ladder. Under the bed-loft place:

  • cabinet;
  • a living area with a sofa;
  • dressing room with built-in wardrobe;
  • dining area;
  • kitchen;
  • hallway.

Sleeping place in studio apartment 22 sq m

The bed itself is equipped with a thick orthopedic mattress, and a lamp, a small shelf, where you can put your watch, glasses, phone, other trifles is provided without fail. If the room is intended for an adult with a child, the staircase is made as stable as possible, with rails. The upper floor is then partially combined with the playing area, previously equipped with handrails of sufficient height.

Bed above the couch

Of the disadvantages highlight the difficulty in restyling linen, in the summer, with a lack of ventilation, there is stuffy. At night, getting up from there in the dark is problematic enough, and for older people, with a lot of excess weight, it's impossible even to go upstairs.

Bicycle on the wall

A good solution is to place the bed on a low podium, inside which narrow boxes for storage are built in. This design is suitable for a minimalist or Japanese interior. The sleeping area on the balcony will be a good solution if it is sufficiently insulated, soundproofed.

Bed-loft in the interior

Several live pot plants on the windows diversify the interior of the studio, bringing a fresh note.

Kitchen under the bed

Storage locations - an important moment for a small apartment

The cabinet-wall is located along one wall, housing almost all the objects that are at home - outer clothing, linens, books, household appliances, small sports equipment, working tools. One of the open shelves will house a TV.

Sometimes the "wall" is replaced with a corner built-in closet - the design of its doors with large mirrors significantly expands the space. Inside, it is equipped with bars, pantographs, shelves, baskets for bed linen, underwear, shoes. Equipped with a cabinet and drawers-organizers, which store jewelry, hooks for belts, ties. If space allows, a vacuum cleaner, an iron, a hair dryer, an ironing board, children's toys are placed in the same cupboard.

Storage in the studio apartment 22 sq. M.

When there are any niches in the room, several shelves are nailed in them. If such an architectural element is glazed, an excellent cupboard for dishes, books, discs with games will come out. Open, closed shelves can also be placed under the ceiling, putting things in there that are not used daily. Triangular, rounded shelves in the corridor, bathroom allow to use all corners.

Table-island in the kitchen

In the interior of the bed or sofa are placed bedding, part of linen, shoes, children's toys. Commonly used items hang on the hooks - home clothes in the living room, hats, umbrellas in the hallway, washcloths, sponges in the bathroom, knives, ladles, towels - in the kitchen space.

Apartment in Art Nouveau style

The kitchen set is made high, to the ceiling. It houses dishes, some household appliances, cutlery, towels, napkins. In the presence of a kitchen corner sofa, storage space is provided for in it.

Painting on the floor

Entrance hall

The front door is sometimes done with a hidden box, pasted from inside with wallpaper or decorated so as to seem imperceptible. There is also sometimes a corner cabinet. This area is allocated a small carpet, a large mirror "in full growth" will expand the tight space. A vertical shelf for the shoes will free up some space on the floor. Sometimes the hallway is separated by a through rack or a cabinet placed by the back wall to the corridor - this plane is made up by narrow shelves for small things, rag organizers, pasted with wallpaper or colorful posters. The fencing of the corridor from the rest of the room with curtains is also acceptable, but they must necessarily be combined with carpets, window curtains, furniture textiles. Here, a mirror, a hanger or a cupboard is illuminated locally, a lamp above the door is possible.

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Entrance hall в квартире-студии 22 кв м

Functional bathroom

The shared bathroom is made three or four meters, separate is allocated one and a half to two "squares" to the toilet, two or three - to the bathroom. The walls of these rooms are covered with special moisture-resistant wallpaper, the floor is laid out with light large tiles without a pattern. To save space, a full bath is replaced with a shortened, corner or shower booth. In the presence of a bath storage space is placed under it, hanging shelves for detergents, cosmetics are located above a narrow washing machine, if it is decided to put it in the bathroom. There is a highlight here over each plumbing fixture, a mirror. To create a more decorative, along the floor, the ceiling is LED strip.

Bathroom in studio apartment 22 sq. M.

Stylistic directions

Styles that require a lot of voluminous decor, carved furniture, free space here are unacceptable. The apartments provide only the most necessary items of furniture, household goods, various equipment.

Studio apartment 22 sq m in loft style

The most suitable solutions are:

  • minimalism - from furniture only the most necessary, simple forms, the decoration is mostly monophonic, there is practically no decor, built-in appliances;
  • Scandinavian - on the floor a tree or ceramic tiles, bright, multifunctional furniture with separate bright accents of cool shades;
  • Provence - light floor, ceiling, walls, floral prints on textiles, simple wooden furniture, the bedroom is separated by a curtain. It is acceptable to have "cozy" accessories, pictures, watches;
  • ethnic - floorboard or tile on the floor, rough linen fabric or its imitation on the walls, furniture from untreated wood, yellow-brown color scale;
  • Japanese - low furniture, almost invisible kitchen set, a bed on the catwalk or cabinet, a carpet-mat in the middle of the living room, a ceiling made of a monochrome gypsum cardboard;
  • hi-tech - an abundance of silvery, steel surfaces, glass countertops, zoning screens, metal blinds, a variety of light sources, a dark solid carpet on the floor, ceramic tiles;
  • loft - imitation of wall finishing "for brick", high ceiling with exposed beams, laminate floor, panoramic windows without curtains, floor hangers, dark contrast elements are allowed;
  • art deco - wallpaper "under velvet", parquet floor, hand-painted and leather upholstery on furniture, lots of gloss, mirrors, animal skin or artificial imitation instead of carpet in the living room, sleeping area, heavy curtains;
  • classical - the main color of the interior is gray or beige, the furniture is exclusively wooden, it has forged parts, good-quality, bright textiles are allowed, imitation of the fireplace;
  • art-beliefs - on the walls are solid wallpaper, the ceiling is whitewashed, on the floor knitted from old knitwear rugs, homemade furniture from boards, euro pallets, painted with light paint.

Minimalism in the interior

Choosing a certain style, it should be adhered to throughout the apartment. This applies to floor, wall, ceiling coating, decoration of windows, doors, furniture.

The interior in the style of Provence


A real apartment of no more than 22 square meters can be decorated in very different styles. Here it is easy to make three, four separate zones in which everything that is necessary for comfortable residing of one or two people will settle down. Ergonomically landscaped such a small room usually does not make much effort alone. If there are some difficulties, you can always turn to professional interior designers who will not only advise the most appropriate style, but also design, taking into account the shape of the apartment, the wishes of the customer.