How to decorate a vase with your own hands - decor ideas

Decor vases with their own hands

Each mistress dreams of having an unusual and suitable thing for her interior. Particularly nice when this thing is done by own hands. Stained glass on the glass always fascinated me. It turns out that decorating a vase with your own hands at home is possible. The main thing is to determine the degree of complexity of the work performed and to relate it to your capabilities. If decorating vases for you in a novelty, then I advise you to start with simple work. Let's start with a simple technique - applying geometric patterns.

  • Acrylic or stained glass for glass surfaces. You can also use spray paint;
  • brush (we use synthetic for acrylic paints, natural - for stained glass);
  • Scotch;
  • alcohol;
  • wool.

Cute Vases

Technique of drawing:

  1. Degrease the glass surface with alcohol or any degreaser;
  2. We paste the vase with strips of Scotch tape creating a pattern for it;
  3. We paint the parts without scotch, stopping at it. This is necessary to ensure that the edges of the picture are neat.
  4. We expect the paint to dry out. At this time, the vase is best removed to avoid accidental touches and lubrication of the paint. Each paint dries in different ways, read the instructions on the paint package.

Vase from the bottle

In this technique, a wide variety of patterns can be achieved from parallel lines to various intersections. You can also cut out various geometric shapes and paste them on the surface of the item being decorated. Do not apply a thick layer of acrylic and stained-glass paint to the surface, as this can cause streaks.

Decor vases with spray paint

For the first job I do not advise you to choose round shapes, it's more difficult to work with them. Faceted vases fit better. We work with one face, we wait for its full drying and we pass to the following. The simplest is the work with spray paint. It is applied in a uniform layer, the spray-paint dries very quickly. As for the stained-glass paints, their drying time can be significantly reduced. For this it is enough to put the painted vase in the oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees.

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Striped vases with their own hands A competent combination of colors, the use of contrasting colors (white, black, copper, gold) will turn an ordinary object into a real work of art, into a fashionable decor of the interior. And most importantly, a thing made by own hands will carry your energy.

Gold strip on the vase

Dot technique

This technique came to us from antiquity. A distinctive feature of the painting of the peak is the size of the points, the interval between them, the combination and color scale.

Dot technique To paint a vase in this technique, you will need:

  • contour on glass and ceramics; Contour paint for decoration
  • alcohol;
  • wool.

Bit pattern on a vase Dotted lace pattern

Technique of drawing:

  • Degrease the glass surface with alcohol.
  • We apply a contour with a dot touch.

Drawing technique Beautiful vases with their own hands

If you are a beginner artist, you can draw a sketch of your drawing on a sheet of paper and attach it from the inside.

Thumbnail drawing

You can also use ready-made sketches by downloading the picture you like from the Internet. Before applying the contour to the vase, test it on a sheet of paper. This is done in order to feel its density. Only then go to the drawing on the vase.

Vase with gentle painting

If you are out of line, you can quickly fix the defect until the contour has dried up. Wipe off the cotton wool with alcohol and continue working on. Take into account the transparency of the vase, place the picture on one side or on different levels.

Stylish vases

This is necessary in order that the image is not superimposed. Try to maintain the same interval between points.

Bit pattern on a vase For a dark glass, a white outline, and for a light black, bronze outline, will work. You can also combine color contours in one work.

Stained glass painting

You can use both a glass vase and decorate the bottle.

Stained glass painting на вазеStained glass painting на маленькой круглой вазе

You will need:

  • contour on glass and ceramics;
  • stained-glass paints; An example of stained glass paints
  • alcohol;
  • watt;
  • brush.

Technique of drawing:

  1. Degrease the glass surface with alcohol.
  2. We paste the sketch from the inside.
  3. Draw closed loops. Contour on the vase
  4. We expect the contours to dry out for about 2 hours. To speed up the process, use a hairdryer or place the vase in the oven for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees.
  5. Fill in the outlines.
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Vase with irises

I used two types of fillings: Marabu and Decola. They work differently in different ways and in their work, respectively. The Decola paint was in a water-based tube. And Marabu on an alcohol basis in a jar and it is necessary to put it with a brush. It is more liquid and can be mixed to get different shades. Decola paint can not be mixed, so the shades and transitions in one circuit with this material are more difficult to perform. Color transitions can be performed by breaking one contour into smaller ones.

Rainbow VasePainted outdoor rainbow vase

Do not leave voids in the contours when painting and make sure that the contours are closed. This is done so that the paint does not leak. I would advise to start to take faceted vases because working with them the easiest. If you still started to work with a rounded vase, then try to apply a thin layer to fill to avoid leakage of paint.

Decor vases with cloth and ribbons

Decor of the vase with lace

You will need:

  • tapes;
  • lace;
  • the cloth;
  • glue.

Colored Vases from Bottles You can make vases with your own hands. Take a bottle or a bottle with a wide throat. We glue along the perimeter of the bottle of tape, cloth. The material can be very different.

Vase from a canYou can also tie a pattern on knitting needles or cut out an old knitted sleeve, making a cover on the vase. Instead of tapes, you can use cords, twine, leather bands, twine.

Decor vases for flowers

Materials for decoration can be all kinds. The only restrictions can be the size of the bottle and your imagination.

Vases from bottles

Decor vases with beads

Vases with their own hands

You will need:

  • glue or glue gun;
  • Beads strung on a string, or individual beads.

You can replace the beads with more natural materials: cereals, watermelon seeds, coffee beans. You can also use pasta, which can be painted with spray paint.

Decor vases with colored stones


The word decoupage from French is literally translated as "carving". In other words, the essence of decoupage is the implementation of the application. In my opinion, this technique is simple enough and does not require special skills.

Decoupage на вазе из кружева

But you have to be patient with patience and scrupulousness. To perform work on decoupage, you must follow the following tips.

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Flower motifs on a vase You will need:

  • glass vase (relief does not fit);
  • alcohol or nail polish remover;
  • PVA glue;
  • napkins with a pattern;
  • scissors;
  • acrylic paints;
  • foam rubber sponge;
  • brush made of synthetic bristles;
  • varnish for glass surfaces (for fixing the image).

Decoration of a vase in the style of Provence

Technique of the work:

  1. Degrease the surface of the vase with alcohol or nail polish remover.
  2. Priming the surface. Using a sponge, apply acrylic paint. The color of the paint is selected for a lighter tone than the image. The paint is applied in 2-3 layers.
  3. Cut out the ornament from the napkin. Delicate flowers on a vase
  4. We paste the image on the vase. Apply a dry image on a napkin to the bottle and iron it with a brush with glue. Remove all air bubbles from under the napkins.
  5. After the napkin has dried, we apply a varnish to fix the image. Apply 2-3 layers. You can replace the napkin in the photo. It must be soaked in water and remove excess paper (disconnect or roll). Also, in this technique, you can use clippings from a magazine, a printed image. If the paper is too thick, cover it with varnish and soak it in water to remove excess paper.

Decoration of a vase with natural material

Vase decoration with a rope

You can decorate the vase with chopsticks, twigs of trees, cutting them to its height and fixing them along the circumference with a thread.

Green Vase

Decoration of a vase with sand

A drawing of sand on a vase

You will need:

  • glue;
  • sand;
  • brush.

Technique of the work:

  1. Apply glue on the glass vase.
  2. Dust it with sand.

Decor of a vase with salt Vase in seashells

You can use eggshells, shells and sea stones, which are attached to the vase with clay. And also bark of trees, dried leaves and flowers.

Decoration of a vase of twine and beads In practice, mixed techniques are used to obtain a better result. For example, combining decoupage framed with string or braided cord from straw.

Decor with colored pencils Vase from hemp

As a decor, use sea stones, clay and corrugated leather, creating extraordinary bas-reliefs. Vase decorations with eggshells Decor of a vase with a twineDo not be afraid to experiment with materials and perhaps you will find completely unexpected solutions and inspirations.

Vase decoration with stone and fruit