Exquisite interior of a modern city apartment - design

Apartment interior in Barcelona

A dazzling background in which each fragment looks more expressive

To your attention apartments located in the historic building of Paseo San Juan in Barcelona, ​​Spain. This renovated apartment has an attractive design, executed in a simple modern style. Perhaps the main feature is the brick wall, which combines a historical architectural element and a rethought aesthetics. The development team with a special taste equipped 75 square meters. m, comparing different textures and decoration, while maintaining a bright and fresh atmosphere.

Apartment interior in Barcelona

Harmonious design with attention to detail

Apartment interior in Barcelona

Warmth and luxury of natural wood

The reconstruction project is a series of changes in the existing layout with the addition of functionality. Having got rid of internal walls, it turned out to unite separate zones, without violating the privacy and personal space of homeowners. As a result, the premises gained a new life, becoming a cozy abode, such an oasis among the city, where residents can relax after a busy day.

Wicker chairs and wooden chairs with table in the dining room

Exquisite wicker furniture for dining room

Apartment interior in Barcelona

The magic of contrasts

The number of rooms as a result of reconstruction has not changed, but their interrelationship has acquired a deeper meaning. A long corridor has survived, serving as a liaison between separate regions. In the social zone, the central fragment is the dining area, around which the rest of the interior was built. But it also has one more meaning: the table is at the same time a detail that divides and connects the study and the living room.

Room with access to the terrace

Area with access to the terrace

Apartment interior in Barcelona

Exquisite scenery

Apartment interior in Barcelona

Actual posters decorating the wall

Apartment interior in Barcelona

Correctly placed accents

Apartment interior in Barcelona

Smooth transitions

Apartment interior in Barcelona

Exquisite interior design

Large windows ensure the penetration of a sufficient level of natural light, which, reflected on the dazzling snow-white surfaces, spreads over all corners and visually expands the existing boundaries of space. Such a palette is executed in each area. On such a clean background and a brick wall, and a tile with an interesting print, and a chic carpet with an intricate pattern look more impressive.

Unusual decor of the accent wall in the bedroom

Playful wall print, highlighted with light

Compact dressing room

A compact but practical dressing room is an indispensable attribute of modern housing

Interior of a bathroom in an apartment in Barcelona

Wonderful design of the bathroom

Comfortable bedroom

Comfortable bedroom

In the kitchen area, designers have formed a more formal atmosphere, combining contrasting colors and adding wood fragments to their softening. The abundance of light, the gloss of countertops is a stylish image that is complemented by functionality.

Modern kitchen

Modern chic and gloss

Modern kitchen

Elegant black and white palette

Wall for entries in the kitchen

A wall that can become an element of decor, as well as a sheet for recipe records

A remarkable reconstruction project envisaged the expansion of functional zones, spatial redistribution and updating of stylistics. As a result of the work of designers, homeowners received a cozy home, where cleanliness and freshness reign, alternating with aesthetic appeal and enthusiasm.