Bedroom interior design styles on 60 beautiful photos

To decorate the bedroom so that you can enjoy the fruits of your work every day - it's not that simple. After all, it is the bedroom - a space in which we must feel comfortable, calm and secure. Today we will consider the interior of the bedroom and its styles under a special sight. The best designers of Dekorin will bring all their knowledge together in order that you create your dream bedroom with your own hands.

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Interior of the bedroom in classic style - royal chic in modern apartments

Let's start with the unshakable principles of the classical interior. If you were wondering what dreams come to Prince Charles or Kate Middleton - furnish your bedroom in a classic style.

Baldachins, gilded stucco molding and vintage chandeliers - all this best describes the interior of the bedroom in a classic style.

  • pros

This design will have to the liking of real connoisseurs of modern chic. Here you will feel special royal blood.

  • Minuses

To clean the bedroom in the classical style should be treated with great care. Not every landlady will find time and energy to endlessly grind elegant elements of the decor in a classical style.

bedroom design in classic style

bedroom design in classic style

bedroom interior in classic style

interior in classic style photo

classic bedroom interior

bedroom in a classic style photo

bedroom in classic style

French style in the interior of the bedroom - refinement and impeccable sense of beauty

The French, as you know, the people are picky. No mistress will allow herself such a mauve, as a tastelessly furnished bedroom.

The abundance of textiles, light colors, furniture with delicately curved lines and family portraits on the walls are the main features denoting the French style in the interior of the bedroom.

  • pros

This style belongs to the category of ethnic, that's why it will never go out of fashion. Take a closer look at the photos, if you like this situation, boldly design a bedroom in the spirit of classical France, and you will be happy.

  • Minuses

All the same expensive textile. The fabric in the bedroom has the ability to quickly accumulate dust, and if this is a chic brocade embroidered with gold, you will have to work hard to keep it clean and tidy for a long time. In this case, you can not do with a home washing machine, so you'll have to "make friends" with a professional dry cleaners.

photo of the bedroom in the French style french bedroom style photo French style in the interior of the bedroom French style in the interior of the bedroom french style in the bedroom interior of a bedroom in the French style

English bedroom interior - branded stiffness and perfectionism

English bedroom interior is not so simple as it might seem at first glance.

Here you and the abundance of fabrics, and chic mahogany furniture, and a cozy fireplace with a rocking chair. At the same time, the English interior of the bedroom is rather restrained, it is completely verified and quite contrasted.

  • pros

Drinking a cup of the legendary five o clock tea and swaying in a cozy chair by the fireplace, you will feel yourself involved in the great era of Sherlock Holmes. Plus, the English style is designed in such a way as to create maximum comfort for the owner of the bedroom, so that you will see the dreams that are most pleasant, be sure of it!

  • Minuses

Disappointing in the English style is not easy. However, the modern rhythm of life dictates to us its conditions, and if you are planning to fit in the interior elements of the postmodern, such as: TV, air conditioning or at worst a closet cabinet, rest assured - the English style will not tolerate it. Most likely, these innovations will unbalance the situation and you will have to give up one for the benefit of the other.

english bedroom interior

English style in the bedroom

design of a bedroom in English style

design of a bedroom in English style

interior of an english bedroom

bedroom in English style

bedroom in English style

The interior of the bedroom in the style of Provence - the whole chic of the French province in one bottle

This style, although it refers to ethnic, but has recently gained more attention of modern designers. Such a rural simplicity among the dusty urban.

Indeed, the interior of the bedroom in the style of Provence is just a find for people who want to immerse themselves in the calm and measured atmosphere of the French province.

The main distinctive provences are floral motifs. Variegated textiles, cozy light furniture, pastel colors and lavender prints from the first minute take you to the daringly lovely and comfortable corner of the French outback.

  • pros

This interior will look great both in the nursery and in the adult bedroom. Also Provence assumes the availability of hand maid decor elements. So if you are an artisan and adore creating beauty with your own hands, welcome to the cozy world of Provence.

  • Minuses

Unfortunately, this style has the ability to quickly become boring, besides, not every man is persuaded to spend the night among flowers, hand-made articles and openwork sheets. Most often it is husbands who become ardent opponents of such a situation, so see for yourself.

interior of the bedroom in the style of Provence

beautiful Provencal bedroom

Provencal style in the bedroom

Provencal bedroom

Provencal bedroom интерьер

style Provence in the interior of the bedroom

High-tech style in the interior of the bedroom - modern technology for the sake of comfort

"Hi tech" in translation from English - high technology. Indeed, from the first minutes, the high-tech bedroom more resembles a futuristic space shuttle than the usual restroom for all of us.

"All the best inventions of ingenious scientists have intertwined and serve for the comfort of modern man!" - this is the credo to which the high-tech style in the interior of the bedroom is submitted.

To create a similar environment, you will need a lot of imagination. Metal chandelier ceiling, TV (emerging directly from the wall), edging lighting (as if from nowhere) - all this is an integral part of futuristic stylistics.

  • pros

Take a look at this photo:

bedroom in high-tech style

Nothing unusual? And now pay attention to the bed ... It is as if it is floating in the air! And now imagine the surprise of neighbors and friends who will come to visit you. Impressive, right?

The fact that a bedroom in the style of high-tech will make your life comfortable, once again not to mention. Sound systems, lighting control, and an over-like bed surely will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Minuses

With all its merits, a high-tech bedroom can not always fulfill its main function - to provide you with a worthy rest. It's a matter of taste, of course, but it will be very difficult to get nice family photo frames and children's crafts within the style. Yes, and rest in the "space shuttle" is also not to everyone's liking.

design of a bedroom in high-tech style photo

bedroom interior in high-tech style

bedroom interior in high-tech style

bedroom high tech photo

style high-tech in the interior of the bedroom

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom - a cozy negation in a small room

Scandinavian style is very popular in the interior of a small bedroom. The main distinguishing features are natural materials and light decoration. Pleasant wood motifs in combination with light decoration and color contrasts look very refreshing and cozy.

  • pros

If your bedroom is in the attic, use it to your advantage. Decorate it in the Scandinavian style, keeping the beamed ceilings, pick up contrasting bedding and light the walls - voila, a chic room for rest is ready!

  • Minuses

It is difficult to determine. If you really want to look for cons, the only one could be the fact that the Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom is not very practical. The tree has the property of dampening, and snow-white furniture and bed linen are dirty.

bedroom design Scandinavian style

design of a Scandinavian bedroom

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bedroom interior in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style in the bedroom

bedroom in Scandinavian style

bedroom in Scandinavian style

Interior of the bedroom in the loft style is a sample of modern comfort

The interior of the bedroom in the style of the loft - a fairly common and very trendy option. Very suitable for young people, because people from previous generations are unlikely to feel comfortable among bare bricks and chimneys.

  • pros

Do not spend a lot of money on the finish of the walls. Bricks and shabby stucco - the most juice for the loft bedroom! Moreover, you can show creativity and put the mattress directly on wooden pallets, polite borrowed in any supermarket. And creative, and stylish!

  • Minuses

The loft style may seem bleak. Indeed, if there is a lack of natural sunlight, the room may appear damp and unattractive. This defect can be compensated for by the skillful spotlighting of electric lamps.

bedroom interior in loft style bedroom interior in loft style loft bedroom bedroom loft style examples

style loft in the interior of the bedroom

loft style in the bedroom

Mediterranean style in the interior of the bedroom - a blissful moment among the city's fuss

Cote d'Azur, sea breeze, warm sun, palm trees around ... Well, is not it heaven? Mediterranean style can recreate this paradise in the interior of your bedroom, even if you live in a dusty capital.

  • pros

Light, light atmosphere is created due to the finest fabrics and fresh turquoise and blue shades in the design. Among this entourage you will definitely be able to rest on the present, believe me!

  • Minuses

The Mediterranean style is very conservative in color. White, beige in combination with blue, mint or turquoise. If you are not ready to live several years in a row among these shades, then this style is not for you.

design of a bedroom in the Mediterranean style

interior of a Mediterranean bedroom photo

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Mediterranean style bedroom

Mediterranean style in the interior of the bedroom

Mediterranean style in the interior

Here are some of the brightest finds for your bedroom. The interior of the bedroom is a variety of styles, among which you should choose the one, unique, your own. Our advice to you - choose your heart. Create, create and be inspired, because that's what we're trying to do. We hope that this article has helped you answer some questions, and very soon your dream bedroom will appear in your house!

Be happy!

Good luck!